Saturday, February 25, 2012

PICTURES: John Cena visits the Betty Jane France Center for Pediatrics

John Cena visits the Betty Jane France Center for Pediatrics


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: February 25, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: February 25, 2012
Last Weeks Rank: #4
This Weeks Rank: #5
"John Cena emerged victorious at Elimination Chamber, vanquishing Kane in a brutal Ambulance Match on Sunday. Cena can now focus completely on The Rock, who he'll confront ahead of their WrestleMania showdown when The Great One appears on Raw Monday night."


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

John Cena wins "Here to Rumble" Award at Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards

John Cena wins "Here to Rumble" Award at Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards

For the first time, the WWE Universe got to decide its favorite Superstar entrance for Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect won out.

John Cena took home the first-ever "Here to Rumble" Award for Best Superstar entrance at the second annual Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards on Feb. 20. The Cenation leader's signature charge down the entrance ramp beat out the three other nominees: Kofi Kingston’s freewheeling pyro-fest, The Miz’s defiant strut, and The Undertaker’s demonic lurch.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VIDEO: John Cena and Carl Edwards discuss Daytona 500

John Cena and Carl Edwards discuss the honor of waving the green flag at the Daytona 500

Watch Video Below:

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Monday, February 20, 2012


2/20/2012 in MINNEAPOLIS, Minn
Eve admitted to using Zack Ryder and said she’d do the same to John Cena
At the start of Raw SuperShow, Eve stunned the entire WWE Universe by calling Zack Ryder an idiot and admitting to The Bella Twins that she used him. And in another shocking confession, Eve said she plans to use John Cena just like she did Ryder by getting the jump on apologizing to him first. But, just as she was about to enact her plan, Cena appeared directly behind he

A tearful Eve begged for John Cena’s forgiveness
After saying her words were taken out of context, Eve tried her best to explain her actions to John Cena. But as she kept backpedaling, Cena pummeled her with his stinging words.
Calling her disingenuous and more harsh names, Cena said she and The Rock are perfect for each other. As the WWE Universe got behind Cena’s taunting, Eve fell to her knees and cried.
Then as she did her best to plant another kiss on Cena, he avoided her clutches, threw one more insult at her and rushed out of the ring, leaving her in tears.

John Cena vowed to beat The Rock at WrestleMania
With Rock coming to Raw SuperShow next week, John Cena had harsh words for The Rock, saying he’s no longer The People’s Champion, but he’s a champion with people, referring to the entourage around him. After strongly criticizing Rock for returning, but not sticking around WWE, Cena vowed to beat The Rock in his hometown of Miami on April 1.

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VIDEO: How much of the WWE Superstars knows about pop culture?

Coaster Boy Josh Interviewed John Cena, Triple H and Sheamus at WrestleMania 29 Press Conference.
He ask them questions about the Pop Culture.

Watch Video Below:

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On the Road to WrestleMania 28 Miami with John Cena at Daytona 500

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards gave one sound piece of advice to his friend, WWE superstar John Cena.

“I told him, ‘Do not drop the flag on the field of cars as they’re going under you.’ Other than that he can not screw up,” said Edwards.

Cena will wave the green flag as Honorary Starter of the 54th Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday, Feb. 26 at the historic Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla.

“I’m telling you. I’m so excited,” Cena said. “I’ve been using a weighted flag. My training has been going great. I’m ready for Daytona.”

Cena was invited to participate by Edwards on a recent WWE Monday Night Raw (9 p.m. EST USA Network).

“The biggest thing is we don’t want him to get too excited up there, or he’ll break something,” said Edwards, one of NASCAR’s top drivers. “He’s kind of like a bull in a China cabinet when he’s around race cars.”

Cena met Edwards in 2007 during the “Fast Cars & Superstars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race,” an ABC reality television series featuring 12 celebrities in a stock car auto racing competition.

“It was from the Celebrity Driving Challenge with Gillette that we became friends,” Cena said. “I have to thank the folks at Gillette for introducing us. It was totally by chance. I knew very little about NASCAR. I grew up with a little bit of the history of NASCAR just because I’ve been a car enthusiast.”

Cena boasts an extensive collection of classic and muscle cars.

“When I met Carl and actually got to drive some of the cars and really get into what it takes to be behind the wheel, I got a newfound admiration for the sport,” Cena said. “Not only that but for a class act guy like Carl, he’s a great guy, and we shared a lot of things in common, so we hit it off immediately.”

In the Celebrity Driving Challenge, Cena finished third, behind rodeo champ Ty Murray and NFL great John Elway.

“I think it came down to bodyweight. They had our cars governed at 155 to 167. That was the top speed anybody could go,” Cena said. “If you look at Ty, he’s certainly a tough SOB, but he weighed less than me. So when it came down to it, I was carrying more weight in the car, and I think that gave him the edge.

“[Third] was really good for me. I was definitely surprised at how I did. That’s a tribute to Carl. He was a great coach. As exciting as it was, he just told me to relax and find the line and don’t be afraid to run it. The car was amazing. It’s not like going into your local Ford dealer and test driving one. That Ford was built to go around that track at up to 200 miles an hour. So at 165, we were pretty much fine.”

There pose some differences among friends.

“He’s into fast,” Cena said. “I’m more into looking at the classic cars and not driving them, and he’s the other way around. If he sees something with a motor, he wants to get in it and run it.”

Would Cena sponsor a NASCAR?

“I see my face getting wrecked enough in the ring,” he said. “I don’t know if I can see my face getting wrecked on the wall, if something bad were to happen.”

Following the Daytona 500, Cena’s next big event is WWE WrestleMania 28 on April 1 where he will battle The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports & Entertainment, Dwayne The Rock Johnson at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Does Cena own better, faster cars than The Rock?

“Yes,” Cena said. “I’m sure Rocky can buy whatever he wants, but as an enthusiast I have a few 200 mile per hour cars locked up in safe keeping.”

NASCAR’s version of Cena vs. Rock occurred last season when Edwards and Tony Stewart battled for the series championship. That enabled Cena a turn at offering some advice.

“I actually helped Carl out because I know toward the end of the [NASCAR] season Ole Smoke [Stewart] was talking a little bit about Carl, and Carl was trying to be a gentleman and really not respond,” Cena said.

Cena and Edwards vs. Rock and Stewart?

“I know Carl was doing what was politically correct, but if me and Carl team up and Smoke and Rock start talking some trash, I’ll definitely pull some debts out to all that.”

Stewart edged Edwards for the top spot after the final race, ironically in South Florida t Homestead-Miami Speedway.

“It was actually fun to watch,” Cena said. “It was like looking at myself in the mirror. Carl’s always a high road guy, and Smoke’s just trying to stir everybody up like he always does. I was impressed with the way Carl handled the final media week before the final race. It was kind of like the Tony Stewart of old. That’s really why I came to like Tony as well. He’d run his mouth, but he’d back it up, and there’s something to be said for that.

“Believe it or not, it’s just like my opponent on April 1 [at WrestleMania 28 in Miami Gardens]. I don’t see eye to eye with Dwayne Johnson, but he can run his mouth, and he can also back it up.”

Cena can back up his auto talk.

“I’m a big auto enthusiast,” he said. “I have a Toyota Superbird and a Dodge Daytona. So I know what that speedway is about. I know the history of it. I know the manufacturers need to build specific cars in order to perform on specific tracks. Daytona being one of them. Talladega being another.”

The Daytona 500 will be the first race he will start.

“I am so honored to be able to start this great race. It really is one,” Cena said. “To me, not only being a car enthusiast but to now really being into NASCAR as well, it’s something I really can’t believe is happening, and I won’t get the full effect until I’m up there for the second lap and they come by at about 190 miles an hour.”

Edwards invited Cena to races, WWE schedule permitting.

“I’ve been to a few. I’ve been to Charlotte a few times, and I went to Atlanta when Carl won. That was really, really cool. I actually got to see him win a race,” Cena said. “I’ve only been to a minimal amount of races. This time in Daytona I have the whole weekend off. So I’m not just there to start the race. I’ll get to the pre-race and cause some trouble, of course, and I’ll see the entire race. So I’m excited about it.”

People from different worlds make interesting friends.

“It was weird. I didn’t have much to do with NASCAR. He didn’t have much to do with WWE, but we hit it off,” Cena said. “I started watching racing. He started watching WWE. I guess the rest is history. We’ve had him on [WWE TV] three times. He was fantastic all three times. He did a backflip off the top turnbuckle and landed it with gymnast like precision. He’s more agile than I am.”

WWE’s interest in NASCAR is evident.

“I know a few [WWE] guys are into it,” Cena said. “I can’t necessarily say some money has exchanged hands [among WWE personnel] because that would be wrong, but some points go back and forth every weekend when the [NASCAR] guys race because we have a few eyes that watch very closely on the weekend.

“I’d say about 60 percent of our crew — from superstars to techs to everybody — are into NASCAR. When I tell you as a group we all watch on weekends, we all watch on weekends.”

They’ll be watching NASCAR on Feb. 26, some from the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon. Wonder if any points will be won in that WWE locker-room if Cena drops the flag?


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VIDEO: Take a look inside John Cena's Hard Nock's Gym

Take a look inside John Cena's Hard Nock's Gym
Watch Video Below:

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

WWE Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber 2012 Results

WWE Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber Results
John Cena Def. Kane in the ambulance match!

MILWAUKEE – Kane walked into Milwaukee's Bradley Center under his own power, but he left in an ambulance. After spending months rejecting The Big Red Monster’s campaign of hate – an ominous overture that ensnared John Cena allies Zack Ryder and Eve – the leader of the Cenation tapped into his dark side and brutalized The Devil’s Favorite Demon, besting him in a barbaric Ambulance Match Main Event.

Chairs, ring steps, a table and a wheelchair were all weaponized during the wild fray, which traversed through the arena. In the end, it was a devastating Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance onto a platform many feet below that immobilized Kane long enough for Cena to capture the victory.
Pinfalls and submissions, as well as count-outs and disqualifications, were all out the window Sunday night – the first time in nearly a decade that the WWE Universe bore witness to an Ambulance Match. According to the hellacious affair’s stipulations, the only way to attain victory is by incapacitating the opponent long enough to throw him into the back of an awaiting ambulance and shut the door.

Despite Cena’s vows to “rise above,” Kane’s quest to get Cena to embrace the hate proved effective – albeit to The Big Red Monster’s misfortune – as the Cenation leader unleashed a rarely seen mean streak in defeating the hatemonger.

The bout began at a furious pace, with the two heavyweights immediately taking to the floor and slamming one another into ring barriers. After using his gloved hand to smother Cena, Kane retrieved a wheelchair from beneath the ring and tried to bring Cena’s limp body back to the ambulance. However, the Cenation leader regained his senses midway down the aisle and mustered a comeback.

The two Superstars fought their way through the WWE Universe before returning to ringside, where Cena appeared to find delight in punishing Kane with the steel ring steps. As he attempted to give Kane an Attitude Adjustment off the ring steps through the announce table, The Big Red Monster countered, and thunderously chokeslammed Cena through the table instead.

With Cena seemingly down for the count, Kane placed the righteous Cenation leader onto a gurney and loaded him into the ambulance. Before Kane could shut the door, though, Cena courageously fought his way out of the ambulance and took the fight to the top of the vehicle, where he finally finished off The Big Red Monster with the biggest Attitude Adjustment of all time.

The victory caps off an emotional week for the Cenation leader. After saving Eve from Kane on the Feb. 13, edition of Raw SuperShow, Cena locked lips with Eve, breaking the heart of the wheelchair-bound Ryder and prompting outrage from much of the WWE Universe. With Kane seemingly behind him, Cena now sets his sights on The Rock, his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent.

With the Cenation leader having finally made good on his promise to overcome Kane, what’s next for The Big Red Monster? After a lengthy disappearance from WWE last year, Kane “resurrected” in December to unearth his campaign of hate. Each time he’s been dealt a significant setback in his WWE career, Kane has managed to re-emerge stronger than before. Is it possible that Cena’s victory will only serve to further enrage the prophet of hate, and if so, what does that mean for other WWE Superstars in the coming months?


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Rankings for Power 25: February 18, 2012

Rankings for Power 25: February 18, 2012
Last Weeks Rank: #5
This Weeks Rank: #4
"John Cena was not in action on Raw SuperShow, but he did save Eve from The Big Red Monster, Kane. His heroics earned him a kiss from the beautiful Diva, breaking the heart of his broski, Zack Ryder, in the process."


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Teachers' Corner: John Cena inspires university's honorary wrestling coach's Teachers' Corner is a place for educators to share their stories about how they use WWE as a tool in and out of their classrooms. Stay tuned to Teachers' Corner for more stories about how WWE has helped students succeed. Are you an educator with a story you want to share with's Teachers' Corner? E-mail us.

A college wrestling coach from South Dakota shares his story about how WWE has influenced his team’s honorary coach, who is a big fan of John Cena:

My name is Boomer Fechko and I am the assistant wrestling coach at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, S.D. We currently have a young man who lives in the community that is mentally challenged. His name is Ian
Ames. About a year or so ago, our head cross country/track coach has taken Ian as an honorary coach to the competitions. Cross country season is in the fall while track season is in the spring, which leaves Ian open during the winter months. Our head coach and I decided to bring Ian on as an honorary coach for wrestling and Ian sits on the bench (in a DWU Wrestling coach’s shirt) with us during our home matches. He has an absolute blast. Our wrestlers accept him in and do a great job with him. Ian likes to be part of the team so he asks if he can help out during the match, which we usually put him in charge of handing the guys a water bottle as they come off the mat, and he usually gives them a fist bump as well. The opposing team has caught on to what we are doing with him and they even shake Ian's hand when they come over to shake the opposing coaches’ hands.
Ian is a huge John Cena fan. He watches Monday Night Raw every single Monday and always talks about it the next time we see him. Our wrestlers have their own walk out music when they step on the mat to compete and one of our wrestlers plays John Cena's entrance music just for Ian. Ian goes nuts when the song is played. The experience our wrestlers, and us as coaches, get from Ian being a part of this program is awesome and it seems that Ian has a blast with it all as well.


Boomer Fechko
Assistant Wrestling Coach
Dakota Wesleyan University

A special education teacher from Maryland incorporates the theme music of recent Royal Rumble Match participant and co-host of WWE’s new YouTube show, “Are You Serious, Bro?,” Road Dogg:

My name is Josh Schechter. I’m a Special Education Teacher at Longview School in Germantown, Md. Longview School is a special center in the Montgomery County Public School system. The school serves students in grades K-12 who have been diagnosed with Severe and Profound Disabilities. I teach a class of middle school aged students. Every morning I do a musical warm up with my students. I begin the warm up every day by reciting “Ohhhh You Didn’t Know? You Better Call Somebody,” from the intro of WWE Alumni Road Dogg. My students love it, and it always gets them in a great mood to start their day.

I would also like to extend an open invitation to Road Dogg to come and read a story to my students at his convenience the next time he might be traveling through the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. I think my students would really enjoy meeting him.


Josh Schechter
Longview School
Germantown, Maryland


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