Saturday, May 7, 2011

POWER 25: May 7, 2011 John Cena Ranks at #2

May 7, 2011
John Cena Ranks #2 on the POWER 25
"The Champ is here. John Cena reclaimed the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules, defeating The Miz and John Morrison in an intense Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. Cena's next goal? Taking down The Rock."

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stone Cold Steve Austin Mentions John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin appeared live in-studio promoting “Tough Enough” ahead of this week’s NBC Universal “upfronts” in New York City. The full interview is airing on Monday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Steve Austin Mentions John Cena here are the parts he talks about Cena in his interview:

His Reaction to hearing the WrestleMania 28 main event announced a year in advance and making it work:

“They’re gonna have to make it work. It’s a hard build to make work. Rock’s hot and heavy right now in the movie business, he’s doing great…..and Cena is the number 1 guy, I’m sure he would love to work with a guy like Rock. When you got that big a window of time, it’s gotta work, and if anybody can make it work, it’s Vince. He always wants to do something big at every single Wrestlemania there is and that’s the big thing that he made was…..this next Wrestlemania. He’s a lot smarter than I am, so more power to him and good luck. I wish both guys well.”

On wrestlers having personality or lack thereof and if the guys in the back were upset that he showed his with the Stone Cold character:

“To this day, they (creative) might give you something because they don’t think you can come up with anything better or they feel their idea might be better than yours. Vince is a businessman. He don’t want to sit there and make every single decision that’s gotta be made. At the corporate level that’s his job because he’s the leader of that ship…he’s the captain…it’s his baby, but hell, he wants everyone to go out there.”

“If John Cena, the number 1 guy in the business, goes up to Vince and goes ‘Vince, I got a damn good idea, this is how to make me better and more hotter than I already am’….Vince is gonna listen to him. If Joe Blow who’s jerking the curtain in the first match says ‘Vince, I got a hell of an idea that’s gonna make me a main eventer, Vince is gonna say ‘Let me hear it’. It ain’t about them labeling you anything and making you stick to it. You gotta come up with something…it’s show business.”

source: sescoops

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RAW IN MIAMI – The WWE Universe was clearly in the mood to celebrate. Less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama announced the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, it was time to keep those spirits high by celebrating the biggest birthday party on TV.

WWE Champion John Cena def. The Miz by Disqualification
After losing his precious title at Extreme Rules to newly crowned WWE Champion John Cena, The Miz was served up a shot at redemption. Unfortunately for him, he whiffed. The night before, during his Triple Threat Steel Cage Match, The Cleveland Screamer succumbed to The Champ, who pinned him for the victory. Tonight, there would be no pin.

Instead, after a give-and-take bout, Miz’s lackey, Alex Riley, handed his boss the WWE Championship while the referee was distracted. The Awesome One used it to clobber his rival, hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale and secure a pin. But that wouldn’t be the last of it.

The ref noticed the title already in the ring and quickly realized what had transpired. As a result, he disqualified Miz, allowing The Champ to retain.

In the locker room area, Miz went on to chastise his lackey for interfering, explaining that he is not a quitter, and he will never quit in his life. So, take that, A-Ry

WWE Champion John Cena makes a powerful statement to his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent. His birthday gift to The Rock was: WWE CHAMPIONSHIP at WM28.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results

John Cena won a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
(New WWE Champion)

TAMPAOnce again, ladies and gentlemen, The Champ is here! Sending The Miz crashing to the canvas with an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope, John Cena overcame both The Awesome One and John Morrison in a career threatening Triple Threat Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules.

Competing in an environment befitting his extensive parkour training, Morrison thrived inside the steel mesh, utilizing his unparalleled balance, incredible agility and fast-paced offense to catch both Cena and The Miz off-guard, most spectacularly with a high-risk Starship Pain off the top of the cage. However, The Monday Night Delight more than once found himself caught in the crossfire as The Cenation Commander-in-Chief and The Awesome One continued to vent their lingering aggression toward one another following their following their following their emotionally-charged WrestleMania encounter.

R-Truth attacks John Morrison.Members of Cenation inside Tampa’s St. Pete Times Forum reveled in the aftermath of their hero’s monumental tenth World Championship win, but if not for the unwelcome intervention of R-Truth, it would have likely been Morrison basking in the adulation of the WWE Universe at night’s end. As The Shaman of Sexy made his way toward the cage door to escape its unforgiving confines and win the match, his former friend attacked, effectively costing Morrison his first-ever WWE Championship. With Morrison taken out of the picture, the veteran Cena capitalized by targeting the escaping Miz and attaining a pinfall victory.

As Truth stated earlier in the night, Morrison “stole” his opportunity to battle for the WWE Championship in this bout with a crushing defeat on Raw weeks earlier that sent the rapping Superstar over the edge. By ambushing The Prince of Parkour moments before he exited the cage, the increasingly aggressive Truth nevertheless played a critical role in its outcome, leaving Morrison in a heap before defiantly climbing over the top of the cage.

When it comes to near-victories and outside interference, The Champ can certainly relate. At WrestleMania XXVII, Host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson brought his rivalry with Cena to an entirely new level, hitting him with a Rock Bottom that afforded The Awesome One a key victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All. But with his WrestleMania XXVIII collision with The Great One in Miami still a year away, Cena was able to savor his winning moment at Extreme Rules as he held the WWE Championship high above his head for the first time since June 20, 2010, when he lost the title to Sheamus in a chaotic Fatal 4-Way Match.

John Cena hits The Miz with an Attitude Adjustment.Over the past several weeks, the typically cocky, most “must-see” WWE Champion in history showed signs of trepidation given the unique nature of a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. In such a contest, a winner can be crowned via pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage. As such, The Miz knew he could lose the WWE Title to either Cena or his former “Dirt Sheet” co-host without being involved in the final decision. Ultimately, as he tried to escape through the top of the cage to retain his coveted title, The Awesome One fell to the very Superstar he claimed to “own” in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania.

At Extreme Rules, Cena put an end to The Era of Awesome on its 159th day, but The Miz has never taken defeat graciously. Will The Awesome One find a way to retaliate against The Cenation Commander-in-Chief? Furthermore, will Morrison achieve a measure of retribution against his one-time ally, R-Truth? To find out, follow all of the action on Raw, Monday nights at 9/8 CT on USA.

Source: WWE.COM

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

VIDEO: John Cena talks to Good Day on FOX13 about Extreme Rules

John Cena talks to Good Day on FOX13 about Extreme Rules
Watch Video Below:

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POWER 25: April 30, 2011 John Cena Drops to #4

John Cena Drops to #4 on the POWER 25 for 4/30/2011
"Monday was a whirlwind night for John Cena as he was drafted to SmackDown and then drafted back to Raw hours later. But the sneak attack he received from Mark Henry is probably what is on Cena's mind right now."
source: wwe
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