Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Miz on John Cena's Style:

"How do you wear jorts?," he asked. "That style left in the '80s or the '90s and he just keeps trying to being them back and the poor guy has no style. I mean, he has ugly purple and orange and whatever shirts he comes up with but the kids love it. The kids can wear exactly what we wears.

"Let's face it, there's no bigger I guess you can say than John Cena besides me. If you can get away with wearing jean shorts nowadays you must be pretty confident in yourself."




21. John Cena's Car Display – For the first time ever, check out seven of John Cena's hottest American Muscle cars!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video Of John Cena Squatting 545 pounds

John Cena squatting 545 pounds 3 times prior to WWE RAW a few weeks ago
Watch Video Of it Below:

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THQ released the box art for the upcoming WWE All Stars game. The box features several controversial names such as Hulk Hogan who is under contract to TNA, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior who have both had a less then an ideal relationship with WWE over the years.


John Cena makes his 200th Wish!

John Cena makes his 200th Wish!

John Cena makes wishes come true. He been granting wishing since 2004. John Cena was named a Wish Ambassador at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. He loves what he does for the foundation Make-A-Wish. He's going to keep granting wishes to the kids who have life threating illnesses. He makes alot of Dreams come true.
Just in 2008 he made his 100th wish come true. Now in 2011 he made his 200th wish. Congratulation. CeNation is proud!

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Monday, January 24, 2011


1/24/11 in DETROIT
The Corre confronted The New Nexus; Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk arranged

Wade Barrett isn’t going away – no matter how much we wish he would. The former leader of The Nexus confronted the man who replaced him, CM Punk, who had gleefully introduced his group’s newest member, Mason Ryan. This time, though, Barrett brought reinforcements – his new group, The Corre, includingEzekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

Before the situation became too incendiary, Raw’s GM intervened to arrange a match pitting Barrett against Punk with one significant stipulation: The loser of the bout will see himself and his entire group exiled from the Royal Rumble Match. And the contest’s special guest referee? None other than John Cena!

CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett ended in a Double Disqualification
Trouble began brewing even before the bell rang. When CM Punk and Wade Barrett prepared to scuffle, they were backed up by those respective groups, The New Nexus and The Corre. Special guest referee John Cena, however, wasn’t taking any chances and decisively banned both factions from ringside.

Once the action kicked off, each Superstar fought as if their lives depended upon it. So intense was the skirmish, in fact, that the two appeared to disregard Cena’s instructions. As a result, the special guest referee had no choice but to disqualify each man, effectively banning both of their groups from the Royal Rumble.

Raw’s anonymous General Manager begged to differ. Instead, the GM reinstated both groups and demanded that Cena apologize to Punk and Barrett, or it would be he who would be banned from Rumble competition. Reluctantly, 2010’s WWE Superstar of the Year offered a contrite apology. He was then surrounded by members of both groups, who appeared eager to punish Cena. Before they could, however, Big Show and several members of the Raw roster emerged, resulting in one of the biggest, most brutal melees ever on Monday night – mere days before the biggest Rumble in history.


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cena Mashable Award Video

John Cena posted a Video on his WWE FACEBOOK & thanks his WWE UNIVERSE

Click the Link Below to access and watch the Video:

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