Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Tribute To The Troops Event

WWE Confirms No “Tribute To The Troops” Event This Year

World Wrestling Entertainment has confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that they will not be holding their annualTribute to the Troops event this year.

While there are no plans to hold the special event this year from an overseas base, company officials have discussed the possibility of visiting a base in the United States and doing a similar-style event.


That was John Cena favorite thing to do but there not doing it this year!

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Monday, October 11, 2010



Raw GM arranged matches to determine Team Raw at WWE Bragging Rights; The Miz vs. John Cena to determine captain of Team Raw

John Cena pleaded for understanding. The “Legendary” star asked for the WWE Universe’s forgiveness in regards to his forced allegiance to The Nexus. During Cena’s heartfelt address, The Miz barged in to make an announcement of his own. Mr. Money in the Bank informed Cena that he had named himself captain of Team Raw at WWE Bragging Rights and requested that the powerhouse sign onto the squad.

Prior to Cena's response, however, Nexus leader Wade Barrett nixed the idea, informing him that he would be needed in his corner during the WWE Title bout against Randy Orton. That’s when Miz’s assistant, Alex Riley, opened his big mouth. The season two NXT Rookie blabbed that, yes, Cena should be in Barrett’s corner, especially in case Miz decides to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. For his part, “The Cleveland Screamer” appeared none too pleased about losing the element of surprise. Oops!

Before the situation could escalate, Raw’s anonymous General Manager interceded. He informed the Superstars that he had arranged a series of matches for later in the evening to determine to makeup of Team Raw at WWE Bragging Rights. He also orchestrated a match between The Miz and Cena to establish the captain of Team Raw.

After the GM’s announcement, Miz and Riley ambushed the leader of The Nexus, who summoned Cena to defend him. The reluctant Nexus member cleared away the two, but then “The Awesome One” trained his attack on Cena. The Legendary star overcame the assault and meted out a severe punishment for Riley. As Cena celebrated in the ring, though, his English overlord berated him for not instantly rushing to his defense!

Backstage R-Truth tells John Cena to just Quit! The whole thing of him Joining the Nexus the rest of the locker room isnt happy about it! R-Truth askes Cena if Wade asks you to take one of us out, You would wouldn't you? He looks at Cena and says theres only one way to get out of the Nexus... just quit!

The Miz def. John Cena in a No Disqualification Match:

John Cena’s patience must be wearing thin. The WWE’s powerhouse faced The Miz to determine which would be the sixth and captaining member of Team Raw. During the contest, season two NXT Rookies Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty interfered, costing Cena another crucial match just as they had done at Hell in a Cell.

After the bout, Raw’s anonymous General Manager asserted control and informed the WWE Universe that next week, Harris & McGillicutty must face off against Cena and his tag team partner – WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Rubbing salt into his loss, Wade Barrett berated his reluctant disciple and informed him that if Harris & McGillicutty win, they will be allowed to join The Nexus. The Englishman even provoked Cena to attack him, safe in the knowledge that were the "Legendary" star to follow through, he would be unceremoniously terminated from WWE.


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John Cena Appears In MTV Video

John Cena Appears In MTV Video Short, Cover Art For SD DVD

John Cena made a cameo appearance in a video short produced for MTV news,MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz. He appears alongside Malin Ã…kerman and Elijah Wood in the segment.

he Best of 2009-2010 DVD has been released and it features John Cena in the center. Three-disc set is scheduled for release on October 26, 2010


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