Saturday, June 11, 2011

POWER 25: June 11, 2011

POWER 25: June 11, 2011
John Cena Remains at the #2 spot

"The Champ was screwed out of a tag team victory on Monday night after the anonymous Raw GM reversed the call of guest offical "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. With the decision reversed, Cena & Alex Riley were deemed the losers by disqualification."

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Friday, June 10, 2011

John Cena interviewed by Bright House Network's Rock Riley


WWE champion was interviewed by Bright House Network’s Rock Riley. Here are some highlights of what Cena said about:

Preparing For Life After Wrestling: “I have an extreme realist concept about me living this dream. I know that it’s entertainment and everything has an end point,” Cena said.

“Cena said he believes developments in this area have to do with the wrestling industry coming out of the dark ages decades behind advancements made by the NFL, MLB, and NBA in the area of protecting their players.

“Nowadays, we have talent given financial advisement, we have advisement on health care, they have to pass health exams, they’re drug tested. “You’re pointing talent in more of a direction to say, ‘Listen, this is the entertainment business. You have what you have while you’re in it and there will be an end point, so we’re preparing you for after that end point.’”

’s Retirement: “This is the decision – I know Adam very well and he lives wrestling and is one of the best – but, if this were 1980, he would still be wrestling,” Cena said.

“Now, he got the advice, he said this is not the way for me to go, and on the spot, said, ‘I’m retiring.’ It was a decision that came out of nowhere, but there were some health risks involved and it was, ‘Listen, do you want to keep doing this and never walk again or do you want to live a normal life?’

“The obvious decision with the help of the doctors and WWE is, ‘I’m going to retire.’ That’s an example of how far the talent has evolved.”

Being A Role Model For Kids: “It’s a PG program, so I know a lot of kids watch our programming and in a world where role models are fleeting… I know where I’m at. I know WWE looks at me to be that guy. I was a team leader in college. I know what responsibilities you assume when you become a leader.”



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Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Cena is Working Injured?

REPORTS say that WWE Champion is working through a number of physical ailments, including neck, hip and elbow problems. Despite what he’s going through, Cena rarely complains. - from Sescoops they said they got these details from Wrestling Observer Newsletter didn't announce these claims. Which they might not be major injuries just yet. CeNation wants John Cena to be okay and healthy!

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John Cena takes the COVER of WWE Magazine "The 2011 July Issue"

John Cena takes the COVER of WWE Magazine "The 2011 July Issue"

He is rocking the AMERICAN FLAG. We all know he very proud of his Country and The US Troops

Looks like the picture below

It’s a new month and that means a new WWE Magazine will be hitting shelves soon. WWE Heavyweight Champion: John Cena is on the cover and here’s what you can find on the inside!

  • Made in America! John Cena Risks It All For Championship Glory!
  • Bonus Inside: Out Most Incredible Photos Ever!
  • 50 Ways To Live Like A Superstar This Summer!
  • Future Finishers!
  • The Cenation Declares War on The Rock!
  • Randy Orton’s Staredown
  • Kelly Kelly’s Dinner Date
  • The Miz’s New ‘Do?

Plus much more!

Its out in STORES now go BUY it!

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John Cena on the Upcoming Album of T-Boz "Still Cool"

John Cena will be on one of the Tracks on the Upcoming album "Still Cool" by T-Boz from the Group TLC! It will be Released Fall of 2011
- Cena wrote his part on the track. We all know John Cena can Rap. He has Skills.

-The Track that Cena is on is Called "Never Replaced (Left Eye Tribute)" its FT T-Boz, John Cena and Nicki Minaj

-Then at the end of the Album John Cena was Part of the "Still Cool Outro" along with Michelle McCool, Nicki Minja and Andre 3000

Here are the List of Track on T-Boz Album (click the picture to view it bigger)

The people who are join with John Cena on T-Boz Album are: Michelle McCool, Yung Joc, Too $hort, Dr. Dre, Keri Hilson, Monica, Lil Kim, Trina, Miss Elliot, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, OutKast, Chris Brown, Drake, Big boi, Ludacris, Game, N.W.A, Snoop dogg, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, Nicki Minaj, Kayne West, Eminem, Kevin McCall and Andre 3000 ETC.

Its going to be pretty interesting hearing John Cena team up with Nicki Minaj on the Track with T-Boz!

If you want more Details about this Upcoming Album you can check out:

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWE Champion John Cena vs. R-Truth at Capitol Punishment

WWE Champion John Cena vs. R-Truth at Capitol Punishment

With fire in his eyes and disdain for the WWE Universe in his heart, the bitter and psychologically unbalanced R-Truth challenges his former friend John Cena for the WWE Championship at Capitol Punishment in Washington, D.C.

After earning a non-title victory over The Champ via count-out, Truth was awarded aWWE Championship bout with Cena under the condition that he apologize for his heinous actions on Raw, intimidating and dousing a Cenation member in the audience with a beverage. Although it pained him to do so, the delusional conspiracy theorist issued a reluctant apology to secure his title opportunity.

Truth – who announced his “secession” from the WWE Universe – has boldly asserted that his past affection for his fans distracted him from attaining championship glory in WWE, and that his fondness for entertaining the little “Jimmys” of the world has yielded him little success in the ring. Giving his fans “the boot” and accusing WWE of plotting a vast conspiracy against him, Truth has gone on to vent his many frustrations on the likes of John Morrison and Rey Mysterio, and is eager to use his aggression to elevate him to new heights in WWE with his first-ever WWE Title victory over The Cenation Commander-in-Chief.

Given Truth’s unhinged psyche as of late, it’s unsettling to think that the former rapping Superstar served as a trustworthy voice of reason for Cena during The Champ’s unwilling Nexus servitude under Wade Barrett in 2010. Were Truth’s words of encouragement genuine, or was the hip-hop hothead merely using the guise of friendship to get inside Cena’s head?

A former rapper himself – once known to the WWE Universe as The Doctor of Thuganomics – Cena’s longtime dedication to reciprocating his fans’ hustle, loyalty and respect in the ring and on the microphone has hardly served as a setback as it allegedly has Truth. In spite of his successful rap album and multiple feature films to his credit, The Champ hasn’t lost his focus, attaining 10 World Championships since his WWE debut in 2002. With that in mind, Cena will no doubt be looking to knock some sense and perspective into Truth’s head at the first-ever Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.

Will “The Truth” set John Cena free – of his title? Or will The Champ give the resentful Truth a much-needed Attitude Adjustment? To find out, tune in to Capitol Punishment, June 19 at 8/7 CT, only on pay-per-view.


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in RICHMOND, Va. - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will always be a bright, blazing Superstar in theWWE Universe. Not only did the WWE Hall of Famer kick off Raw by announcing the winner of WWE Tough Enough, he closed the show with a beer-soaked main event. Can he get a Hell Yeah?!

main event match arranged

After the stunning announcement, a slew of Superstars emerged to air their various grievances. Tops on the list? The delusional and disturbed R-Truth, who offered a bizarre apology for his actions the week prior. The act of contrition, such as it was, guaranteed Truth a WWE Title Match at Capitol Punishment. After his apology, Truth went on to espouse his far-fetched conspiracy theory that WWE is trying to hold him back. He then "seceded" from the WWE Universe.

Not one to share the spotlight , The Miz interrupted to complain that were it not for his former lackey, Alex Riley, he would still be WWE Champion. Unfortunately for him, A-Ry popped up, too, disputing Miz’s dubious version of events. Amid the chaos, WWE Champion John Cena dropped by to set it all straight.

The Champ berated his longtime rival Miz, congratulated Riley on his newfound independence and confronted his unbalanced Capitol Punishment opponent, Truth. Before the powder keg of frictions could ignite, Mr. McMahon arranged a main event match: Cena & Riley vs. Truth & Miz with “Stone Cold” acting as special guest referee.

R-Truth & The Miz def. WWE Champion John Cena & Alex Riley by Disqualification

Even when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin isn’t a direct participant in a match, his impact is undeniable. Acting as special guest referee during a match pitting WWE Champion John Cena & Alex Riley against R-Truth & The Miz, The Texas Rattlesnake wasn’t about to take any guff. He finished off the arrogant Miz like a six pack with a “Stone Cold” Stunner.

The Champ then followed up with an Attitude Adjustment on The Awesome One. As a result, Cena & Riley were pronounced the winners … momentarily.

Raw’s anonymous General Manager intervened, however, and overturned the special guest referee’s decision. “Stone Cold” could hardly believe when Michael Cole read the decision. Just as it appeared The Texas Rattlesnake might open up a can of whoop ass, the Raw GM tried to appease him, appointing him Special Guest General Manager for next week’s special three-hour WWE All Star Night.

“Stone Cold” seemed pleased, but that still didn’t save the weasel. The WWE Hall of Famer dragged Cole into the ring and leveled him with a Stunner. The Champ then followed up with a second Attitude Adjustment of his own, prompting he and The Texas Rattlesnake to toast a few beers and also leaving Cole flopped onto the canvas like a sack of wet laundry.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

John Cena Surpassed 7million Fans on FaceBook

John Cena is the 10th most followed athlete on FaceBook.
He surpassed 7 Million Fans on his FaceBook!
Congratulation Cena!
John Cena FaceBook page is:

source: facebook

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

POWER 25: June 4, 2011 John Cena Drops down to #2

POWER 25: June 4, 2011
John Cena Drops down to #2. Randy Orton makes #1 Rank.

"Thanks to a stunning non-title defeat by count-out to the crazed R-Truth, The Champ dropped to No. 2 in this week's illustrious list of WWE Superstars."


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FAN OF THE MONTH (June 2011)

FAN OF THE MONTH FOR June 2011 goes to Rima

Read on why she loves John Cena Below:
"I love John Cena because not only is he dedicated to his job and strives to do his best,he tries his hardest to keep the CeNation and WWE Universe proud for what he does.He's also a big part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation which makes me grateful to be a part of the CeNation John Cena is the HOTTEST gut in the world and the the haters can back off because there just jealous!I love John Cena! Twitter: @Cenalover34"

Her Cena collection
Congratulation Rima on getting Fan Of The Month! Keep supporting John Cena!

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