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Rankings for Power 25: August 13, 2011

Rankings for Power 25: August 13, 2011
John Cena Remains in the #2 spot for the second week!
"After defeating Jack Swagger on Raw, WWE Champion John Cena more than held his own later in the night when the contract signing for his Undisputed WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam against fellow WWE Title holder CM Punk sparked a massive brawl."


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Pictures and Video - WWE SummerSlam kick off party (Be A STAR)

John Cena took part of the WWE be a STAR campaign! Also its SummerSlam Kick off party. I got a Video and Pictures check them out!

Video #1
Here is a Video of John Cena on the Red Carpet:

Video #2
John Cena with some of other WWE Superstars and Celebs talking to WWE


John Cena TWEETED this on his twitter about the Be A STAR Campaign:
"CeNation. On way to launch of WWE be a STAR campaign. I am surrounded by toyota priuses. Literally 1 out of every 5 cars. LA is truly a unique piece of the earth. Looking forward to tonight. As well as sunday. For all that don't know..Be A STAR is a massive anti bullying campaign. WWE along with multiple org. Are trying to put a stop to bullying Show Tolerance And Respect. Respect....ive heard that b4. :)"

source: youtube, gettyimages and twitter

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Undisputed WWE Championship Match with Special guest referee

John Cena vs. CM Punk (Undisputed WWE Championship Match with special guest referee Triple H)

Having each earned the right to call themselves the WWE Champion, John Cenaand a returning CM Punk will collide at SummerSlam in Los Angeles. There, these dynamic Superstars will determine who deserves the right to become the undisputed bearer of the WWE Title at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

To ensure that this bout is called down the middle and that there is no outside interference, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer Triple H will serve as special guest referee to personally crown the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion. Under the watchful eye of The Cerebral Assassin, there will be no doubt who deserves to be the sole holder of the coveted title this Sunday in Los Angeles.

For the first time since the title’s inception in 1963, two ring warriors are in possession of the WWE Championship, thanks to Punk’s shocking re-emergence on the July 25 edition of Monday Night Raw. Just moments after Cena had bested newly crowned WWE Champion Rey Mysterio that night to win the title for a ninth time (his eleventh World Title overall), a smirking Punk confidently strode down the entrance ramp to offer his own unique form of congratulations to The Champ – by confronting Cena and holding his own WWE Championship high above his head.

Aiming to provide some semblance of order to this complicated WWE Championship scenario, Triple H mandated the following week that both titleholders clash at SummerSlam, with the victor going down in the history books as the one, true WWE Champion.

At WWE Money in the Bank – held in his hometown on what was believed to be his final night as a WWE Superstar – Punk accomplished what many believed to be an impossible feat. Despite Mr. McMahon’s best efforts to ensure that The Second City Savior would not leave WWE with its most cherished prize fastened around his waist, Punk ultimately finished off The Cenation Commander-in-Chief with a Go to Sleep to ensnare the coveted title before vanishing from WWE forever … or so we thought.

With Punk’s controversial victory and subsequent departure seeming to vacate the WWE Title, The Chairman scheduled a tournament to establish a new champion. Although the tournament was successful in naming a new WWE Champion in Rey Mysterio the following week, it would come to be known as Mr. McMahon’s final executive decision. Citing a vote of no confidence from WWE’s Board of Directors, Triple H relieved his father-in-law of his duties, revealing himself as the new COO of WWE.

In his first-ever “State of the WWE” address, The Game announced the beginning of a new era under his regime. Chief among The King of Kings’ decrees was a WWE Championship Match pitting Cena against The Ultimate Underdog on the same night Mysterio won the title for the very first time. Ever the fighting champion, The Master of the 619 was more than willing to put it all on the line against Cena, whose hustle, loyalty and respect prevailed that fateful night in Hampton, Va. For the second time in as many hours, a new WWE Champion’s hand was raised high in victory.

However, The Champ had little time to savor his incredible WWE Title win, as his victory celebration was crashed by the returning Straight Edge Superstar, who made it abundantly clear to the WWE Universe that “the best in the world” was back to question the legitimacy of Cena’s reign. However, with The Cerebral Assassin officiating, such questions will indeed be answered at SummerSlam.

Will CM Punk solidify himself as the undisputed WWE Champion? Or will John Cena make The Second City Savior regret stepping back into a WWE ring? To find out, tune in to SummerSlam, August 14, live on pay-per-view.

Contract Signing for SummerSlam between John Cena and CMPunk


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Pictures and Videos of Teen Choice Awards 2011

John Cena and The Miz got to present at the Teen Choice Awards 2011. I got pictures and videos you can check out below:

Video #1
Where The Miz and John Cena Present the Award

Video #2
On the blue carpet interviews

source: youtube, getty images

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011



in SAN JOSE — With only six days to go before WWE Champion John Cena faces WWE Champion CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Triple H made it clear that there will be only one titleholder at the end of the night. The lengths WWE’s new COO went to tonight in order to guarantee a fair outcome shocked the entire WWE Universe.

Triple H announced a special guest referee for the SummerSlam main event

With only six days to go before one of the most important nights in WWE history, Triple H dropped another bomb on the WWE Universe — the Undisputed WWE Championship Match between WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk will have a special guest referee.

Believing that a bout of this magnitude is too important to risk outside interference or underhanded maneuvers, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer revealed that he’s enlisted the help of the one man he knows who can get the job done right — himself.

As if that wasn’t enough to stir up the WWE Universe, Triple H then announced that Cena and Punk will sign their SummerSlam contract tonight.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Jack Swagger
John Cena isn’t the type of competitor who cracks under pressure. Moments after trading strong words with the special guest referee in his Undisputed WWE Championship Match against CM Punk at SummerSlam, The Champ had to lock up with the always dangerous Jack Swagger.

A standout collegiate wrestler and former World Heavyweight Champion, “The All-American American” is not a Superstar to be taken lightly, but Cena didn’t let his opponent’s pedigree intimidate him. Battering the big man before putting him down with an Attitude Adjustment, the West Newbury, Mass.-native sent a clear message to both Punk and Triple H — The Champ is here.

WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk signed the contract for their Undisputed WWE Title Match

The WWE Universe expected a tense confrontation in this contract signing and that’s exactly what they got. Mediated by Triple H and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, the summit started off ugly when CM Punk showed a video of The Rock bashing John Cena on Facebook. Tearing The Champ’s catchphrases and clothing to shreds, The Great One made a hilarious mockery of the powerful Superstar.

It was a damning monologue, but one Cena took in stride. After all, The Champ realized some people may have a problem with him, but he’s always been more concerned with the fans that are in his corner. Since 2002, the WWE Champion has been a proud and hardworking Superstar who gives every bit of his energy to positively representing the company. And while Cena was busting his hump, Punk was off complaining that he didn’t get fair treatment.

It was a strong argument that Triple H respected, but The Second City Saint was quick to strike back. Accusing The Champ of being a failed bodybuilder who settled for a career as a sports-entertainer, Punk claimed that he worked harder to get to where he is than Cena ever could. On Sunday, The Straight Edge Superstar would prove this by beating his rival in the center of the ring.

Undeterred, Cena made it clear that if Punk fails on Sunday he’ll be nothing more than a one hit wonder. With tensions now at a boil, both Superstars agreed that the talking had gone on long enough and stood face-to-face. But when Punk took a swing at The Champ, he connected with Mr. Laurinaitis instead. It was a melee from there with Punk and Cena brawling in the ring while the COO attempted to pull them apart.

When The Game finally got some order, the tattooed titleholder stood on the outside of the ring looking in at Triple H and The Champ. In that unique moment, there were two WWE Champions. Come Sunday, there will be only one.



After Monday’s episode of WWE RAW from San Jose, CA went off the air, WWE Champions John Cena and CM Punk got into a brawl. The referee held up both title belts, which lead to the start of a match between the joint champions.

John Cena vs. CM Punk ended in a double disqualification after The Miz and R-Truth interfered and attacked both men.

Cena and Punk were able to fight back and hit their finishers on the heels to send them running away.

The champions held their title belts up and stared each other down.

Cena exited first and stared at Punk from the ramp. Punk soaked up some cheers and then exited to end the show.

source: sescoops

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