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POWER 25: April 16, 2011 John Cena makes #2

POWER 25 April 16,2011, in conjunction with The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS), ranks the Top 25 Superstars in WWE each week with Power 25. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. Be sure to check back every Saturday for the latest Power 25. Here are the rankings for April 16.

John Cena Ranks the Top 25 in the #2 spot
John Cena battled R-Truth to a double disqualification in the Five-Man Gauntlet Match on Raw. Due to that finish, he will face Truth and The Miz in a Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules.
Source: WWE.COM

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

WWEshop: John Cena Persevere Authentic T-Shirt is OUT OF STOCK

WWEshop is Claiming all "John Cena Persevere T-shirts" are out of Stock On
The Mens, Womans and Youth T-shirts are sold out.
(there are Larger sizes still available which may cost more money)

The RED is a Hit to CeNation and the WWE Universe.

Dont Worry they are RESTOCKING soon. So you better BUY your Persevere Authentic T-shirt when they Re-Stock.

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John Cena goes hands-on with WWE All Stars

John Cena goes hands-on with WWE All Stars

A mainstay on the WWE video game scene for the better part of the last decade, John Cena appears alongside an elite assemblage of top Superstars and the Legends of yesteryear in THQ’s WWE All Stars, a title that allows the WWE Universe to create dream match-ups that never happened … until now. recently caught up with The Cenation Commander-in-Chief to talk about the exciting arcade-style action on display in the game, his own personal dream matches and the strategy he will employ in the WrestleMania XXVIII encounter the WWE Universe has been dreaming about: John Cena vs. The Rock. What were some of your first impressions when you sat down to play WWE All Stars?

JOHN CENA: To me, it was like the games I grew up really liking. I don’t want to say it’s a throwback, because the game is technologically as good as any other game. But it’s got the gameplay and the over-the-top moves that I like. It’s very pick-up-and-go.

WWE:com: WWE All Stars also gives the Cenation another way to beat up on The Miz in a video game …

CENA: [Laughs] And not only do so, but in such a mythical way that he can really take a pounding. You’ve been a staple in THQ’s WWE games dating back to 2003. What really makesWWE All Stars unique compared to other games you’ve appeared in?

CENA: It’s over-exaggerated. It takes everything about WWE that’s already larger than life and amplifies it. From the way the characters are presented to the atmosphere in which they’re presented to the maneuvers they can perform. And like I said, man, it’s fun to play. It’s got the guys that you see all the time, the Legends that you wish you saw, and moves that are just unimaginable. Speaking of Legends, one of the great things about this game is that you can create any number of dream matches between current Superstars and WWE Legends. One such match that has recently become a reality is John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. What will your strategy be at next year’s Show of Shows?

CENA: You know what? My strategy is the same with everybody. I’m known very much for my feats of strength and my ability to persevere. I think I totally would have an advantage on The Rock if we stepped into the ring tomorrow, just because he’s been gone for so long. There’s no substitute for experience, and that’s what makes a true champion a champion. When you’re not playing as yourself inWWE All Stars, who’s your go-to character?

CENA: I’m a Legends guy. I’m so happy that they got “Macho Man” [Randy Savage] in the game. I really like seeing him. I’m an Ultimate Warrior guy, and Hulk Hogan, obviously. I like to use the Legends, I guess only because I’m around all of the other guys all the time. On’s recent “List This!,” the No.1 fantasy match-up was you vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan in a Triple Threat Match. In the climax of that simulated WWE All Starsbout, you gave Hogan the Attitude Adjustment, Stone Cold gave you the Stunner and then he Stunned The Hulkster to pick up the victory. If that match were to happen in reality, how would the outcome be different?

CENA: I honestly can’t say it would be any different. If you’re asking me, I hate Triple Threat Matches. I hate any match that isn’t a traditional Tag Team Match or a traditional Singles Match, because anything can happen. It’s truly one of those deals where it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

If it was a singles match with me and Austin, or a singles match with me and Hogan or Hogan and Austin, that’d be a little more predictable. But any time you have a Triple Threat Match or a Six Pack Challenge or a Fatal 4-Way … man, do I hate those matches, because you can never get any sort of game plan together. Well, WWE All Stars pits you against Hogan one-on-one in its “Fantasy Warfare” mode. How do you think you would fare in that match?

CENA: If you do that now? I have all of the respect in the world for Hulk Hogan, but I truly feel that I’m in the best shape of my career and am the strongest I have ever been. I believe I can take on any obstacle. And that’s what’s great about WWE All Stars. You get Legends vs. current Superstars, and everyone’s in their prime. You’ve already been in the ring with Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels. If you could get in the ring with any other Legend in WWE All Stars, who would it be?

CENA: Andre the Giant. He was just one of those guys that had everyone’s utmost respect. To do that, you have to be the best. And not only the best for a short period of time; you have to be “the guy” for a long period of time. Everybody who knows Andre or even was a generation behind Andre speaks so highly of him, he’s certainly the guy I would want to be in the ring with if I had the chance. In the WWE locker room, who would you say is the gamer to beat?

CENA: There’s a few of them. Kofi [Kingston] is very good. Hornswoggle plays a lot. And do not sleep on the giant known as Big Show; he puts a lot of time in. Randy Orton just discovered the glory of gaming. He’s my “rookie of the year,” if I can say that. In your words, tell us why the WWE Universe – and the Cenation in particular – should be playing WWE All Stars.

CENA: For the fun of it. WWE All Stars is a game where you don’t even need to know what you’re doing and you can look like you know what you’re doing. If you just want to go and have a good experience with a game and move on to something else, that’s what makes it great.

If you are an experienced gamer, it still provides a challenge, because you can unlock so many new facets to the game and do so much more cool stuff. But if you just want to create some moments with WWE Legends vs. Superstars on the current roster, or just some WWE Legends, this is a great game to pick up and have fun with. And that’s the most important thing about it.

WWE All-Stars is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Wii consoles.


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

VIDEO: John Cena; Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 9

John Cena on Zack Ryder's Show Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 9
Your going to Laugh when you see John Cena's "Part"


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John Cena appeared in Z! True Long Island Story #7

John Cena appeared in Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 7
Cena was being interviewed about Zack Ryder.
John Cena comes on at 3:20 in the Video

Also Zack Ryder said John Cena will be in Episode #9 where he will have Cena on his show!
Stay Tune. We will have it posted as well.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VIDEO: John Cena visits WWE Tough Enough

This is what aired on WWE Tough Enough Monday, 4/11/2011
"The legendary John Cena stopped by to offer his advice, and the remaining contestants learned a lesson about courage — both inside and outside of the ring — before another potential superstar was sent home."


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VIDEO: John Cena Expresses His Feelings About Edge's Retirement

(4/11/2011) After RAW went off air John Cena Expresses His Feelings About Edge's Retirement:

Cena referred to him by his real name, Adam Copeland. Cena recalled Edge winning the WWE Championship from him in the Elimination Chamber and that people thought he would never amount to more than a tag team champion.

Cena mentioned that when Edge said he was leaving due to medical reasons, he wasn’t joking. Cena asked for one more send-off from the audience so Edge could hear them backstage.
Cena placed the microphone in the center of the ring and the crowd gave Edge a standing ovation. Both Cena and Orton left the ringside area to conclude the event.

Source: Youtube, WWE

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in BRIDGEPORT, Conn 4/11/2011

Five-Man Gauntlet Match arranged
There’s no shortage of ambition in WWE. When John Cena expressed interest in battling WWE Champion The Miz again for another opportunity at the title, four other Superstars quickly joined the chorus, including Randy Orton, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth.

Each man made their case for a title opportunity, until the anonymous Raw General Manager intervened. The GM debuted a new concept, a Five-Man Gauntlet Match, initially pitting two randomly selected Superstars and allowing the winner to continue on to face the next random opponent. The Superstar who can go the distance would become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship and will face The Miz at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view

Five-Man Gauntlet Match ended with R-Truth and John Cena in a Double Disqualification; Extreme Rules match arranged

Five Superstars. One opportunity. The math added up to one grueling Five-Man Gauntlet Match as John Cena, R-Truth, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton battled for the opportunity to compete against WWEChampion The Miz at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

First up in the random selection, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler squared off. During their match, members of The New Nexus, sans CM Punk, distracted The Viper long enough for Ziggler to wrap up a pin. Afterward, the men who had each been punted in the skull by Orton, lashed his beaten frame with a vengeful ferocity.

Entering next, R-Truth showed the bleach blond bomber what was up by eliminating him in fourth place. Truth’s former tag team partner, John Morrison, then jumped into the action. Leveraging his familiarity with The Shaman of Sexy, the rapping Superstar overcame the athletic assault.

Finally, it was John Cena’s turn. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief set aside his friendship with Truth and assailed him with a barrage of heavy hits. To his credit, though, Truth held steady, unwilling to relinquish the golden opportunity before him. As the two traded blows, however, they were attacked by WWE Champion The Miz and his lackey, Alex Riley, leading to a double disqualification.

WWE Champion TheMiz fancies himself an intellectual force with which to be reckoned. Unfortunately for him, his plan to avoid a title match at Extreme Rules proved too clever by half – and cost him twice as much.
Source: WWE.COM
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VIDEO: John Cena - WWE Tough Enough

John Cena Stopped by WWE Tough Enough:

John Cena-WWE Tough Enough: "John Cena talks about his role as a guest on Tough Enough."

*Click the highlighted part to watch the Video*

-That video was behind the scenes of WWE Tough Enough

Source: USA Network

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Monday, April 11, 2011

WWE wants to know if you are Team CeNation

This is for all FACEBOOK USERS!

Are you Team CeNation? If so "Like" this FaceBook page for John Cena:

Please tell all other CeNation Fans if they got a FaceBook to "Like" it.

WWE is is asking all CeNation to "Like" the Team CeNation FaceBook for WrestleMania 28 of - CENA vs ROCK -

They do have Team Bring It FaceBook page for the Rock as well:

But as you know we all about JOHN CENA and CeNation on TheJohnCenaBlog

so hurry up choose which side your on for WM28!
The Rock Or John Cena

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WWE Unhappy With WM27 Booking (Cena-Miz)

WWE Unhappy With WM27 Booking (Cena-Miz) READ STORY:

27 is in the books and the overall feeling we’ve been hearing is that the show had the “big time” feeling, but the booking of several of the top matches was executed poorly.

We reported shortly before and in the days following WrestleMania that Vince McMahonwas said to be “frantic” backtage and several aspects of the show were re-written just hours before it went on the air.

WWE has been examining the broad from top to bottom in hopes of and taking a look at what could have been done better – and two matches in particular are standing out – vs. main event and the vs. special attraction match.

Many think that the double countout finish of the WWE title match was a disaster and not a satisfying finish for the main event of WrestleMania, despite the fact that the entire thing was approved by Vince McMahon the day of the show.

There is also some heat on WWE agent Dean Malenko for the way he laid out the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler match. While this one seemed like a no-brainer to book, anybody who saw the match would agree that Michael Cole’s was given way too much offense, which killed the energy of the live crowd.

source: sescoops

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trish Stratus mentions John Cena

Trish Stratus mentions John Cena in her interview on Busted Open satellite show this is what she said:

On John Cena’s persona, and could she teach him how to wrestle?

“Yeah because he has no idea right? I mean if he could only learn how to wrestle he’d really learn how to come along in this business. So you would like to have his character developed further. You would like to get to know him a little bit more? Maybe that’s all he’s got. What can I say?”


*I think Trish was being sarcastic as in joking about that question about Cena*

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Make-A-Wish Foundation honors John Cena for his 200th wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation honors John Cena for his 200th wish

John Cena was honored by Make-A-Wish Foundation for granting his milestone 200th wish, an achievement six years in the making.

The Wish Ambassador was lauded by David Williams, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America president and chief executive officer, in front of the 29 Wish children and their families in attendance at the annual Make-A-Wish Foundation WrestleMania Week pizza party at the Georgia Aquarium.

“We were trying to figure out what we could do to say thank you. Because it’s not just the fact that he’s granted 200 wishes, it’s because he does such a great job and he cares so much about you and about other kids and other families like yours,” Williams said.

"So what we want to do is give a small token of appreciation, and we thought, when would be the best time to do that? We thought the best audience to give the award to John would be you. So let’s thank John for being a wish granter who has granted more than 200 wishes!”

Williams presented Cena with an award honoring his tireless and dedicated service to Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Wish Ambassador joins NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a celebrity wish granter fulfilling 200 wishes.

“This is an event we’ve been doing for a few years now. It truly lets me know that WrestleMania is right around the corner. This is truly an event that I take a lot of pride in,” Cena explained.

“I love seeing all of you guys here. I am so glad that everybody made it. I hope that this weekend is as much fun for you as it is for me. I really just want to thank you so much for sharing it with me,” he told the smiling wish kids and their families.

John Cena granted his milestone 200th wish last December when he met 9-year-old Shayan on CBS’ The Talk and invited him to attend Monday Night Raw. Since then, Cena’s wish count continues to grow.

At the pizza party, Cena presented each child or teen from Make-A-Wish Foundation with a personalized and framed WWE Circle of Champions certificate. He posed for photos with each child, as proud family members snapped away at their digital cameras and phones and the crowd cheered for each honoree.

He also reminded the Make-A-Wish Foundation guests that WrestleMania weekend isn’t just a special time for the Superstars and Divas, but for the entire WWE Universe.

“Keep in mind, this weekend, although it is produced by WWE, this weekend is for you guys. It’s for all of you,” he said.

“Last night I had a chance to walk through the Georgia Dome when it was absolutely empty and it looks spectacular. I mean, you guys are going to have fun here today, but you are in for something truly, truly special tomorrow at WrestleMania,” he revealed.

Since 2004, the WWE Superstar has granted wishes week after week at Monday Night Raw and WWE pay-per-views, such as WrestleMania. He’s also joined forces with several organizations – such as Cold Stone Creamery, 7-Eleven, GameStop and T.G.I. Friday’s – to grant special wishes at locations other than arenas, scooping ice cream, playing video games or creating special meals with Wish kids. In 2009, Cena received the Foundation's Chris Greicius Celebrity Award for his dedication to granting wishes. He was named a Wish Ambassador in 2009.

“I certainly enjoy giving every second I can to Make-A-Wish Foundation. I am so thankful you could enjoy this weekend with me,” he said.

Throughout the past 25 years, WWE has granted more than 3,500 wishes (and counting) with Make-A-Wish Foundation, putting smiles on the faces of Wish children and their families. As a token of WWE’s appreciation for Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cena also presented Williams with a replica WWE Championship.

“This is our version of a trophy,” Cena told Williams. “I’m hopefully going to have one tomorrow. I figure you can take this one now, and I’ll win the real one tomorrow from The Miz.”


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JR mentions The Rock VS John Cena at WM28

JR. takes to his blog and writes this!

The Rock vs. John Cena at WM28:

"No...I do not think that @TheRock vs. @JohnCena should happen before Wrestlemania 28. Let's put that matter to bed. It isn't going to happen before WM28 in Miami. As comedian Ron White would say, "Let it go."

"Love how many crystal ball possessing, wrestling creative valedictorians already know that the long range plan for Rock-Cena isn't a good idea. For you that have this all figured out, can you also provide me some lead pipe cinch, stock tips or the National Champion of College Football winner for the upcoming season?"


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