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World Wish Day: John Cena Making wishes come true

World Wish Day! John Cena Making wishes come true

Wishing is powerful stuff. When we make wishes, we push ourselves to reach beyond what seems possible. We stake out a vision.

As powerful as the act of wishing is, actually having those wishes come true can be a game-changer, one of life’s pivot points.

That’s the story of Chris Greicius, a 6-year-old Arizona boy who wished to be a police officer on April 29, 1980. Volunteers who granted his wish that day were so moved that they created Make-A-Wish, which has grown into a global charity that now grants a child’s wish every 23 minutes.

April 29 is World Wish Day, which celebrates Chris’ legacy with wishes being granted worldwide. It’s a day to think about how wishing makes our world better.

How do I know? I’m not just a wrestler, actor and rap artist. I am a wish-granter.

Through Make-A-Wish, I have granted the wishes of hundreds of children with life-threatening medical conditions. And I get to watch each wish experience transform lives.

Of all the tough guys I tangle with in the WWE ring, I’ve never encountered more bravery or toughness than I see in each wish kid I meet.

Just to qualify for a Make-A-Wish experience these kids battle for life. Thanks to medical advances, most will live to adulthood; some will not. They struggle with pain and fear. Their families are terrified.

But given the chance to make their wish, they rediscover something inside: their voice, their dreams and their capacity to wrestle their futures back from the illness and medicine that are at war within them.

As these kids come looking for a chance to interact with my WWE persona, they are living that moment on their terms. And they exude pure joy. Triumph. Their parents, often through tears, say the wish experience has given them their children back.

There is a lesson here for all of us. About making wishes, and about granting them.

Wishing is powerful stuff.

If you remember A 12-year-old boy named Dylan Christian that's been diagnosed with cancer for four times and he his wish was to meet Cena and John Cena make his wish come true! He got to meet John Cena. Also Cena flew him and his family out to Miami to watch WrestleMania 28 live in the crowd. Dylan was so brave and strong. We report sad news about Dylan. He has passed away Thursday.  We gives our condolences to his family at this time!

Here is a Video of Dylan meeting John Cena for the very first time. Cena make his wish come true!
Watch Video Below:

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WWE: Does John Cena need to revive the "thug" to defeat the "freak"?

WWE: Does John Cena need to revive the "thug" to defeat the "freak"?

"I don't even know who the hell this John Cena is." – Edge

Those words echoed throughout Joe Louis Arena on Monday's Raw SuperShow. They elicited "oohs" from stunned members of the WWE Universe. And they just may have brought back the most dangerous version of the Cenation leader we've seen in a long time.

Cena was left to feel the weight of Edge's passionate pep talk for more than two hours before it came time for the Extreme Rules Match contract signing with Brock Lesnar. When Cena solemnly approached the ring, keen observers noticed there was something different about the 10-time WWE Champion. It wasn't new merchandise or anything he said. In fact, he didn't utter a single word to Brock.

It was the return of his signature lock and chain.

As Cena signed the contract with a pen in one hand, he had that familiar chain tightly wrapped around his other. The destructive weapon that once laid out elite competitors such as Eddie Guerrero, Big Show and Lesnar, too, was back in the clutches of the man formerly known as The Chain Gang Soldier.

Was this the John Cena that Edge remembered? The Cena that carried a win-by-any-means-necessary attitude into every one of his battles?

Cena knows he's heading into Extreme Rules as the underdog. He's admitted to his fear on more than one occasion. However, he also knows how desperately he needs a victory on Sunday. By reaching for the lock and chain, Cena might be coming to terms with the fact that he can't conquer Brock on sheer talent alone. It could take some old-school Thuganomics to beat the odds against a physical freak like Lesnar, especially in a match where there will be no disqualifications and no count-outs.

There was a time in Cena's career where he didn't hesitate using that steel chain whenever he smelled an opportunity to do so. The chain became Cena's great equalizer, brutalizing opponents who had to always be on guard for the extra element of surprise. Now, with his back against the wall and the future of WWE hanging in the balance due to Brock's outrageous contract demands, Cena could be forced to awaken the "thug" in him to stop Lesnar from running wild over what he loves most in this world.

Maybe a stern message from The Master Manipulator was what Cena needed all along. On Sunday night at Extreme Rules, will Cena heed Edge's call and unleash ruthless aggression to shock Lesnar? Or is he just going to wind up the first victim in Brock's fearsome quest to take over WWE?


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Rankings for Power 25: April 28, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: April 28, 2012
Last Weeks Rank: #7
This Weeks Rank: #6
"Though he gets a nice momentum boost from facing his feared rival during Raw SuperShow, the Cenation leader will need more than his padlocked chain to put Brock Lesnar away at WWE Extreme Rules."

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

WWE Magazine: May 2012 Issue

WWE Magazine: May 2012 Issue has a poster of John Cena inside of it!
The magazine and  the poster looks like the picture below:


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

VIDEO: After RAW went off air 4/23/2012

After RAW went off air 4/23/2012 The WWE locker room comes out to the ring and sings Happy Birthday to Cena. Check out the videos 

- CM Punk & Triple H lead the WWE Superstars and Divas in a singing of "Happy Birthday" to John Cena.

- Triple H asks The Great Khali to sing "Happy Birthday" to John Cena one more time

A Fan from the crowd captures the whole thing on camera.

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Edge returned to Raw, gave an emotional pep talk to John Cena
Former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long kicked off Raw SuperShow by introducing John Cena for the much-anticipated contract signing with Brock Lesnar. General Manager of Raw and SmackDown 

John Laurinaitis came out next to announce that Lesnar hadn't arrived yet at Joe Louis Arena, so the contract signing would take place on Brock's terms – not Cena's. Much to the GM's surprise, WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his electric return to Raw SuperShow with something important to say to John Cena. 
The Rated-R Superstar talked about the kind of man he knows Cena really is – the man who brutally beat him in a TLC Match and also chucked him into the Long Island Sound. Edge said that while he's never seen eye-to-eye with Cena, they can agree on their never-ending love for WWE, something that The Ultimate Opportunist claimed Brock doesn't have. Edge continued his emotional pep talk by telling the Cenation leader that he must win at Extreme Rules because he can't let someone who doesn't care about WWE somehow become the "face of WWE," stating that it would be a slap in the face of WWE Legends like Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and even Edge himself.

Brock Lesnar listed his demands in the Extreme Rules Match contract signing

Brock Lesnar came out for the Extreme Rules Match contract signing, but John Cena was nowhere to be found at first. Brock proceeded to give General Manager John Laurinaitis a list of changes he wants made to his contract, otherwise he would refuse to fight Cena at Extreme Rules. Saying he's not the "na├»ve farm boy" he used to be the first time around, Brock demanded to have access to Vince McMahon's private jet, the preference to show up on Raw SuperShow only when he wants, no fines of any kind for his actions, and finally, if he wins on Sunday, Raw has to be named to "Monday Night Raw: Starring Brock Lesnar." 

After Laurinaitis agreed to Brock's demands, Cena walked out to the ring with his Thuganomics-era lock and chain around his neck and had a heated staredown with his Extreme Rules Match opponent. 

Following some verbal barbs from Lesnar, the Cenation leader signed the contract and didn't say a word, never taking his eyes off Brock as the show came to a close



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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 35th Birthday John Cena!

 The John Cena Blog wishes John Cena a Happy 35th Birthday and many more to come!
John Cena was born on April 23, 1977

* CeNation wish him a Happy Birthday on his Twitter: @JohnCena with the HashTag #HappyBirthdayJohnCena

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