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WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 10/28/2013

WWE Monday night raw results 10/28/2013

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena addressed the WWE Universe

ORLANDO – The Champ, as you may have heard, is here, and John Cena’s triumphant return to the mountaintop at WWE Hell in a Cell left the now 14-time World Champion on Cloud Nine. Cena’s euphoria carried over into Raw where, 24 hours after his blockbuster victory, the freshly-crowned titleholder addressed his vanquished foe Alberto Del Rio and promised to continue his recovery even as he defended his prestigious prize.

But every party must have its gatecrasher, and Damien Sandow wasn’t about to let this celebration pass without getting his licks in. Sensing his time had come, Mr. Money in the Bank attacked Cena’s surgically mended arm with merciless abandon and called for a referee to cash in his contract on the vulnerable World Champion.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena def. Damien Sandow

Hold the hallelujahs: The “Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion” Damien Sandow’s reign ended before it even began when his Money in the Bank cash-in attempt fell short against John Cena, denying The Enlightened One of his promised glory. The win was a squeaker by any measure, though. Sandow’s pre-match mauling of the Cenation leader took its toll in a big way; his steel chair strikes reduced The Champ, to, for all intents and purposes, a one-armed man, and Sandow capitalized from the get-go.

The Champ fought back from the brink with a surprise Attitude Adjustment, though WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson seemed ready to stop the bout due to injury. The reeling Cena stayed in the match, yet he couldn’t seal the deal with a one-armed STF. The Enlightened One struck back with both Terminus and “You’re Welcome,” but it still wasn’t enough: Despite tweaking his knee on an attempted cross body, Cena muscled out of an attempted Piledriver and sent Sandow home empty-handed with a sudden Attitude Adjustment for a historic victory.  


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WWE Pay-per-view results: Hell in a cell 2013



MIAMI – The Champ is back! At WWE Hell in a Cell, John Cena made a triumphant return from injury, overcoming a brutal onslaught to capture the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

Cena's emotional pay-per-view comeback absolutely ignited the WWE Universe. From the early moments of the subsequent matchup, however, it quickly became apparent that Del Rio’s vicious aggression would threaten that homecoming and, in fact, the very career of his celebrated opposition. 

Indeed, the treacherous titleholder would target the injured arm of his heroic No. 1 contender from the word go. And despite Cena’s resilience and ability to roar back from his opponent’s unrelenting assault, it seemed for a time as if the 13-time World Champion had indeed reemerged too early and was not 100%. With each passing moment, Del Rio executed a calculating attack, designed to wear down his prey.

The resilient challenger would soon build a solid offense, catching Del Rio with a drop kick as his opponent came off the top rope and following up with the Five-Knuckle Shuffle for a near near-fall.

But, as the two determined warriors battled back-and-forth with growing intensity, the fans couldn’t help but wonder just how much punishment Cena would be able to take.

Then, in a critical moment, Cena avoided a Del Rio charge, sending the Mexican Champion directly into the unforgiving steel post and allowing his iconic foe to hit a follow-up high cross body.

Regaining the advantage, Del Rio would try the Cross Armbreaker, only to have that attempt countered with the feared STF. Still, the champion managed to persevere by getting two fingers on the ropes and forcing the referee to break the hold.

At wasn’t long before Del Rio would return to his signature maneuver, this time successfully locking in the Cross Armbreaker. But even as he rolled down Cena’s protective pad to expose the injury, the incredible strength of the Cenation Leader allowed him to pick up the reigning champion and miraculously drive him down into the canvas.

And when the stunned Essence of Excellence regained to advantage and went for his dreaded submission hold  yet again, Cena would be ready for him – countering with an incredible Attitude Adjustment to grab the monumental three-count to earn Cena the World Heavyweight Title amidst a standing ovation!

Returning from elbow surgery to repair a torn triceps, the determined Leader of the Cenation stepped back into action with 13-time World Championships to his credit – including a record 11 reigns as WWE Champion as well as a two World Heavyweight Titles. 

But, in the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view showdown created by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, the 4-time World Champion, Alberto Del Rio set out to prove that Cena’s best days were in fact behind him vowing to destroy his celebrated opponent by locking him in the Cross Armbreaker and never letting go.

As vicious as the intent of the Mexican titleholder was, though, it would not be enough to deny the intestinal fortitude of a true WWE institution. And now that Cena had left WWE Hell in a Cell a 14-time World Champion, one thing is for sure, The Champ is definitely here!


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John Cena new T-Shirt! "Even Stronger"

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John Cena interview October 11, 2013

John Cena's struggle: Why WWE's biggest star can't take time off

When John Cena stood in the ring one night after losing the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, his torn triceps injury was expected to keep him away from the ring for at least four months and, perhaps, as many as six. But when the record 11-time WWE Champion steps back into the squared circle, he will do so far ahead of schedule, returning at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Oct. 27, after only two and a half months on the shelf.
The polarizing veteran hardly ever takes time away from the spotlight, but when he does, Cena seems to return sooner and sooner than expected. In an exclusive conversation, asked the Massachusetts native why he pushes himself, what he’s feeling when he watches Raw from the couch and how he takes his mind off performing in front of millions of people in each week.

WWE.COM: This is much sooner than many WWE fans were expecting to see you back. The timetable indicated you’d be away from the ring for four to six months. It’s been two. Is it hard for you to stay away?

JOHN CENA: Of course, I think if any active Superstar tells you differently, they should rethink their profession. For most people, being injured and having surgery is a very difficult experience. They may spend a little bit of time loafing around or feeling sorry for themselves. I get to work right away. I just, literally, follow the rules. I go to physical therapy like I should. It becomes my job. When my job isn’t performing in a WWE ring, my job is to get back performing in that ring. When I’m hurt, all I have to do all day is get strong and get better. I’m a very dedicated physical therapy patient and that helps a lot.

WWE.COM: Is there something special about your body that you’re able to recover from your injuries so quickly? You always seem to return much sooner than expected

CENA: Please don’t spread the rumor that I’m some kind of real-life X-Man or something like that. The reason that surgeons give those timetables is because they obviously want to err on the side of caution. They don’t want the operation going badly. They basically take all the operations they’ve done and come up with a medium timeframe to recover. That’s why it was four to six months.

WWE.COM: Are you at all surprised that you’re coming back so quickly?

CENA: No, I’m happy with the way everything has gone. I didn’t feel too bad when the injury happened. It started to really be a pain in my neck about two weeks before SummerSlam. I had to tell the greatest surgeon in the world that I have a physical therapy team that I’m extremely familiar with. In doing therapy, it’s good to know that the therapist will push you. A lot of times, people are reserved or maybe scared of testing what your body is capable of. I’m not. I have complete faith in my surgeon. When it was time to test range of motion a little bit or test strength a little bit, a lot of people — if it’s their first surgery — they want to wait a few weeks before they do that. I kind of want to say, “Hey I got a new arm. Let’s see how it works.”

WWE.COM: Are you in the gym lifting weights already or you’re not quite up to that yet?

CENA: I started weight training 16 days after surgery, because I had to wait for the stitches. The biggest concern with this whole thing was the risk of infection. After I got the stitches out at about 14 days, it took two days for the wound to heal up, and that’s when I could actually start breaking a sweat. So, those first two weeks were tough.

WWE.COM: What are you doing in those two weeks? Give me a picture of John Cena at home on the mend.

CENA: A lot of ice, a lot of electronic stimulation, a lot of strengthening everything around the elbow, shoulder rehab, grip strength. Physical therapy twice a day, six days a week.

WWE.COM: When you have some free time, what kind of stuff do you do to keep your mind off of things?

CENA: I’m either studying Chinese or spending much-needed personal time with a beautiful woman.

WWE.COM: How’s your Chinese?

CENA: It’s getting better every day.

WWE.COM: Are we talking Mandarin or Cantonese?

CENA: Mandarin.

WWE.COM: When we last saw you, you lost the WWE Title to Daniel Bryan. How do you feel about coming back and going for the World Heavyweight Title instead? What do you feel the distinction is between those two titles?

CENA: I see them all as opportunities. For me, I’m hugely thankful for being able to get this opportunity. Daniel certainly did deserve to be called the WWE Champion and because of the circumstances and sorry state of affairs that’s happened to him, you can’t help but feel sympathy for the guy. But I just want to be back and I want to be back in any capacity that I can. For me to get any match is fine. For me to be thrown right into the mix and be named No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship is a blessing.

WWE.COM: Do you anticipate having that rematch with Bryan down the road?

CENA: Eventually, yeah. I don’t think Daniel Bryan is gonna hang up those boots anytime soon, certainly not. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

WWE.COM: Do you think you’re missing out on a big moment by returning sooner than expected and not in your hometown of Boston at Survivor Series?

CENA: The big moments for me are moments when I can actually contribute. For me to want to hold off, especially if I’m ready to compete and be part of the active WWE roster, I think that’s just selfish. I don’t want to do that. I want to be back in the ring and in front of the WWE Universe, because I miss them and I hope they miss me.

WWE.COM: When you’re not on the road and not on television every week, are you sitting down and watching Raw every week?

CENA: Every week.

WWE.COM: When you do that, are you picturing how it would be if you were there or how the show might be different?

CENA: Not at all. Having done this a few times, it’s actually a nice little refresher to be able to watch. You gotta remember, I was a member of the WWE Universe before I was a WWE Superstar. It’s really nice to know, “Hey, I’m not going to be back until that date. There’s nothing I can do.” Right now, if I were to be frustrated or upset, it’s a waste of my own time, because I can’t physically contribute anything. So, I just watch and enjoy with an unbiased eye, be entertained, be not entertained, but just enjoy the show.

WWE.COM: What’s that like for a 10-year-plus veteran and enormous star to distance yourself and watch Raw as a fan?

CENA: It’s something I do anyway. It’s just in a greater capacity when you can no longer physically contribute. At all Live Events, I’m watching somewhere, whether peeking behind a curtain or peering at a TV backstage. I watch just as much WWE as almost anyone, but I love to. It’s something I enjoy doing. I don’t force myself to watch. I get excited for Mondays. I get excited to see the show.

WWE.COM: You haven’t had many injuries and when you are gone, you’re gone for very short periods. But do you feel, over time, these injuries force you to change how you perform in the ring?

CENA: If you broke down my technique, it wouldn’t really take a rocket scientist to do so. I don’t know how you could take something so basic and do less [laughs].

WWE.COM: What’s your frame of mind coming back to face Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell in Miami?

CENA: I’m just so excited to be coming back. You have no idea. Being injured is tough. I know this is a business where you only have a certain window to perform in, and being here for 11 years now, that window closes every day, so I want to spend every day that I can in the ring. I’m driving back from the Performance Center right now, having gotten in one of the seven practice rings that are over there, just giving myself a last little test. Everything feels good. I know Alberto Del Rio is at the top of his game, but man, he’s gonna be hard-pressed to have a decent night in Miami. I want to make Miami special.
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John Cena is BACK!!!!!

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena
After an almost two-month hiatus due to injury, John Cena will return to the ring much quicker than expected for an opportunity to claim his third World Heavyweight Title against reigning champion Alberto Del Rio.

Cena hasn’t been seen in WWE since the Aug. 19 episode of Raw, when the former WWE Champion announced that, due to a partial triceps tear, he’d have to undergo surgery. Despite the projected four to six month recovery time commonly associated with such an injury, the Cenation leader will be ready for battle at WWE Hell in a Cell.

But Cena’s ahead-of-schedule return to the ring shouldn’t come as a surprise to any member of the WWE Universe familiar with his trademark characteristics of fortitude and leadership. The former champion has made a career of exceeding expectations, and Cena’s early return may well prove disastrous for the Mexican Champion’s title reign.

With Del Rio at the top of his game after back-to-back pay-per-view victories over the incomparable Rob Van Dam, and Cena’s layoff likely to cause some “ring rust,” does the titleholder have a major step up on his challenger? Or will Cena once again find a way to rise above and lay claim to the World Heavyweight Championship?
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WWE: John Cena to undergo triceps surgery

WWE: John Cena to undergo triceps 
surgery; out for 4 to 6 months!

On Monday’s Raw, John Cena revealed he is suffering from a torn triceps.

"I cannot put off my surgery any longer. Tonight I leave the WWE," Cena said while praising Daniel Bryan for beating him fairly and squarely at SummerSlam.

"John has been dealing with a large left elbow bursitis,” said WWE's Dr. Michael Sampson. "We did an MRI which showed a partial triceps tear. Being the warrior that he is, he did not want to have surgery [forcing him to cancel his SummerSlam match].”

"After SummerSlam, John agreed with us to have surgery this week with WWE's Dr. James Andrews. He will begin physical therapy after that.”

Cena is expected to be out of action for four to six months.

Stay with for more on the condition of the 11-time WWE Champion.

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WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view results 2013

WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view 
results 2013

Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion John Cena; Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Bryan to become WWE Champion

In LOS ANGELES.... Yes, Daniel Bryan finally did it. The bearded brawler who honed his craft in in the halls of armories and high school gymnasiums, grappling for fifty dollars before crowds of tens, finally battled his way through the highest competition his chosen field has to offer, ascended the McMahon-guarded mountaintop and dethroned the ball-capped Goliath who guarded its peak to become the WWE Champion at SummerSlam.

And if not for the sting of a Viper’s bite and the treachery of a king (of kings), he still would be.

Although Bryan did indeed defy the odds (and The Chairman) by defeating John Cena for the ultimate championship at WWE’s  summer classic, the submission master’s stint at the top was a blink-and-you’ll-miss it affair, all thanks to a shocking collusion between Randy Orton and special guest referee Triple H that saw The Viper’s Money in the Bank contracted traded for Bryan’s freshly-procured WWE Championship.

Despite Bryan’s touting of his match with Cena as a battle between a wrestler and an entertainer, The Champ seemed much more in tune with his inner grappler than the former Tag Team Champion gave him credit for in previous weeks. The match began firmly in Bryan’s wheelhouse as The Beard traded catch-as-catch-can holds with The Champ in the contest’s early minutes. Cena's uncharacteristically flashy attempts to appropriate Bryan’s style proved ill advised and quickly landed him on the wrong end of a “Yes!” Lock.

The Champ wisely moved the action back into his own comfort zone, settling into a happy medium between power and technique by executing a textbook suplex that lifted his challenger off the steel steps and harshly deposited him onto the floor of the STAPLES Center. Bryan quickly recovered and flattened The Champ with a revved-up clothesline that turned Cena into a hulking splat on the canvas. The Cenation leader responded by launching into his infamous “Five Moves of Doom”. Yet, true to his word, Bryan was prepared for everything Cena had in store for him. The submission expert countered the Attitude Adjustment by landing in catlike fashion on his feet and ascending the ropes for a vicious missile dropkick that left The Champ down again.

Cena caught his first major break of the match when he trapped Bryan in the STF, but the challenger reversed the maneuver into an STF of his own. The mighty titleholder’s strength saved him from a defeat by his own hold, yet Bryan showed no quarter and instantly transitioned into a pair of belly-to-back suplexes that sent The Champ thudding to the mat like an anvil. Bryan continued to stay one step ahead of Cena, but The Champ met his challenger's relentlessness with brute force to match his famous heart. When Bryan attempted a top-rope superplex, Cena twice swatted him down, and twice Bryan returned to try again. The third time, Bryan switched up his attack and nailed The Champ with a dropkick that finally weakened Cena enough for the No. 1 contender to execute the superplex.

In one of the most memorable moments from a match full of them, Bryan hung upside down from the turnbuckle and hulked up before the WWE Universe’s eyes, building his rage to a fever pitch and taking to the skies with a flying headbutt. Cena quickly rolled for cover outside the ring, and this time it was his turn to cut Bryan off with a shoulder to the submission expert’s face mid-suicide dive. With Bryan dazed into a stupor, The Champ climbed the turnbuckle and finally hit home, planting Bryan with the same top rope leg drop that nearly decapitated The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. Even that, however, only earned him a two-count, and Daniel Bryan's dream remained alive.

With his reserves of strength finally running dry, The Champ resorted to an outlandish series of improvisations as he attempted to put Bryan away for good. He came closest with an STF that he modified by rolling onto his side, but the No. 1 contender sprang back to life and escaped, plying Cena with a “Yes!” Lock that aggravated Cena’s elbow to the point referee Triple H momentarily stopped the action.

Bryan, however, showed less mercy than the rulebook and pounded Cena with a pair of running dropkicks that left The Champ staggering. Yet as Bryan reared for the finishing blow, Cena charged from the corner and clotheslined Bryan, catapaulting the No. 1 contender into a full-flip. Having thrown move after move at each other, the two combatants staggered up and went brutally back to the basics. In a vicious twist on the Japanese custom Bryan referenced six days earlier, laced into each other with open-palm slaps that certainly did their job and brought out the best of each man in the match’s waning moments.

What followed was the stuff legends are made of, as Cena snatched the No. 1 contender out of the sky during a flying headbutt and, proclaiming the contest “over,” went for another AA that Bryan rolled into an old-school cradle for a two-count before striking with a kick to Cena’s head. With "YES!" chants showering him from the STAPLES Center, Bryan sealed The Champ's fate with a hard-to-watch running knee smash to the face for the historic 1-2-3. As confetti rained upon the newly-minted champion, it seemed for a moment that Cena would deck Bryan out of frustration. He instead offered his challenger words of wisdom that only Bryan could hear before clasping his hand in a show of respect. Acknowledging The Game’s fulfilled promise to call the match down the middle, Cena shook Triple H’s hand as well.

In hindsight, this might have been premature.

With Bryan’s title reign in its infancy, Randy Orton quickly emerged from the locker room and slithered through the falling confetti with his Money in the Bank contract in hand. The new champion, however, was ready and more than willing to tangle with The Viper, daring Orton to attempt his promised cash-in. Ever the tactician, The Viper seemed to want no part of an able-bodied WWE Champion ... but he was more than happy to face one who had just been Pedigreed.

Moments after Bryan had repelled The Viper, The Game shocked the WWE Universe and their new champion by cutting down Bryan with a Pedigree. With a smile, The Game beckoned Orton to the ring and happily accepted his Money in the Bank contract, counting the pinfall and handing Orton his first WWE Title in three years without a single drop of sweat spilled.

And so ended Daniel Bryan’s reign as WWE Champion, with the people’s chosen hero splayed across the mat and a pair of men entrusted to do the right thing celebrating over his body. What this means for the future of Orton, Triple H and the WWE Title is anyone’s guess, but this much is clear: Having come this close to reaching the peak, Daniel Bryan will find his retribution in the long run. As this match showed, he doesn’t take defeat lying down. Though, at The Biggest Party of the Summer, it seemed he was left with no other choice than to take “No” for an answer.


Ranking for Power: August 17, 2013

Ranking for Power: August 17, 2013
Last weeks rank: #2
This weeks rank: #2

John Cena remains at the #2 rank!

Like so many times before, the Cenation leader refused to bow to pressure from No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan and a divided WWE Universe. Love him or hate him, The Champ is poised and ready to defend what’s his at SummerSlam