Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Official!! Juan Cena to WWE

John Cena Confirms That His "Cousin" Juan Cena Is Coming To WWE

John Cena posted the following on his Twitter account, confirming that his “cousin” Juan Cena will be debuting with WWE: “Just received western union tellagram via carrier pigieon from mexican cousin Juan, Apparently he just got hired by WWE…And would like me to watch his first match tonight in salisbury md, I’ll be there.”

As noted before, John’s “cousin” Juan is Cena’s new gimmick in order to keep Cena on WWE television. The plan is for Juan to debut this Monday during the three-hour King of the Ring edition of RAW in a backstage segment that will also feature Wade Barrett. Juan will annoy Wade until his “cousin” John is reinstated into WWE.


WWE rips off Hulk Hogan for John Cena

It's official. WWE is recycling (or ripping off) one of Hulk Hogan's gimmicks in a bygone era to help John Cena return to WWE television programming despite being "fired" by Nexus leader Wade Barrett.

Nearly a decade ago, Hulk Hogan had a run in the WWE as the masked Mr. America. The persona was Hulk Hogan in disguise, wearing a mask. "Mr. America" used Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme music and all of Hogan's signature moves and phrases. He was the subject of a storyline that took place after Hulk Hogan was forced by Vince McMahon to sit out the rest of his contract.

Now consider the following:

WWE is now confirming that John Cena's "cousin," who just happens to be a Mexican wrestler, will be performing inside a WWE ring in just days.

Meet "Juan Cena," John Cena's cousin (aka John Cena dressed up as Juan Cena in order to continue performing in WWE during the current termination storyline).

Cena - Juan Cena, that is - is now being advertised in triple threat matches with WWE Champion The Miz and Wade Barrett in early December.

Juan Cena may debut on WWE Raw as early as this coming Monday.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

John Cena Can sing now?

Lol, ya'll are going to Enjoy this video he isnt that bad as a singer huh?
This is also in his "The John Cena Experience" DVD

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


John Cena was forced to leave WWE after awarding Randy Orton the win in the main event of Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Cena said a tearful goodbye to the WWE Universe the following night on RAW, but Cena fans shouldn’t worry – as it appears Cena will be back on WWE television very soon.

WWE returns to Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 26th, the night after Christmas. The main event of that show is being advertised as new WWE Champion The Miz defending the gold in a Fatal Four Way match against Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, and …“JUAN CENA (JOHN CENA’s MEXICAN COUSIN)”

Juan Cena is booked for triple threat matches against WWE Champion The Miz and Wade Barrett at WWE’s RAW live events on 12/4 (Las Vegas) and 12/5 (Ontario, California).


WWE Worried over Ratings

Wrestling News Source was quoted as saying, "The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE are concerned that RAW ratings will bomb if John Cena is kept off television for a substantial period during his "fired" storyline. To combat this WWE have decided to keep using John Cena but utilize him as Cena's Mexican cousin 'Juan Cena' and make him wrestle under a mask until he is granted a return."

This undoubtedly confirms the notion that the WWE is too reliant on Cena. Fan reaction to Cena's "firing" have been sordid with generic statements like, "Since Cena is gone, I'm not watching RAW until he comes back."

The WWE should probably focus on appealing to a newer demographic, rather than appealing to children, who are considerably biased. Ratings may just as well be bad, even with "Juan Cena" in the picture.

The entire concept of the storyline is just bad, and it is doubtful the WWE will a find a rational way to fix this. Cena's leaving was seemingly a waste of time. That farewell promo he cut was essentially all for nothing and deplorably misleading. The WWE may see even more rapid decline with this storyline.


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John Cena Figure Focus


Juan Cena Update

Juan Cena is booked for triple threat matches against WWE Champion The Miz and Wade Barrett at WWE's RAW live event on December 4th in Las Vegas and on December 5th in Ontario, California.



Among those hugged by John Cena following the result of the WWE Championship Match at the Survivor Series was Michael Cole, which appears peculiar given the Raw announcer’s heelish persona. The two are close behind the scenes and was done to add realism to the storyline of Cena being fired from WWE.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WWE Is Introducing "Juan Cena"

Why WWE is introducing "Juan Cena" plans for the gimmick!

WWE spoiled their own plans to debut “Juan Cena”, a new gimmick for John Cena via updated house show line-ups they sent out yesterday. “Juan”, who is being billed as “John Cena’s Mexican Cousin” is likely going to debut this coming Monday on the three-hour edition of RAW featuring the return of the King of the Ring tournament from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The idea as of right now, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that Cena will be wrestling under a mask and continuing his feud with Wade Barrett, annoying him to the point where Barrett insists that “John” is reinstated into the company. The said reason as to why WWE will introduce the “Juan” character is because they fear ratings would tank without Cena on television.

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Happy Birthday to Cena's Mother!

The John Cena Blog and the whole CeNation would like to say Happy Birthday to John Cena's Mother "Carol"
I bet this is the best Birthday she had in along time, Cena finally with her!
Wishing her the best Birthday ever!
(thats a picture of her on the right)

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John Cena featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam magazine

Below is a preview of the latest issue of Power Slam Magazine that featured John Cena:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


John Cena’s RAW Promo: “John Cena arguably delivered his best ever promo Monday night on Raw as it felt naturally organic and truly reality based. The buzz on Cena’s ‘firing’ by Wade Barrett is a hot topic on this site and one that will likely be addressed in more detail next Monday on Raw on yet another three hour special on the USA Network.”



Despite the fact that John Cena was forced to leave WWE after Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, it appears the former WWE champ isn’t going anywhere.

Cena just announced on Twitter that he will be at next week’s WWE RAW:

“Last night was tough. I am glad its over. On way to see niece. And moms bday tomorrow. Sorry i ran back in ring but i told Mr barrett that if he keeps taking short cuts it will come back to haunt him. Just got tix for raw in philly”

The WWE website is also promoting him for next week.

It’s worth noting that as per WWE storylines, Cena’s Superstar Profile has been removed from the RAW section and moved to WWE Alumni.


John Cena’s WWE Future Revealed

- The booking sheets for next week’s three-hour RAW have a “Juan Cena” listed on them.

It sounds like either WWE is planning on mocking Cena with some kind of segment next week or Cena will be returning under a gimmicked name as part of the storyline, maybe under a mask or something.

Updated with more information on John Cena's current storyline:

- WWE has updated future live events and changed John Cena’s name to “Juan Cena.” Obviously this will play a part in Cena’s current storyline.

As noted before, “Juan Cena” is being advertised for upcoming RAW events. Juan is being billed as John Cena’s Mexican cousin.


John Cena Now A WWE Alum, Update On His Future

John Cena's
profile on the official WWE website has been moved to the Alumni section. This is obviously to go along with the "fired" storyline.

As for Cena's future everyone is being extremely quiet where the angle is going from here. He is not leaving the company.



The term “John Cena fired” was the fifth most searched for term on last night, with “Survivor Series” placing in thirteenth.



Speaking of John Cena, his wife Elizabeth was seated in the front row at last night’s Raw in Orlando, Florida.



If John Cena has been "fired" from WWE, we're not going to notice.

The storyline is about to be blown out of the water, possibly as early as tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast.

Initially it was believed that the Cena's angle would result in the former WWE champ taking some time off and possibly filming another movie while the storyline of Cena getting "fired" could become cemented and appear legitimate.

No such plans are still in the cards.

As the WWE continues struggling to maintain star power, WWE officials simply cannot afford to add John Cena's name to the list of recently injured or retired superstars like the Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels.

John Cena will likely be given a "one more chance" type of match against Wade Barrett, possibly tonight if not at the next WWE pay-per-view.

So John Cena fans everywhere can relax.

Cena isn't really going anywhere.
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CeNation we will see what will happen & play out on RAW/PPV
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Monday, November 22, 2010




John Cena addressed the WWE Universe

Hard to believe it’s over. After nine years, John Cena bid the WWE Universe a heartfelt farewell. The Legendary star insisted he has no regrets for calling the WWE Title Match down the middle at Survivor Series, costing him his career. As the audience showered adulation on one of the ring’s greatest, Cena saluted from the stage for the last time. In the locker room area, the Superstar navigated a host of colleagues there to pay their respects, including Randy Orton. And as Cena exited the arena, Wade Barrett taunted him with a You-Can’t-See-Me wave of his hand.

Wade Barrett def. WWE Champion Randy Orton

Wade Barrett couldn’t possibly have thought he’d seen the last of John Cena, could he? Earlier in the evening, the Englishman waved tah-tah to the man he was responsible for having fired from WWE and prepared for his title match against WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Taking out an insurance policy, perhaps, Barrett had The Nexus ambush The Viper as he approached the ring. During their rematch, a battered Orton and the Englishman circled one another cautiously, treading carefully after the attack and the chaos of their match at Survivor Series. During the contest, Cena surprised both men, cutting through the crowd toward the ring. Upon spotting him, Barrett charged the ropes, but his nemesis already had him toppling over with an Attitude Adjustment. This allowed Orton to RKO Barrett and pin him to retain his title – for the moment.

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More Details about MVP & Cena recording Together!

His Hip Hop Career & Recording Songs With R-Truth and John Cena:

  • “There is a project that I’m working on. I had a track that was produced by myself and one of my partners. John Cena came by my house. I have a studio in my house. I put a verse on it. He put a verse on it, and it sounded real good.
  • Then I came up with an idea to add R-Truth to it and make it a WWE single with three guys on the roster that perform their own entrance music and can actually rap. The office has been real receptive to it, and it’s something that will eventually get done. It’s a matter of scheduling. I’d say the near future on that one. I finally got my theme song out; so that’s going. I have a bunch of other stuff that I’m working on. It’s just having the schedule to have the time to get into the studio.”

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

WWE PPV Survivor Series RESULTS

WWE PPV Survivor Series 2010 RESULTS

John Cena was backstage and R-Truth came up to him and Cena Stop him and told him to stay out of his business! Whatever happens, Happens I'm calling it in the middle. Rather if i'm Fired or NOT. R-Truth said to Cena Anything can happen to Randy... just think about that!

Randy Orton backstage.... saying he Tired of hearing about John Cena he did it to himself! All i'm thinking about is Wade and taking the ChampionShip. Cena knows what i will do to him if i Dont win I dont care about Cena. Its NOT about Cena being Free or Fired its about WADE BARRETT tonihgt a RKO or kick to the skull

John Cena backstage again but Wade tells him he needs to the right thing.. so he can be free from the Nexus forever! But if you do the other thing you will regert it. Tonight whatever happens when the time is right, i know exactly what i'm doing!

WADE VS ORTON Match...... is John Cena Fired or Free from The NEXUS
Cena is the Specially Refree in this match.

Cena hold up the ChampionShip belt. The Match begins Orton is in control. Cena askes Orton to back off Wade before he forcefully he had to pull orton off Wade. Wade takes control puts a big boot towards Orton. its back and forth now. Wade had the cover over orton but orton taps out in 2. Randy Orton is setting up WADE. Wade was hanging from the Top rope. Orton gives Wade a backbreaker. Orton about to strike with a RKO but Wade falls out the ring Orton picks Wade back up in the ring Wade kicks orton in the temple. Wade pushes Cena Cena pushes back then Randy picks up the win.


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John Cena Thanks his FANS!

John Cena Tweets his Fans on Twitter saying this....
  • "CeNation. Thank you for the support. I will call match down the middle. Who ever wins will earn it. And if tomorrow is my last day. So be it. At least i will be able to live with myself. I think match will be very good either way. Thank you for all the feedback on the john cena experience. I really enjoyed being involved with it. If u haven't seen it. Check it out"
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