John Cena Personal Video's

Check out some of John Cena's personal videos that he posted on twitvid.

"Great #snatch Wearing my fav @therock tee training at "The U" @espn @SportsCenter @nfl "super sunday" on 4/1"

 "352lb #pausebench IN @therock HOUSE! Consider this a #WrestleMania takeover. @espn @SportsCenter #wweathletes"

"Glute/ham raise great for booty @therock making sure the only #ass that gets kicked 4/1/12 is made of#rockcandy"

"Hey @espn @nfl @SportsCenter our superbowl is #WM28 4/1/12. Training like a linebacker for @therock 435lb #bench"

"10 days till #WM28 been hitting the wghts"

"This is why @therock thinks i got #ladyparts cause he heard i had a strong #snatch 225lb #WM28"

"Making sure im clean for @therock at #WM28 315 pound clean at end of day"

"As smart as @therock may be... He dont know squat! 500lbs for 5 #WM28"

"140 kilo clean"

"Yesterday @ Wichita Falls Athletic Club. 638 pound deadlift"

"Get that booty right. 230k."

"CeNation. Thank u Fresno State for the workout. Clean vid. 120k"

"CeNation. Here it is. At long last. My full snatch. 80k. Just warming up"