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On “Miz TV,” AJ Lee explained her actions against John Cena
PITTSBURGH –Though the monumental SuperSmackDown LIVE aired without commercial interruption, that didn’t prevent a major main event disruption. As AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler continued to rain down controversy upon WWE, the unpredictable Diva’s “friend,” Big E Langston, ripped through John Cena for the second time in a week.

The Miz opened SuperSmackDown LIVE, welcoming Dolph Ziggler and a skipping AJ Lee to the show in an attempt to get to the bottom of their shocking actions at both WWE TLC and on last night’s Raw. Joining the controversial pair was Big E Langston, the intimidating presence AJ brought to the ring on Raw and who attacked John Cena during the main event.

In response to Miz’s question as to why AJ cost Cena the Money in the Bank contract at WWE TLC and kissed Ziggler one day later, the unpredictable Diva accused Cena of playing with her heart. She said while she lost her job as Raw General Manager to keep his name clean and wanted to rejoice in them growing closer together, he toyed with her emotions and broke her heart, insulting the gifts she made for him, deny her offers of support in his matches in the name of “safety” and generally trying to keep her hidden like a “dirty little secret.” In response, she helped Ziggler break him.

When Miz answered back with a humorous “crazy” comment, the intimidating Langston became noticeably confrontational. AJ warned The Awesome One that her friend didn’t like when people called her that.

John Cena & Sheamus def. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show & Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification

With all the actions of the past week — from WWE TLC to Raw to “Miz TV” earlier in the night — it is no wonder the SuperSmackDown LIVE main event would be very personal for all four Superstars involved.

And with Big E Langston and AJ Lee looking on at ringside, that is exactly what it was. While the determined Big Show & Ziggler combination maintained an impressive advantage for a good amount of the match, once the resilient Celtic Warrior reached his partner, the leader of the Cenation took charge.

As he did, Sheamus also regrouped, knocking an interfering Big Show over the top rope and out of the ring. This sparked a brawl between the giant and his Irish adversary all the way up the ramp.

Back in the ring, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, signaling he was about to put the match to bed. Before he could capitalize, however, Big E entered the ring — at the behest of AJ. Without warning, he clobbered Cena, obliterating the 10-time WWE Champion for the second time in as many nights

source: wwe.com

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Monday, December 17, 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: 12/17/2012


AJ Lee and John Cena won the Kiss of the Year Slammy

Let’s be real here: There was no way Vickie Guerrero presenting Kiss of the Year to AJ Lee — nominated four times alongside Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk and eventual co-winner John Cena — wasn’t going to be good after what went down last night at WWE TLC. With AJ apparently shirking the romantic company of Cena for the bleach-blond charms of Dolph Ziggler, Vickie was a bit wounded given her on-and-off dalliances with The Showoff in the past couple of years. Still, the Managing Supervisor manned up and awarded the smooch statuette to AJ, though she wasn’t above demanding an explanation for the Brooklyn, N.Y., betrayal the night before. But instead of closure, Vickie was left with egg on her face when AJ sauntered out and — strike up the band and make the fireflies dance — planted a big kiss on Ziggler’s face after The Showoff came out to try to keep the peace.

Ric Flair returned, presented Superstar of the Year to John Cena and fought WWE Champion CM Punk

Seriously, who else could it have been? Who else could have awarded the supreme Slammy for a tumultuous 2012 than the limousine-ridin’, jet-flyin’, kiss-stealin’, wheelin’, dealin’ son of a gun himself, Ric Flair? Flair returned to WWE after a lengthy hiatus and looked like he never missed a beat. And like everything he’s ever done, “The Nature Boy’s” return to WWE did not come to pass without a maelstrom of controversy after the two-time WWE Hall of Famer was awarded the Slammy by its voted recipient, John Cena. But before Flair could take the trophy in his perfectly manicured hands, WWE Champion CM Punk hobbled out to the stage to drop a “pipe bomb” on Flair, unleashing a tirade against “Naitch” and insistinghe, not Flair or Cena, was the true Superstar of the Year.

So how does Ric Flair respond to such a thing? Why, he challenged Punk to a fight. The Second City Saint obliged, too, shattering one of his crutches over Flair’s back before The Dirtiest Player in the Game countered by poking Punk in the eye and wrenching Paul Heyman into the Figure-Four Leglock. With Punk and Heyman dispatched, Flair took to the mic to address the Philadelphia crowd ... until the crackling static of The Shield’s theme spelled doom for Flair. “Come on down, boys,” he said, clearly ready for more.

John Cena & Vickie Guerrero def. Dolph Ziggler & AJ Lee via Disqualification after Big E Langston interfered

First thing’s first: Why AJ, why?

“Everyone keeps asking me why,” AJ Lee told the assembled Philadelphia crowd from her perch atop a ladder. “I thought it would be obvious,” she cooed. But before AJ could reveal her motives, Vickie Guerrero made her way to the ring with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler following so the foursome’s Mixed Tag Match could begin in earnest.

 Ziggler began the match with a strut in his step (literally, he did Ric Flair’s strut) and went mano a mano against Cena with mat wrestling techniques, looping in and out of various holds before AJ tagged in and Vickie swarmed the former Raw General Manager in the ring. AJ vacated the contest following Vickie’s mauling, with the Managing Supervisor following suit and leaving Cena and Ziggler to their own devices. The two Superstars clashed mightily, with Ziggler nearly felling the Cenation leader until Cena turned the tables.

But before Cena could force Ziggler to submit to the STF, AJ returned with a hulking accomplice: the monstrous Big E Langston, who sprinted to the ring and made quick work of Cena. The attack left the 10-time WWE Champion sprawled on the mat while the NXT strongman stood tall and AJ skipped about, smiling like she knew the biggest secret in the world.

source: wwe.com

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WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Result 2012

WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Result 2012 

Dolph Ziggler def. John Cena (Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract)

in BROOKLYN, N.Y John Cena promised on Twitter that history would be made at WWE TLC. Little did he realize that history would be made at his expense.

In a turn of events that left more than 15,000 rowdy New Yorkers in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center uncharacteristically speechless, AJ Lee inserted herself into the Ladder Match for Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract and helped The Showoff defeat John Cena by intentionally pushing the Cenation leader off the top of a ladder. 

It was the last thing the WWE Universe expected from the woman they had just voted Diva of the Year on WWE.com’s Slammy Awards, especially after her intensely personal confrontation with Ziggler only weeks ago. But it proved once again that the only thing predictable about AJ is her unpredictability.

Would Dolph have lost his coveted contract were it not for AJ’s efforts? It certainly appeared that way. Although Dolph walked into the biggest match of his career brimming with confidence, the egotistical Superstar from Hollywood, Fla., had difficulty containing Cena. A decade into his WWE tenure, the franchise player was out to prove to Ziggler that it’s one thing to say you belong in the main event — it’s another thing entirely to hang there.

That’s not to say Dolph didn’t impress. Taking advantage of the Ladder Match’s free-for-all rules, The Showoff utilized a steel chair and a ladder to even the playing field against the supremely powerful Cena. In fact, Ziggler nearly took the Cenation leader out of the equation early by sending the sharp edge of a ladder into Cena’s ocular cavity, but it would take more than an eye injury to stop the powerhouse.

Seemingly energized by the electric Brooklyn crowd, Cena almost knocked Ziggler out of his short shorts by bashing him in the head with the steel steps. The former WWE Champion then found the strength to climb the ladder towards the Money in the Bank contract while Ziggler executed a Sleeper Hold on his back before a woozy Cena fell and both men crashed through a table below.

The Showoff found his feet first and scrambled back up the ladder, but that’s when the West Newbury, Mass., native truly showed his uncanny resolve. Rising from the rubble of a shattered table, Cena grabbed the ladder with Ziggler on it and pressed both the ladder and Ziggler onto his shoulders as if to apply his patented Attitude Adjustment. The eely Dolph managed to squirm away from the dangerous predicament, but he realized in that moment that Cena was even more powerful than he had imagined.

From there, it was an endless game of one-upmanship between the two talented Superstars. Cena would go for the AA and Ziggler would land on his feet. The Showoff would execute a Zig Zag and the Cenation leader would be back in the fight before Dolph caught his wind. By the time Cena sent Ziggler through a table with an unimaginable standing hurricanrana, even the WWE fans in the Barclays Center were struggling to catch their collective breath.

What would it take to stop John Cena? A Mack truck would have helped, but Ziggler had to settle for a tiny Diva named AJ Lee. It played out like this: After Cena dispatched Dolph with an Attitude Adjustment, Vickie Guerrero attempted to take out the Cenation leader with a steel chair only to be stopped by a fiery AJ. Clad in a John Cena T-shirt and matching wristbands, the spunky Diva hit Vickie with her own version of a Five Knuckle Shuffle and then cheered Cena on as he climbed the rungs towards the briefcase.

And that’s when she recklessly pushed the face of WWE off the ladder and sent him spiraling perilously to the ring ropes below.

Cena's tumble was ugly and, for a moment, Ziggler and AJ stared at each other from across the ring, both grasping to figure out what the other was thinking. But the tension broke as AJ flashed a wicked smile and skipped away as Dolph hurried up the ladder to recapture his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Dolph was barely out of the ring by the time WWE fans started asking questions. Had it been a deliberate assist for Ziggler on AJ’s part? Or was it a manic cry for Cena’s attention? That’s difficult to say. After trysts with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and even Kane this year, AJ has shown she changes romantic interests more often than she changes Converses. But her heated confrontations with The Showoff make it hard to understand why AJ would help a Superstar so loathsome.

Either way, we can predict Cena will be looking for answers from AJ on Monday’s Raw. Just remember, John, AJ’s not so easy to predict.

source: wwe.com

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Ranking for Power 25: December 15, 2012

Ranking for Power 25: December 15, 2012
Last weeks rank: #2
This weeks rank: #4

Even though John Cena won his match (via disqualification) against World Heavyweight Champion Big Show on Raw, The Shield beat the leader of Cenation as the show chaotically went off the air. As a result, Cena drops two spots this week, falling to the four-spot on the rankings

source: wwe.com

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