John Cena Facts

The Basic Facts:

Full name: John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. 

John was born at 5:13am 

23 April 1977, West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA 

But now he just lives in Tampa, Florida 

Nicknames;Prototype, Dr. of Thuganomics, The Franchise, The Marine, The Champ 

Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) 

Dads Name: John Cena SR. 

Moms Name: Carol 

Wives Name: Elizabeth 
Dogs Name:Lu 

Brothers Names: Dan, Sean, Matt and Steve 

He just became a Uncle his brother Matt had a daughter!

John Cenas last job before he became a Pro Wrestler was a Limo Driver, which he said he SUCK AT! lol. but he work at a gym as well. 

John Cena did go to College. Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts with a degree in exercise physiology and movement studies. 

His Family all approve of his wrestling Career! but John Cenas Mother didnt want him to move on with the Career but John Cena dad John Cena SR.. move him into it and John Cena Loves it! but he still has a releationship with his mom..and all his fans are happy he stick 2 it =] 

John Cenas Dad and Mom Divored. There no longer together. 

Can John Cena Cook? John said in People’s Magazine that he can cook BBQ, I don’t know about anything else as life as a superstar is really busy and usually requires you to have food on the go, if you know what I mean. 

What is John’s percentage of body fat? Last known time they mentioned this, he was for muscle to fat proportion an amazing 4%. The guy really keeps in great shape. 

How much can John lift? Last mentioned, John could lift 525 lbs. Which is featured in the My Life DVD that is 9 months old (interviews conducted probably another two months before), however - John’s trainer has mentioned that they were aiming to go for an amazing 600 lbs. 


Where he Started: 

Debut: June 27, 2002 - in a match against Kurt Angle 

Signature Moves: F-U, Throwback, 5 knuckle Shuffle, DDT, Hiptoss, STFU 

Associated With: UPW, OVW, WWE 

WWE Debut: June 27, 2002 

Signature Moves: FU, Five Knuckle Shuffle, STFU 

College: Springfield College (Massachusetts) 

Degree: Exercise Physiology 

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Playstation 2, Shopping For Throwback Jerseys, Listening To Music, Cars 

Fears: Spiders 

John’s Favorite Things:

Wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, Iron Shiek, Roddy Piper 

Baseball Team: Boston Red Sox 

Football Team: New England Patriots 

Basketball Team: Boston Celtics 

Freestyle: SmackDown! In Iraq 12-25-03 

Moment In Wrestling: Hulk Hogan winning the title in 1984 for the first time. 

Throwback: Autographed Derek Thomas #58 Cheifs (Home) 

Fast Food: Burger King & Taco Bell 

WrestleMania Match: Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre The Giant 

DVD(s): Anchorman & SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell 

Arena: Fleet Center 

Holidays: Thanksgiving & Christmas 

TV Show: Family Guy 

Ramdon Facts: 

- John once had an angry husband put a gun to his head 

- John’s favorite part on a woman is her behind 

- If John wasn’t in wrestling or football, he would want want to play wiffleball 

- When being asked tips on how to get a woman, John just says, “Be yourself” 

- John’s favorite movies are Star Wars, Napolean Dynamite, and Anchorman 

- John kisses his dog tags before every match for the troops and his grandpa 

- John Cena’s green lowrider seen in the “Right Now” video was the first lowrider ever used on WWE Television

- John’s favorite subjects in school were History and English 

- John Cena’s first love was Liz, he was with her for 6 years, then they were enganged, but she called off the wedding 

- John struggled with Math in school 

- John’s first car he ever bought is a 1989 Brown Jeep Wrangler 

- John’s parents are John Cena Senior and Carol Cena 

- John has a cat named Sylvester 

- Two of John’s brothers, Dan and Matt, are cops 

- John was born on April 23rd, 1977 at 5:13 AM 

- The county in West Newbury, Mass. that John used to live in was Essex County 

- John is best friends with Randy orton and John Hennigan (Johnny Nitro) off-camera 

- John trained in Ohio Valley Wrestling for one year and a half 
- John grew up in Westnewbury Massachusettes 

- John is Italian 

- Johns parents are John and Carol Cena but they are divorced 

- John has 4 brothers; Sean, Matt, Dan and Steve 

- John was into hip-hop in junior high 

- John wouldn’t change his hip-hop style for anyone 

- Johns cousin is rapper Trademarc 

- John wanted to be a rockstar when he was a kid 

- John hated to do manual labor 

- John always wanted to be active as a kid, he didnt want to sit around playing video games 

- John watched wrestling with his father and grandfather when he was a kid 

- John was a hulkamaniac 

- John went to boarding school when he was 15 

- John uses nudity to ease some tention 

- John went to springfeild college 

- John moved out to California after college 

- John had some success in natural bodybuilding 

- John started lifting weights because kids picked on him 

- John’s dad bought him his first weight set when he was 12 years old 

- John worked out at Hard Knocks Gym 

- John puts pull effort into anything he does or he doesnt try it at all 

- John had a job of setting up fitness equiptment 

- John started his wrestling career at UPW 

- John wrestled in UPW as ‘Prototype’ 

- John does take life seriously when you give him time to be himself 

- John’s philosophy is ‘it will all work itself out’ 

- John is a free spirit and always in a good mood 

- John never thought he was would get to the WWE cause he wanted to be a rockstar 

-John wants to be remembered as giving his all to the WWE 

- John played on the UPN show ‘Manhunt’ as Big Tim Kingman 

- John liked to fix up old cars and turn them into low-riders 

- John’s favorite jersey is his Milwaukee Bucks 

- John’s favorite video game is Madden 

- John fought Kurt Angle in his first debut match on June 27,2002 

- John’s favorite store is Mitchell and Ness. 

- John has over 500 jeresys. 

- John’s favorite match to watch was: Wrestlemania 3 - Hogan vs. Andre 

- John first got hooked watching wrestling when seeing Hogan beat Shiek for the title 

- John has a degree in exercise physiology 

- John won his first title - the U.S Championship, March 14, 2004 at WrestleMania XX by defeating the Big Show 

- John’s first Pay-Per-View was at Vengeance July 21, 2002 when he defeated Chris Jericho 

- John’s first rap was on the Halloween Edition of SmackDown in 2002 

- John’s favorite rap was from Christmas from Iraq in 2003 

- John recorded a rap CD which is coming out May 10, 2005 

- John has his own WWE home video called Word Life 

- John stared in the WWE film “The Marine” and will be starring in “12 Rounds”, slated for release in 2009. 

- John stared inthe WWE film "Lengendary" 2010

- John has stated on the Howard Stern Show that he never was on steroids. 

- John stated on the Howard Stern Show that he can’t stay settled down with one woman. 

- On the My Life: John Cena DVD, John’s brother, Sean said that John only tried painkillers once, and it caused all of the blood vessels in John’s eyes to pop! 

-John Cena is married to long time girlfriend Liz he been with her for 14+ years! They got married July 11, 2009

-John Cena DVD "The John Cena Experience" came out Nov 16 2010

-John Cena started in his 3rd  WWE film "The Reunion" 2011

-John Cena appeared in Nickelodeon "Fred 2" in 2011