Saturday, May 28, 2011

POWER 25: May 28, 2011

POWER 25: May 28, 2011
John Cena Ranks at #1 once again.
"The Champ showed how tough he truly is on Sunday night when he defeated both The Miz & Alex Riley in a brutal "I Quit" Match."

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Friday, May 27, 2011

John Cena on WWE Magazine "Hardest Hitting Photos"


John Cena is on the cover with some other WWE Superstars.

Make sure you go pick up your copy today. There are some Hard hitting pictures of John Cena in the magazine.

You also get a Bonus Magazine "Best Of The Rock"

Its in Stores Now!

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John Cena on 2 Pro-Wrestling Illustrated Magazines

Here are 2 of the Magazine from "Pro-Wrestling Illustrated" Magazine

This one is 2 Magazines in one. "The Wrestler"
inside of the Magazine it has a Story about Cena and Vickie Like shown in the picture.

This is another one of there magazines in stores right now. It has The Rock and John Cena on the cover like shown in the picture.
You might see John Cena on a lot on there magazine covers soon but ill keep you posted whats out on the stands today.

Go buy them there out in Stores!

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John Cena Article from "Cena thriving as pro wrestler"

West Newbury’s Cena thriving as pro wrestler

At 6 foot 2 inches and 250 pounds, West Newbury native John Cena is a big guy. He’s always been a big guy. But when the World Wrestling Entertainment superstar takes to the squared circle, his personality and charisma show bigger than his biceps or abs. His magnetic personality has made him one of the biggest stars in the history of the industry.

“I don’t market myself as the coolest guy out there or the most edgy guy out there,’’ Cena said in an interview while promoting the new WWE All-Stars video game. “Sports and entertainment have become such a business of branding. You have a lot of people watching your every action, and I’m proud of that. I take a lot of pride in how I present myself.’’

Cena, 33, attended Pentucket Regional schools through middle school, and went to high school at the private Cushing Academy in Ashburnham. He received a degree in exercise physiology from Springfield College in 1998.

While he spends much of his time traveling the world with the WWE and resides in Florida, Cena said, he’ll never forget the small-town roots that helped shape him.

’’I don’t think there’s a more beautiful place in the world than West Newbury in the summertime,’’ Cena said. “The winters are a little bit tough, but I love the place.’’

He recalled Lawrence, Lowell, Peabody, and Danvers as destinations “to get any city element,’’ while in West Newbury “you literally had your friends acres apart — a lot of green, a lot of farmland, and as a result we were extremely active kids. I think that gave me the bug.’’

That “bug’’ is behind his career in sports entertainment, which is the name of the game in professional wrestling. WWE matches are rehearsed and scripted athletic performances, crafted to draw the audience in with rivalries, betrayals, and epic matchups.

For the past several years, he has been the most epic performer in the WWE. Cena has won its championship seven times, though he lost his chance for an eighth title at Wrestlemania 27 in April. He was defeated by “the Miz,’’ Michael Mizanin, who plays a narcissistic foil to Cena’s good-guy-with-attitude persona.

Cena and the Miz have feuded for the better part of two years, in a storyline reminiscent of vintage 1980s World Wrestling Federation matchups like Hulk Hogan battling Randy “Macho Man’’ Savage.

WWE wrestling transformed from its 1980s and early ’90s “Golden Age’’ — featuring family-friendly, PG-rated shows — to the “Attitude Era,’’ which was marked by a radical shift to a racy, edgy, and often vulgar style. Since 2001, the WWE has returned to its former mode.

source: & Sescoops

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After RAW went off Air 5/23/2011

After Monday’s RAW came off the air, came out and called out Alex Riley. When Riley didn’t come out, then grabbed the mic and said to The Miz, “So, as much as Portland hates to hear you talk, how about saying those two words again, not I’m awesome, but I Quit.”

Cena and Miz had a quick scuffle, which led to the Miz receiving an Attitude Adjustment from Cena and then a 619 from .

Cena then locked in the STF on Miz and held the mic to Miz’s face .. Miz screamed “I Quit!” in pain about 5 times, which got a huge pop from the crowd.

Cena and Mysterio celebrated in the ring to send the crowd home happy.

source: sescoops

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Monday, May 23, 2011


in PORTLAND, Ore. – One night after WWE Over the Limit, several Superstars stepped over the line. It was a night that witnessed an “accidental” run down, a shocking beatdown and one of the most bizarre meltdowns in WWE history.

Main event match arranged with Bret Hart as special referee
R-Truth demonstrated once again that the voices in his head have cranked up the volume. Apparently, though, they’re still screaming the same tune. The conspiracy nut continues to blame, well, just about everybody but himself for him not receiving a WWE Title opportunity.

This week, he trained his crosshairs on two of WWE’s most beloved Superstars, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and John Cena.

The Excellence of Execution explained that he showed up during last night’s Kiss My Foot Match at WWE Over the Limit to make sure Michael Cole experienced “the agony of de-feet.” Truth rudely interrupted the WWE Hall of Famer to spout off about all the “little Jimmys” in the crowd and refusing to kow-tow to them anymore.

The Superstar then took a left turn into Rage Town when WWE Champion John Cena tried to talk sense into his old friend. When Truth finally finished spitting about how he never liked The Champ, Raw’s anonymous General Manager arranged the night’s main event, a tag team bout pitting Cena & Rey Mysterio against Truth & CM Punk with Hart acting as special guest referee.

WWE Champion John Cena & Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk & R-Truth

WWE Champion John Cena was clearly pained a night after suffering one of the worst pummelings of his career. Fresh off an “I Quit” Match against The Miz at WWE Over the Limit, The Champ was tapped to join Rey Mysterio in a tag team match against CM Punk & R-Truth with Bret Hart acting as special guest referee.

Despite a hard-charging effort by both Truth and his pious partner, Cena refused to let his battered and bruised body lie still. The Champ kicked out of sure pins and fought back with dogged determination. But even Cena’s steel-belted body has its limits. It would be up to WWE’s Littlest Big Man to carry the day for his team – a tall order he would fill with Herculian effort.

Rey capitalized on his elusive build and high-flying frame to hobble both Truth & Punk within seconds of one another. He then nailed Punk with a 619, but Hart wasn’t about to let him have all the fun. The WWE Hall of Famer, fed up with Punk’s in-ring antics, belted The Second City Savior across the jaw and locked him in the Sharpshooter, allowing Rey to pin his shoulders for the victory

source: WWE

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The Official Pay-Per-View Poster for Capitol Punishment!

As previously reported, the official pay-per-view poster has been released for WWE’s upcoming event on June 19th – and it features a cartoon of President Obama standing between John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

WWE issued the following statement regarding its use of President Obama’s image to promote Capitol Punishment:

About Capitol Punishment artwork

The cartoonist artwork portraying President Obama as a referee is intended to publicize WWE’s (World Wrestling Entertainment) pay-per-view event known as Capitol Punishment, which emanates from our Nation’s Capital on Sunday, June 19.

With President Obama depicted in a referee shirt, WWE likely issued the statement to clarify that he will not actually be appearing at the event.

source: sescoops

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StoryLine: CM Punk is John Cena Next FEUD

According to a reliable WWE source, Nexus leader CM Punk is currently slated to be the next challenger to John Cena's WWE Championship after Cena’s feud with The Miz is over.

Cena is said to be a big fan of CM Punk and went to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asking to work with Punk.

We reported a few weeks ago that CM Punk is said to be unhappy behind the scenes in WWE with his lack of push and is strongly considering leaving WWE when his WWE contract expires at the end of the summer.

WWE is still hoping to re-sign Punk and a main event feud with John Cena (as well as another possible title run) could be used as a way to show Punk that he is a highly valued member of the WWE roster.

Even if we do see a program between John Cena and CM Punk, it’s no guarantee that Punk will stick around. Aside from being unhappy with how his character has been booked in recent months, Punk is said to be burned out from the hectic WWE road schedule and might have already made up his mind to take at least a few months off.

Source: Sescoops

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CeNation stands up to The Miz

Cenation stands up to The Miz

SEATTLE – At WWE Over the Limit, The Miz took brutality to new levels as he tried to make WWE Champion John Cena say the two words that have never been in his vocabulary: “I quit.”

Amidst the carnage unleashed by himself and his associate, Alex Riley, The Awesome One tested the loyalty of the Cenation members in attendance, namely 12-year-old Steven Janssen, who witnessed the intense “I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship from ringside at Seattle’s KeyArena.

In a exclusive interview, Janssen talks about standing up to The Miz, his reaction to The Awesome One’s underhanded tactics and why he never lost faith in his hero’s hustle, loyalty and respect. What did you think when Miz asked you if John Cena should say “I quit?”

STEVEN JANSSEN: I didn’t know what else to say but “no.” Was there anything Miz and Alex Riley could have done to John Cena that would have made you want John Cena to say “I quit?”

JANSSEN: No, because I knew no matter what, John would pull through. What did you think when The Miz and Alex Riley used the recording of John Cena saying “I quit?”

JANSSEN: I was mad because it sounded fake ,and I knew it couldn’t be true. I knew John would never quit. What was your reaction when John Cena made The Miz say “I quit”?

JANSSEN: I was jumping up and down and screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I knew John would win.

Source: WWE

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

WWE Over The Limit Pay-Per-View 2011 (I Quit Match)

WWE Over The Limit Pay-Per-View
(May 22, 2011)

WWE Champion John Cena def. The Miz
(“I Quit” Match)

SEATTLEDon’t make John Cena angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Forced to rumble with both The Miz and his lackey, Alex Riley, in tonight’s “I Quit” Match, The Champ almost had his WWE Title taken from him when The Awesome One used a cell phone recording of Cena screaming out in submission to trick the official. But when The Miz’s scheme was revealed, an irate Cena unleashed hell, battering his two opponents before locking in a devastating STF to make his rival scream “I quit!”

It was an unforgettable ending to a bout that is quickly becoming John Cena’s trademark match. The Champ quit? It’s not going to happen. He’s never uttered the words in his life and that’s exactly why he chose this brutal stipulation for tonight’s contest. Having beaten powerhouses like Randy Orton, Batista and JBL in this dangerous environment, Cena knew his unbreakable spirit would give him a serious advantage over his spineless rival.

But The Miz is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Cunning and ruthless, he’s willing to do anything to win — something he proved time and time again during his five-month reign as WWE Champion. Not only did he outwit the likes of John Morrison and Jerry Lawler during his run, but he even managed to walk away from his WrestleMania XXVII showdown with Cena with the title still around his waist.

The Miz & Alex Riley brutalize John Cena during the "I Quit" Match.Tonight, The Awesome One knew he’d have to pull out all the stops if he wanted to leave WWE Over the Limit as champion, which is why he immediately took advantage of the fact that there were no disqualifications. Calling on the aid of his VP of Corporate Communications, The Miz turned the bout into a makeshift Handicap Match and brutally double teamed Cena with Alex Riley from the opening bell. Attacking their loathed enemy with everything that wasn’t nailed down, the vile duo abused The Champ, but he would not give up.

When his physicality didn’t get the job done, The Miz borrowed a trick that The Rock used in his 1999 “I Quit” Match against Mankind and played a recording of Cena screaming the only two words that can bring an end to this bout. For a moment, the official was positive that The Champ had submitted and the title was nearly handed to The Cleveland Screamer. It didn’t take long for the sleazy plot to unravel, though, and that’s when Cena snapped.

Still cross about losing his WrestleMania XXVII bout against The Miz due to The Rock’s involvement, The Champ took his long brewing fury out on The Awesome One and his toady in the KeyArena. After sending Riley through the announce table with a huge Attitude Adjustment, Cena chased The Miz up the entrance ramp where he smashed him to the ground before locking in a tight STF that made the slimeball cry out in defeat.

It was an amazing performance that once again made one thing abundantly clear — when John Cena is focused he cannot be beaten. There’s no doubt that The Champ’s WrestleMania XXVIII opponent, The Rock, was somewhere watching this match, realizing this very thing.

Source: WWE

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