Thursday, April 28, 2011

Footage Filmed For Cena Movie After SmackDown Tapings

After Tuesday’s WWE Smackdown taping from Greensboro, NC, footage was filmed for John Cena’s next movie, Nickelodeon’s “Fred The Movie 2,” which is scheduled to hit theaters in October.

After the taping concluded, Cena and Fred came out to the ring. Fred had his own Titantron, which included clips from his first feature film. Cena and Fred were interrupted by a bunch of bullies. There were a lot of kids involved in the scene.

After the shooting, Cena grabbed the mic and thanked everybody for sticking with them through a long night, including having to sit through Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus.

Out came Sheamus, who had a quick scuffle with Cena that ended with Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment on the United States champion to end the show.

source: sescoops

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 Videos: John Cena Reacts to WWEDraft

Here a couple of Videos for you to watch on what happen on Monday Night Raw 4/25/2011 WWE-DRAFT

John Cena DRAFTED to SmackDown Video:

John Cena backstage on RAW. This is what Aired on Monday Night RAW
Watch Video below:

EXCLUSIVE: John Cena Reacts to being DRAFTED to Smack Down.
Watch Video Below:

John Cena DRAFTED back to RAW Video:

Now at the end of RAW John Cena got DRAFTED again and got Drafted back to RAW
EXCLUSIVE: Watch what he says how he feels about being Drafted back to RAW.
Watch Video Below

Enjoy all the videos of John Cena!

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The Rock Taunts John Cena

WWE will tape SmackDown and NXT tonight from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. is scheduled to make an appearance, despite being drafted back to RAW last night. This will be the final WWE show before Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

- just won’t quit … His match with John Cena is still a year away, but that’s not stopping him from talking trash about RAW SmackDown RAW superstar / fruity pebble, John Cena.

The Rock was in Russia earlier this week promoting the international release on his new Fast Five movie and posted a picture of him standing on a purple John Cena t-shirt. The Rock posted the following picture and caption:

"Team Bring It Russia – thank u for the incredible love. I will return! (Cena, look closely.. u will ALWAYS be dominated by Team Bring It)"

source: sessoops

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Monday, April 25, 2011


RALEIGH, N.C. – The WWE Universe experienced one wild ride as the 2011 WWE Draft unfolded before them like a runaway roller coaster. Emotions propelled viewers forward through a series of unexpected twists and jaw-dropping turns until, finally, they experienced a reversal of course that left many with a severe case of whiplash.
SmackDown def. Raw in a 20-Man Battle Royal; John Cena drafted to SmackDown
Buckle up, WWE Universe. The 2011 WWE Draft takes place tonight and has already hit some rocky terrain.

The history of WWE remains rich with Superstars who have been traded to different brands and gone on to greater heights – WWE Champion The Miz, John Morrison and Triple H to name just a few. That in mind, the stakes were elevated when Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown participated in a 20-Man Battle Royal with the winning brand receiving a draft pick.
When the canvas had cleared, it was the boys in blue who had prevailed. In the end, SmackDown had earned one unbelievable draftee: John Cena.

Team Raw def. Team SmackDown in a Six-Man Tag Match; John Cena drafted to Raw
The tectonic plates of WWE have shifted in dramatic fashion. Freshly drafted Superstar Alberto Del Rio joined WWE Champion The Miz & CM Punk to form Team Raw. The three would go on to collide with Team SmackDown, comprised of Christian and SmackDown’s newest roster recruits Mark Henry & John Cena. The two squads would compete for the chance at one more draftee.
Dogged and determined, it would be the rebels in red who would triumph – thanks in large part to a mutinous Henry, who attacked his fellow boys in blue. The WWE Champion celebrated as he leveled one of his two Extreme Rules opponents, Cena, with a Skull Crushing Finale to capture the win for his squad. Good news for The Cleveland Screamer, right? Not so much.
Turns out Raw wanted back one of the most exciting Superstars in WWE history: The Cenation Commander-in-Chief.
Source: WWE.COM

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POWER 25: April 23, 2011 John Cena makes #1

POWER 25: April 23, 2011
John Cena makes #1 spot!
"John Cena teamed with Sin Cara to beat The Miz & Alex Riley on Raw, giving him a full head of steam going into the WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules."
Source: WWE

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