Saturday, March 26, 2011

WrestleMania XXVII Press Conference

Snooki, The Rock and WWE Superstars to hold WrestleMania XXVII press conference this Wednesday in New York City

On the road to WrestleMania XXVII, reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will join top WWE Superstars at The Hard Rock CafĂ© in NewYork City this Wednesday, March 30, beginning at 12:30 p.m. to talk about their upcoming appearances at this year’s exciting event. The WrestleMania headliners will offer a look at this annual pop culture extravaganza that takes place Sunday, April 3, live on pay-per-view from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will discuss stepping into the ring for a six-person tag team match at WrestleMania to settle the score with WWE Divas Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool and Layla), Vickie Guerrero and WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. In Snooki’s corner will be WWE SuperstarJohn Morrison and USA Network’s Tough Enoughtrainer Trish Stratus.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will come face to face with WWE Champion The Miz and John Cena one last time before electrifying the Georgia Dome as this year’s host of WrestleMania.

WWE Superstar Triple H will speak about his 15th appearance on The Grandest Stage of Them all as he looks to end The Undertaker’s legendary 18-0 WrestleMania winning streak. Edge and Alberto Del Riowill discuss squaring off against each other for theWorld Heavyweight Championship.

The Hard Rock Cafe is located at 1501 Broadway in New York City. Please note that admission to the press conference is limited to a first-come, first-seved basis.

Source: WWE.COM

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Friday, March 25, 2011

John Cena Suffering a Concussion?

The recent WWE storyline of John Cena suffering a concussion at the hands of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio was an angle and not a legit injury. There was no mention of the concussion on Monday’s RAW
Glad to see Cena is okay!
Source: Sescoops

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Randy Orton mentions John Cena in ESPN interview

Robinson: The Rock recently came back to WWE. What do you think of his return so far, and what can we expect to happen when he's actually live on Raw this Monday and he's finally inside the same ring as John Cena and The Miz?

Orton: That's an interesting topic. I know them both and I know Cena a lot better than I know The Rock, obviously, but I've been in the ring with both cutting promos and wrestling. I have to say, though, talking about the whole ring rust thing, John Cena has had about 2,000 matches in the last seven years. The Rock? A big, fat zero. So when it comes to ring rust, I don't care what type of athlete you are, and The Rock is obviously an athletic dude, but Cena has been in the ring. He's been at every show and in every show and making appearances and he has been on the road with the WWE over 300 days a year for the last seven years. The Rock? Virtually nonexistent. You see the interviews that The Rock does and he says that he doesn't want to be known as a wrestler. He doesn't want to be known as a sports entertainer or a performer with WWE or a WWE superstar. He wants to be known as an actor. Now all of a sudden he's back in our world telling the fans what they want to hear. He's telling them, "I promise that I will never go away again. I promise that I'm back for good and that I'm here to stay." He said that, what, six or seven weeks ago? Have we even seen him live since then? No. Via satellite. I think Cena will own The Rock. I think Cena is wittier and can go off the cuff. Cena writes his own stuff, while The Rock has stuff written for him. It just all comes down to who you are in the ring and what kind of performer you are in the ring, and I think Cena is 10 times the performer in the ring that The Rock is. This Monday in Chicago, he'll prove i

Source: ESPN

John Cena responds to Randy Orton through Twitter:
"Thank you Randy. That means more than you know. Thank you."

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

John Cena Says He’ll Do Anything To Wrestle The Rock

John Cena Says He’ll Do Anything To Wrestle The Rock!

During an interview with Associated Press sports writer Dan Gelston, RAW superstar John Cena talked about how badly he wants to wrestle The Rock and what his return to WWE means to the overall WWE product.

When asked about when we’ll see him get a shot at The Rock, Cena said, “I have been willing to do anything for that match. I will do anything for that match. If I have to talk more trash about The Rock, I’m your guy.”

Cena also praised the impact The Rock’s recent return has had on the company.

“I can’t tell you how much it plugs our product back in,” he said. “It’s like getting hooked up to defibrillators. It’s the one little jump-start we needed.”

Cena put over WrestleMania, saying “WWE will always be the greatest show you’ll ever see.”

Source: sescoops

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picture of John Cena on Set of Fred 2

John Cena on set of Fred 2 the Movie! He plays Fred's Father in the movie.
Heres the picture of them on set:

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RAW FACE OFF: The Rock, John Cena and The Miz!

Source: The USA Network issued the following press release today!


STAMFORD, Conn., March 23, 2011 – After their war of words, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will finally confront WWE Superstar John Cena and WWE Champion The Miz, live in person, March 28th on Monday Night Raw at 9/8c on USA Network. The verbal sparring was ignited when The Rock triumphantly returned to WWE last month. The fireworks will emanate live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

This would be the Final Raw Prior to WrestleMania XXVII

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John Cena Tweeted he is Filming Fred 2

John Cena is filming Fred 2 for Nickelodeon today! (3/23/2011)

“Day #2 of filming Fred 2! But first 3 hours worth of WM interveiws. Then late tonight, off to silicon valley for sumthin HUGE. Details hopefully on the way. Then of course..back to what we do. 4 more shows to the dance!”

He also Tweeted he has something HUGE to tell CeNation but he hasn't said anything on the Details yet!
Source: Twitter
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John Cena Tweeted: The Miz scratched him!

John Cena tweeted that The Miz scratched his face thats where we saw the Blood on his face. READ HIS RESPONDS BELOW:

“CeNation. Fear in the eyes of the miz tonite. He now knows WM will not be a Gimmie. Rock at Raw next mon live. Do not miss it. Yes miz tried to scratch me. A tactic uses mostly in cat fights. he was given a haymaker for his efforts. Then he ran. Dauwsh.”

Source: Twitter

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PICTURES: Cena Visits Children From The Garden Of Dreams

Pictures of John Cena when he visited The Children From The Garden Of Dreams!

CeNation, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

John Cena Exclusive interview with MSG

John Cena Exclusive with MSG

What advice does WWE superstar John Cena have for Snooki and The Rock? Is he really a Celtics fan? He brang up his Wife.


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Video: John Cena wants you to HELP Japan!!

John Cena has recorded a message asking the WWE Universe to help with the relief efforts currently underway in Japan. Watch Video Below:

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WWE Working With GLAAD After Receiving Complaints

WWE is partnering with GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) after the organization received a number of complaints about some comments that John Cena made towards The Rock that many WWE viewers saw as anti-gay.

GLAAD issued the following statement this week:

WWE Partners with GLAAD on Anti-Bullying Messages

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will be working with GLAAD to create and promote an anti-bullying initiative aimed at their core audience, and has invited us to conduct trainings for their staff of writers and editors.

Our outreach to WWE was prompted by outrage from many LGBT viewers, about a series of homophobic taunts by wrestler John Cena on the USA program WWE Raw in late February. We reached out to WWE Incorporated, which responded swiftly and positively.

GLAAD was first made aware of the incidents by several of its members following the February 21 broadcast of WWE Raw, which featured wrestler John Cena responding to taunts made by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with a rap song making fun of Johnson’s film roles. The song included lyrics like “You left us high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth?” and “He wore lipstick in Get Shorty, and rocked a skirt for The Game Plan.”

But the real kicker came near the end when he said: “Just don’t go racing to Witch Mountain, Rock, cause your mountain is Brokeback.”

The next incident occurred on the show a week later (Feb. 28), when Cena was challenging another wrestler known as “The Miz” while in the ring with him, and had the crowd roaring when he joked about the Miz and his wrestling partner secretly being a couple. It began with Cena saying “Do you really want to look back years from now and realize you shared your legacy with another man?! ….Wait don’t answer that.” Cena continued:

“Now The Miz and Alex Riley are co-champions and to celebrate it they’re going to move in together. They’re going to buy one of those tandem bikes and ride to bed bath and beyond to buy some duvets. And every evening they’re going to relax with a glass of warm piot noir and watch The Notebook, or reruns of last season’s Bachelor. ……….You want to be a mentor and train him? Well, tonight I’m going to train you on how to be a man.”

The incidents were particularly troubling because WWE recently began promoting itself as PG-rated entertainment marketed primarily towards adolescent males. Young boys are of course the demographic most likely to experience homophobic bullying or to be bullying themselves. And there was wrestling superstar John Cena performing what amounted to scripted homophobic bullying of other wrestlers on a nationally broadcast show for kids.

GLAAD contacted WWE executives and explained the problem after receiving our first reports. They then spoke to John Cena and the show’s writers. We have been assured that not only will such incidents not happen again, WWE intends to reach out to their adolescent audience, with messages aimed making it clear that bullying someone with homophobic taunts or for their perceived sexual orientation is wrong. WWE released the following apology statement to that effect:

“WWE takes this issue very seriously, and has already spoken with our talent about these incidents. We are taking steps and working with GLAAD to ensure that our fans know that WWE is against bullying or discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We strongly value our fans in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and apologize to them for these incidents.”

We are very much looking forward to developing our relationship with WWE, and we thank them both for hearing our message loud and clear, and for planning to send an anti-bullying message of their own.

Source: sescoops

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John Cena interviewed by Newsday: Feud with TheRock

RAW superstar John Cena was recently interviewed by Anthony Castellano of and spoke about his current feud with The Rock.

“The fact that he tried to pick a fight with the toughest guy in the place, that’s kind of his style,” Cena said. “But you know me, I don’t back down from anyone. I think it’s going to make some good television.”

So far The Rock is only committed to be the host of WrestleMania, but Cena wants to face The Great One in the ring, and not just once either.

“I think we’re on to a point if this continues, something physical is going to happen. He’s supposed to host. That’s all I know. When he came back on that first night he said he was back for good. I can only hope that’s the truth because I would certainly like to have many, many matches with him.”

Cena put over his WrestleMania 27 opponent The Miz, saying, “He proved in the last few weeks that he is the champ. He needs to be respected as such.”

Cena also commented on the possibility of trying to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak in the future if Triple H is unable to do so this year. While a Cena-Undertaker WrestleMania match is something a lot of people want to see, Cena doesn’t sound interested.

“Nooooo, he just doesn’t lose. That’s not a profitable night for anyone.”


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A Parade has a Piece of John Cena!

A Parade has a piece on John Cena touting the WWE Superstar’s charity work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He recently became one of only four celebrities (along with Hulk Hogan and NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.) to grant 200 wishes through the charitable organization, which helps children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Source: sescoops

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Rowdy Roddy Piper Mentions Cena & The Rock

WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter in response to recent war of words between The Rock and John Cena. Piper Tweeted:

“Saw interviews with Cena and the Rock talking how They paved the road to Hollywood. They did great, but only ONE man paved the way. Fact!”

He then proposed a Piper’s Pit segment with Cena and Rock:

“The Rock and Cena in Pipers Pit….Straight improv!..Book it!! I an’t scared of no ghost…”

Source: Twitter

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After RAW went off Air 3/22/2011

After Monday’s episode of WWE RAW from Pittsburgh went off the air, it was time for the dark match main event.

CM Punk teamed up with Sheamus against John Cena and Triple H. The match did not go for too long, with both Cena and Triple H hitting all their signature moves.

The finish came when Cena and Triple H simultaneously and Cena pinned Punk. The heels left the ring and Cena and Triple H celebrated for a few minutes before heading to the back.

Source: sescoops

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Monday, March 21, 2011


3/21/2011 in PITTSBURGH
John Cena interviewed via satellite
Having suffered a ferocious attack the week prior at the hands of WWE Champion The Miz, John Cena told the WWE Universe, via satellite, that he had opted to stay home to recover. When asked if he still underestimates his WrestleMania opponent, The Cenation Commander-in-Chief insisted he did not, and that his focus is squarely on Miz and not on the appearance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on next week's Raw

While WWE Champion The Miz was busy rewriting history, John Cena told the WWE Universe, he would be busy making it. He did not disappoint.

After The Miz was introduced by his new “Vice President of Corporate Communications,” Alex Riley, he went to great lengths to boast about his title reign. So self-absorbed became The Cleveland Screamer, in fact, that he unveiled a new WWE Championship with the title’s “W” permanently affixed in an upside down “M” position.

As Miz basked in his own self-grandeur, Cena chimed in on the TitanTron. He informed the man who had attacked him for weeks in a row that he’d been watching, he just hadn’t said where. Although The Cleveland Screamer was under the impression The Cenation Commander-in-Chief was at home, he was actually in the arena – and zeroing in fast.

The Awesome One and his lackey were confronted headlong by Cena, and the three crashed into the ring.

At one point, Riley helped free his boss, who quickly bolted from the ring. As the WWE Champion looked back, his “VP of Corporate Communications” suffered an especially merciless thumping from The Cenation Commander-in-Chief

Source: WWE.COM

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