Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why is John Cena in Kane's crosshairs?

The WWE Universe was shocked when Kane made his return on Raw SuperShow several weeks ago. They were even more surprised when The Big Red Monster, wearing a terrifying new mask, attacked John Cena instead of Mark Henry, who was responsible for injuring Kane over the summer.

This past Monday, The Devil’s Favorite Demon once again went after the leader of the Cenation instead of The World’s Strongest Man. Cena tried to put up a fight, knocking the monster out of the ring, but Kane eventually overpowered him and tossed the former WWE Champion around ringside like a ragdoll, leaving him in a heap on the announcers’ table.

The Big Red Monster’s vicious actions left everyone wondering one thing: why is Kane going after John Cena instead of Mark Henry?

Kane’s motives could be simple. The former World Heavyweight Champion has been out of action since July after Henry inducted him into his Hall of Pain. The Big Red Monster could want to make his case as a top contender to the WWE Championship. What better way to get noticed than taking out a 10-time WWE Champion?

It could also be a case of opposites attracting. Kane is a tormented monster. He bares mental scars from his tortured upbringing after a fire, allegedly started by his half-brother The Undertaker, burned down the home he was raised in. He has been unleashing a lifetime of pent-up rage on the WWE for more than a decade, picking up WWE and World Heavyweight Championships in the wake of his destruction. There is no Superstar with a blacker heart than The Devil’s Favorite Demon.

On the other hand, John Cena has been battling portions of the WWE Universe that boo him relentlessly. They chant “Cena sucks!” from the moment he enters the ring to the moment he steps back through the curtain. His WrestleMania XXVIII opponent, The Rock, is cheered unabashedly, even though he shows up once in a blue moon.

Yet Cena lets the jeers go in one ear and out the other. He says it’s the WWE Universe’s right to cheer and boo whoever they please. Night in and night out, the leader of the Cenation refuses to give into the hate, approaching every match with a smile and a salute. Cena’s easy-going approach to his detractors has to eat away at The Big Red Monster. After all, Kane has shown how easy it is to let the torment consume him.

Will we find out Kane’s true motivations? It’s hard to say, as he has yet to speak since his return. If the past few weeks are any indication, John Cena will have to keep his head on a swivel this Monday on Raw SuperShow, because there will almost certainly be a monster lurking, waiting for a chance to attack.


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

John Cena WINS the 2011 Mushable Award!

Congratulations to John Cena for Winning 2011 Mushable Award for "Must Follow Athlete on Social Media"

*Thanks to CeNation who kept voting for him, ya'll did it. He won the award!

-The Mashable Awards is a community-nominated voting program that recognizes the companies, people and projects that made the biggest impact on the digital landscape this year. The Mashable Awards winners will be honored at "MashBash" Jan. 11, 2012 during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

WWE has won eight Mashable Awards in the past two years. In 2010: John Cena was named "Most Influential Social Good Champion" for his work with Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Stand Up For WWE was named 2011's "Most Creative Social Media Campaign." WWE was also a finalist for "Must Follow Brand," and John Cena was a finalist for 2010's "Must Follow Personality."


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PICTURES: John Cena On The Fruity Pebbles Cereal Box

John Cena on The Fruity Pebbles Cereal Box.

After months of being called a Fruity Pebble by his WrestleMania 28 opponent, John Cena can no longer deny The Rock’s claims.

In a cross-promotion between WWE and the Post Cereal company, John Cena is now featured on the box of Fruity Pebbles cereal. Fans who buy the Fruity Pebbles box featuring John Cena will get a chance to win tickets to a live WWE event, exclusive John Cena merchandise and a chance to meet John Cena himself.

-A fan asked Cena on Twitter this weekend if it was ironic that he was featured on the Fruity Pebbles box and he replied:
“Ironic? No. Turning a negative into a positive ..yes. rise above hate. By the way…I love fruity pebbles.”
This is what the Cereal Box looks like!
source: sescoops

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WWE sells Anti-John Cena Shirts!

WWE began selling their first anti-John Cena shirt at this weekend’s live events. Late Saturday nigh On Sunday!
You can also purchase this Anti- Cena shirt on

Front and Back of the Anti- Cena shirt!

- A lot of people (mostly Cenation) aren't happy with this but WWE is selling them so I would think John Cena would get some profitout of this in some way. Don't know for sure!

*Cena has been responding to tweets about the new merchandise and revealed that WWE has wanted to capitalize on Cena haters for many years now:

“They have wanted too since 2008. I told them no. Finally I just said I dont care. Im fine with the way things are. Some like me. Some don’t.”

A fan asked Cena if WWE was disrespecting him by profiting off people taunting him. Cena said:

“Agreed. But WTF. Ignore it no longer. Its out there so those that wanna be like that should be able to voice their opinion. Like I said doesn’t change me one bit. Stay true..always have.. always will”

Another fan asked Cena when WWE was going to release anti-Rock shirts. Cena says there’s a double standard and we’ll never see merchandise disrespecting his WrestleMania 28 opponent:

“I can tell u right now….that would never happen”

source:, sescoops

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Monday, December 19, 2011


in Philadelphia

Kane attacked John Cena:
Hell has come back. One week after he shocked the WWE Universe by assaulting John Cena, Kane stomped into Philadelphia and did it all over again.

Hitting the ring to admit that he’s willing to fight if that’s what The Big Red Monster wants, Cena was surprised when Mark Henry appeared instead of Kane.

The World’s Strongest Man and the former WWE Champion were ready to come to blows when the deafening pyro of The Devil’s Favorite Demon exploded.

The masked monster ignored Henry and went right for the Cenation leader, but Cena was ready and clotheslined him over the ropes.

Still, the fiery giant fought back, dragging his target from the squared circle before throwing him around the ringside area and tearing off his “Rise Above Hate” shirt in a frightening display of rage.

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The story behind John Cena's salute

The story behind John Cena's salute

Every night before he enters the ring, John Cena, clad in camouflage shorts, stands at attention and salutes as though a commanding officer were standing in front of him barking orders. Most think that Cena is simply acknowledging his devoted fans, which the leader of the Cenation will not deny.

“It’s a salute of loyalty to those that stand by me, that have been doing it for years,” Cena explained to

However, for the 10-time WWE Champion, there is also a much deeper meaning behind his gestures.

“Every night when I do that salute, it’s also a sign of respect to the men and women that don the uniform of the Armed Forces,” he declared.

John Cena holds the Armed Forces in the highest esteem and has implemented many aspects of the military way into his attitude. It goes beyond camo shorts and a salute.

“When it came my time to slowly redefine who I was from wrestler to hip hop thug, to the next step in my career, I basically took the ideologies of discipline from the Armed Forces,” Cena said. “I took honor, code and country and came up with hustle, loyalty and respect. I think exactly like they do.”

The leader of the Cenation also has one very personal ritual related to the Armed Forces. Those who pay close attention to Cena right before a match begins will see him remove a pair of dog tags from around his neck and kiss them before handing them to the referee or ringside attendant for safe keeping. But the Superstar prefers to keep the meaning behind the tags to himself.

“That’s secret information that I’ve told a few Make-A-Wish families and those people who need to know. [] doesn’t need to know,” Cena lightheartedly explained.

As evidenced by his passionate speech at Fort Bragg during Tribute to the Troops, John Cena is extremely reverent toward the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and will continue to do whatever he can to honor their ultimate sacrifice.


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