Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Cena Birthday; CeNation wishes Cena a Happy Birthday!

On April 23 we celebrate John Cena 34th Birthday.
CeNation wishes him a Great birthday!

The John Cena Blog did a Project for CeNation to do. We made a video for John Cena Birthday with CeNation wishing him Happy Birthday by Video, Picture and messages. Alot of people didnt make the video and thats okay. The Whole CeNation celebrates Cena birthday today!

There are two links of the video both are the same. Ones on Youtube and the other one is on Vimeo. We notice Youtube does block in other countries so we uploaded it on Vimeo so everyone can see it. Its your choice on which video you would like to watch. Which everyone works the best for you!

Watch the VIMEO VVersion:

Watch the YOUTUBE Version:

I hope everyone Enjoys the video.

If you got a Twitter. The TT for Cena Birthday is #HappyBirthdayCena
Lets make that trend for him.

You can leave you Happy Birthday comments below if you would like to!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John Cena Advertised For SmackDown After The Draft

WWE issued a press release on Monday afternoon announcing this year’s WWE will be taking place next week on RAW. As part of the announcement, WWE speculated about the ramifications of possible talent trades we could see next Monday night – including moving to SmackDown and Rey Mysterio on RAW.

This week, an email was sent out by North Carolina’s Greensboro Coliseum to fans who are attending the April 26th SmackDown taping (the night after the WWE draft) – and John Cena is being advertised for the show.

Cena does make occasional appearances on SmackDown, so there might not be bigger implications to Cena appearing on SmackDown the night after the Draft.

However – with WWE looking to build up the SmackDown roster following the departure of Edge, John Cena getting drafted SmackDown next week is not entirely out of the question.

source: sescoops

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VIDEO: The Rock Mentions John Cena on Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Videos Below:

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Monday, April 18, 2011

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

It will be every man for himself at Extreme Rules, when The Miz must defend his WWE Championship against not one, but two of Raw’s top Superstars. Not only must the “Most Must-See WWE Champion” again contend with his WrestleMania opponent, John Cena, he must do so in a in a chaotic Triple Threat Steel Cage Match that also includes John Morrison.

Whichever Superstar is able to escape the cage or earn a victory via pinfall or submission will be declared the winner and WWE Champion. As The Miz has already pointed out, he does not need to be involved in the bout’s decision to lose his title.

In the weeks building up to WrestleMania XXVII, The Miz claimed to “own” Cena in the ring. His actions spoke louder than his words as he seemed to get the best of The Cenation Commander-in-Chief on several occasions, though none more so than on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Even though Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson proved instrumental in affecting the outcome before 71,617 fans, the fact remains that it was Miz who exited the Georgia Dome victorious, and prevented Cena from capturing his 10th World Championship at The Show of Shows.

In a Five-Man Gauntlet Match on the April 11 edition of Raw, Cena vied for the opportunity to once again battle The Miz for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules, but The Awesome One and his associate, Alex Riley, intervened in the final round pitting The Cenation Commander-in-Chief against R-Truth. Although it was The Miz’s intent to ensure that no one opposes him at the May 1 pay-per-view by disqualifying both combatants, Raw’s GM rendered a decision to name two No. 1 contenders in Cena and the rapping Superstar. The following week on Raw, after Morrison questioned whether his former tag team partner was worthy of competing for the WWE Title, The Shaman of Sexy defeated R-Truth to earn his friend’s spot in the Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. Truth didn’t take this defeat lightly, leaving Morrison battered and bruised in a heap at ringside.

In spite of his attempt to eliminate his challengers for the WWE Title at the pay-per-view, The Miz must now prove why he is WWE’s Most Must-See Champion against what may be insurmountable odds inside the confines of the steel cage: The Cenation Commander-in-Chief he defeated at WrestleMania, and his former tag team partner and “Dirt Sheet” co-host.

source: WWE.COM

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4/18/2011 in London

John Cena & Sin Cara def. WWE Champion The Miz & Alex Riley
Even in England, The Miz continues to be the biggest of royal pains. The WWE Champion whined on and on about John Morrison replacing R-Truth in his Triple Threat Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules.

During the temper tantrum, WWE’s latest sensation, Sin Cara, approached the ring to prepare for his match with Miz’s lackey, Alex Riley. Soon after, John Cena joined the fray as Raw’s anonymous General Manager quickly interrupted and arranged a tag team match pitting Cena & Sin Cara against Miz & Riley.

The Cenation Commander-in-Chief softened up his Extreme Rules rival as well as Riley. Sin Cara then used his acrobatic antics against Riley, who succumbed to the international wonder with a three-count.


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Sunday, April 17, 2011


teamed up with at last night’s Raw live event in Birmingham, England.

Earlier in the night, Cara defeated . Cena faced in the main event, which resulted in the WWE Champion being disqualified due to interference from Alex Riley. Cara appeared ringside to combat the duo. By orders of the Anonymous Raw General Manager, a match was set between the two sides, which resulted with the babyfaces going over.

faced WWE Champion The Miz and John Cena in a Triple Threat Match at Friday’s Raw live event in Dublin, Ireland. Alex Riley interfered in the match, resulting in Cena and Morrison facing The Miz and Riley. The babyface wrestlers won the contest.

source: sescoops

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