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VIDEO: John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX Press Conference

I got two videos for you to watch of John Cena speaking at WrestleMania 29 press conference in New york City.

John Cena speaks at WrestleMania XXIX
Watch Video Below:

John Cena takes interview quesitons
Watch Video Below:

source: youtube

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WWE WrestleMania XXIX press conference

WrestleMania XXIX press conference - MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.
In a historic press conference brimming with the excitement that only The Show of Shows can inspire, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a slew of WWE Superstars and other important dignitaries came together to officially announce the site of WrestleMania XXIX – MetLife Stadium, Sunday, April 7, 2013. And in the midst of the celebration, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a startling announcement.

“This is a great day for New Jersey," said Governor Christie. “Though WrestleMania has come to the state twice before, the world class venue that is MetLife Stadium will make it more different than ever before.”

“WrestleMania XXIX will be an extraordinary event, unlike anything you have ever seen,” explained WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, expounding on the vast history of The Showcase of the Immortals that began right across the river at The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden. “Quite simply, on April 7, 2013, WrestleMania comes home.”
Never one to be outdone, The Rock emerged to celebrate the monumental occasion like only he could, ultimately using the podium to make an extraordinary announcement of his own.

"My goal right now is to make WrestleMania XXVIII the greatest WrestleMania of all time," The Great One stated before breaking the news: "I will also come to WrestleMania XXIX, and I will electrify MetLife Stadium like never before."
Always eager to step up and support WWE in every way possible, The Rock's opponent, John Cena, also shared his thoughts on WrestleMania coming back to the great New York-New Jersey area.

"I can't think of a better way to follow up what we are billing as 'the biggest extravaganza in sports or entertainment history' on April 1 in Miami, than to come to MetLife Stadium," said the Cenation leader. “I’m glad you don’t have a roof on this building, because we sure would blow it off.”
Asked in a post-press conference interview about the possibility of inclement weather during that time of year in a northeast city, the 12-time World Champion indicated that, personally, he's hoping it snows. "That way, WrestleMania can have a Lambeau Field experience," Cena said with a smile.
The King of Kings, Triple H, was also on hand for the press conference. After praising present WWE Superstars for their involvement with the community – Sheamus for WWE's "be a STAR" anti-bullying campaign, Mark Henry for the WrestleMania Reading Challenge program and The Bella Twins for their tireless support of our Armed Forces – The Game presented honorary WWE Championship Titles to New York Jets owner & CEO Woody Johnson and John Mara, President and CEO of the Super Bowl Champion New York Football Giants.
A week-long celebration, WrestleMania has generated more than $200 million in cumulative economic impact for its past four host regions. Bringing WrestleMania to MetLife Stadium in 2013 is expected to generate more than $62 million in revenues for the New York City area and northern New Jersey suburbs.

“There is nothing quite like WrestleMania,” said George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Company, the official marketing and tourism organization of New York City. “We are very much looking forward to it.”

In addition to the unparalleled spectacular that is The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania Week will play host to a number of activities that will be shared between the New York-New Jersey area, including the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; WrestleMania Axxess, WWE’s interactive fan festival; Monday Night Raw; the finals of the WrestleMania Reading Challenge; a Make-A-Wish Pizza Party hosted by John Cena and many other events.
The Showcase of the Immortals will be televised in more than 100 countries and 30 languages. In 2011, a sold-out crowd of 71,617 fans from all 50 states and 30 countries converged on the Georgia Dome for WrestleMania XXVII. This year's WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday, April 1 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Fla., will feature the highly-anticipated showdown between John Cena and The Rock. Now, with the official announcement of WrestleMania XXIX coming to MetLife Stadium and the New York-New Jersey area, there is no telling what awaits the WWE Universe in the year to come


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WWE: Eve Talks About Kissing Cena

Eve Talks About Kissing Cena
Twitter may only be 140 characters, but Eve's one tweet after Raw spoke a thousand words.

@EveMarieTorres: I'm only human.

And this sentiment is exactly what the former Divas Champion wanted to stress to in her first phone interview after breaking Zack Ryder's heart on Raw Supershow and sending the WWEUniverse into a #PoorZack tizzy.

"There were lots of heads shaking near the locker room," Eve told "After what happened, I ducked out of the arena right away."

In case you missed the more "Notebook" than "Superman" moment, the diabolical Kane had kidnapped Eve and put her in an ambulance while John Cena, speaking to Josh Mathews heard the former Divas Champion's cries for help. As The Big Red Monster and Cena struggled, Eve was locked in the back of the ambulance as Kane started to drive away from the arena. With quick thinking, Eve jumped out of the moving ambulance and right into the Cenation leader's arms. And what was waiting? The kiss seen and heard all throughout the WWE Universe, especially by a wheelchair-bound Zack Ryder. Long Island Iced-Z's night only got worse, as The Big Red Machine pushed Ryder off the entrance ramp in his wheelchair to the cement below.

"I never intended for anything bad to happen to Zack," Eve explained. "How this turned out is not how I intended. I acted in the moment - we all make mistakes. I can't really say I'm sorry, but isn't it better to be honest than to lead Zack on?"

In theory, Eve's point makes sense. Honesty is always better in the long-run, right? But not according to the Zack Pack on Twitter. And, as you may have guessed, some are not suitable for publishing on

@Mikarito8 @EveMarieTorres so mean to Zack :(

@hussain_hashir @EveMarieTorres you let Zack Ryder down

@darren0411 I wonder what hurt more breaking @ZackRyder's back @EveMarieTorres breaking his heart or @JohnCena breaking his trust

"It's been a hard adjustment for me, reading my Twitter timeline," Eve admitted. "But, people need to realize that there's more than one side to people. I always try to put my best foot forward both inside and outside the ring. But I have emotions, and that goes for anyone - sometimes emotions just take over."


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WWE: Zack Ryder opens up about the betrayal

Zack Ryder opens up about the betrayal

The passionate kiss Eve and John Cena shared Monday night left the WWE Universe stunned. However, no one was more surprised by the pre-Valentine’s Day smooch than Zack Ryder. As the wheelchair-bound Long Island Iced-Z was gearing up to profess his love for Eve, he caught the Diva of his dreams locking lips with his best friend following Kane’s attempted kidnapping. To make matters worse, The Big Red Monster viciously tossed Ryder off the stage moments after the emotional Superstar slapped his former friend, Cena, at the explosive close of Raw SuperShow.

As the extent of Ryder’s injuries has yet to be determined, spent a few moments speaking with the ailing, heartbroken Superstar. Although The Long Island Iced-Z was quiet about his injuries, the lovelorn Ryder was vocal and emotional about the shocking kiss that occurred Monday night. How are you feeling after what happened between Eve and Cena?

ZACK RYDER: Are you serious? "How am I feeling"?! Someone who I thought was my Broski, one of my closest friends, gets with the woman I love! How do you think I’m feeling? Why are you blaming Cena? Eve kissed him, didn't she?

RYDER: Did you see him push her away? Because I didn’t. He’s a liar. He wanted it, too. Everyone wants her. She’s my girl. Do you think Cena would intentionally betray you?

RYDER: It seems that way, doesn’t it? You saw the show. I don’t go making out with my best friend’s girlfriend. Will you be rooting for Cena when he fights Kane in Sunday’s Ambulance Match at Elimination Chamber? (PREVIEW)

RYDER: At this point right now, I hope they beat the living hell out of each other. How are you feeling since Kane wheeled you off the stage Monday night?

RYDER: Are you serious?!

Ryder could not be reached for further comment. Even though the heartbroken Superstar will likely never forget what he witnessed, can he ever forgive Eve and Cena for the kiss which has left him sad, angry and humiliated? Will the hateful mastermind, Kane, continue to torture Cena and the people he cares about – including Ryder and Eve – until he embraces the hate? Watch what unfolds in Cena and Kane's Ambulance Match at Elimination Chamber this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 PT, live on pay-per-view.


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Monday, February 13, 2012

WWE: John Cena's acts of rage

John Cena's acts of rage

John Cena has been doing his best to keep his cool. In the face of Kane trying to force him to embrace the hate and The Rock constantly mocking him over social media as their WrestleMania XXVIII showdown quickly approaches, the leader of the Cenation has been remarkably calm.

Sometimes, though, such relentless insults and attacks have to overwhelm a Superstar with rage. Cena’s vicious assault on Kane a week ago on Raw SuperShow, when he sent The Big Red Monster reeling with the steel ring steps, showed that the former World Champion isn’t afraid to unleash animosity on the unlucky person who dares stand in his way.

Now Cena and Kane are scheduled to face each other in what is sure to be a brutal Ambulance Match at Elimination Chamber. It’s the first time in nearly a decade since WWE held its last such contest, one in which Kane emerged victorious. Furthermore, The Big Red Monster has been nigh-unstoppable since re-donning the mask and reappearing last December. However, if Cena’s past actions against literally some of his biggest rivals are any indicator of what is to come on Feb. 19, The Devil’s Favorite Demon is in for one tough night

As Elimination Chamber approaches, take a look back at the moments when John Cena unleashed a pent-up rage most never thought he possessed.

Raw, July 10, 2006
A Different Kind of Room Service
Without question, one of Cena’s biggest rivals has been The Rated-R Superstar, Edge. After brawling with the leader of the Cenation earlier that evening, The Ultimate Opportunist retreated to his hotel room with Lita to grab some champagne and celebrate his recent WWE Title victory. The two believed a knock at their door was room service. When Edge opened it, though, he found John Cena on the other side, abruptly ending the celebration.

Raw, Aug. 21, 2006
Edge Goes for a Swim
If there was one thing Edge did better than most, it was knowing how to press John Cena’s buttons. On this August night, Edge and Lita tossed the WWE Championship the leader of the Cenation created into the Long Island Sound, unveiling his own custom “Rated-R” title. Later, while Edge competed against Jeff Hardy, Cena cut the match short, battling Edge to the docks outside The Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Conn. Before long, the WWE Universe soaked in the moment as Edge ... well, he just soaked.

One Night Stand 2007
Slaying the Giant
John Cena has found himself across the ring from monsters of all shapes and sizes. One of the largest was The Great Khali, a Punjabi giant who could manhandle any Superstar at will. After a controversial WWE Title Match at Judgment Day, where Khali submitted to the STF, though the referee failed to notice his foot was under the rope, the monster earned a rematch. It took all of Cena’s fury to overcome his massive opponent at One Night Stand in a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match. Cena took the battle to a crane near the stage area and delivered a gargantuan Attitude Adjustment, sending Khali crashing to the arena floor.

Bragging Rights 2009
Cena’s Iron Will
John Cena and Randy Orton are two of the most decorated Superstars in WWE history. With 21 World Title reigns between the two warriors, the race to be considered the best is neck and neck. In October 2009, Cena and Orton met in a grueling, 60-minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship. The Viper had a 5-4 lead with less than 10 minutes left, leaving Cena desperate to even the score and capture the title. As the final seconds ticked away, the frustrated Cenation leader suddenly grabbed Orton and violently threw him through the announce table, leaving The Apex Predator in a heap of rubble.

Over The Limit 2010
Running in the Red
In this vicious “I Quit” Match, Batista threw virtually everything at John Cena, battering Cena all over. With Cena grounded on the stage of Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena, Batista took advantage of a nearby prop car, attempting to run over the Cenation leader. Cena avoided the vehicle and went into overdrive, however, furiously attacking The Animal. He grabbed his foe and climbed to the roof of the car. With the threat of an AA onto the stage, a startled Batista quickly screamed the two most embarrassing words a Superstar can utter. Not satisfied with just the win, though, Cena went ahead anyway, giving Batista a hellacious Attitude Adjustment off the car and through the stage.

Raw, Dec. 6, 2010
Cena Serves Nexus Dinner
Wade Barrett and The Nexus manipulated the firing of John Cena from WWE in late 2010, but that didn’t stop him from being a persistent thorn in their collective side. David Otunga, being interviewed via satellite from his hotel room, detailed the faction’s plans for the leader of the Cenation. Otunga put the questioning on hold to get his room service. Dissatisfied with the temperature of his burger, Otunga sent the bellhop away, only to hear another knock at his door. Cena popped in and laid out the Harvard Law grad and his Nexus cohorts, sending a clear message to Barrett.

WWE TLC 2010
Seating for One
John Cena was focused on settling the score with Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match in December 2010. After brutalizing his foe and picking up the victory with an Attitude Adjustment through a pile of chairs, the Cenation leader wanted closure for the months of torture at the hands of Barrett and his Nexus followers. Cena took the bare-knuckle brawler to the stage, where dozens of chairs hung from the arena ceiling. Barrett, trapped under a wooden cart, could do nothing as Cena yanked down on the chain of chairs, sending the cold steel tumbling down onto his foe. The brutal act ensured that Barrett would never forget the night he faced John Cena.


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in SAN DIEGO - Zack Ryder's night went from bad to worse on Raw SuperShow, as Long Island Iced-Z's crush, Eve, kissed his friend, John Cena, after Kane tried to kidnap her. Then, The Big Red Monster viciously tossed a wheelchair-bound Ryder off the stage, leaving him motionless on the ground before he had to be taken out of the arena on a stretcher by emergency medical professionals.

Eve kissed John Cena
Kane kidnapped Eve, taunting her and locking her in the back of an ambulance. John Cena ran to help, and she was freed before Kane could drive off with the former Divas Champion. Then Eve passionately kissed a stunned Cena, as a lovelorn Zack Ryder sadly witnessed.

Did John Cena embrace the hate?
John Cena came before the WWE Unvierse, denying any involvement with Eve, apologizing to his friend, Zack Ryder. After talking to the WWE Universe about his match against The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII and promising to defeat Kane in Sunday's Ambulance Match
Cena was confronted by Long Island Iced-Z with a slap! When Ryder tried to hit his former friend a second time, Cena blocked him, causing the injured Superstar to fall to the mat.
Then Kane appeared before a remorseful and frustrated Cena, congratulating him on embracing the hate by stealing his best friend's love. When Cena turned his back for a moment, Kane pushed a wheelchair-bound Ryder off the stage, leaving him to be stretchered out of the arena!
The extent of Ryder's injuries has yet to be determined, but has learned that he was rushed to a San Diego trauma center for observation.


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

VIDEO: John Cena thanks the 10 million followers of his Facebook Page

A special message from John Cena - WWE Universe to the Cenation - WWE on Facebook! John thanks the 10 million followers of his Facebook Page! He is the 7th most followed athlete in the world on Facebook

John Cena ONE and ONLY facebook:


-If you cannot see the Youtube video check out the video on his facebook:

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WWE COOKIES; John Cena "Cena-mon Swirls"


It's the time of the year that traditional Girl Scout Cookies fundraisers begin. And we at are suckers for a good box of Thin Mints or Samoas!

So in tribute to our favorite Girl Scout Cookie brands, we asked the WWE Universe on Twitter to post their ideas for cookie brands based on WWE Superstars, Divas and Hall of Famers, using the hashtag #WWECookies. picked the best submitted names, and our artists made your brands come to life ... at least, on our website. (Sorry, no plans to see these on store shelves.)

JOHN CENA made the box of "Cena-mon Swirls" Cookies


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VIDEO: From WWE’s Abu Dhabi Press Conference

A press conference Thursday to kick off WWE’s first-ever live event tour in Abu Dhabi “turned chaotic” when Kane attacked John Cena, according to Cena, however, put The Big Red Monster through a table in front of members of the media.



VIDEO #1: John Cena, CM Punk & R-Truth talk about wrestling’s global appeal:

VIDEO #2: Cena nails Kane with an Attitude Adjustment:

Source: sescoops, youtube,

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Rankings for Power 25: Feburary 11, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: Feburary 11, 2012

Last Weeks Rank: #5
This Weeks Rank: #5

"After being named the official starter for the Daytona 500, John Cena brawled with Kane during a press conference in Dubai. The Cenation leader gained the upper hand in the melee and put The Big Red Monster through a table."


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