Saturday, October 30, 2010

Power 25: Oct 30, 2010

John Cena moves up 2 spots in this week power rankings after winning the WWE Tag Team Championships at Bragging Rights and later losing them to fellow Nexus member Health Slater and Justin Gabriel on Raw the night after by orders of Wade Barrett. John Cena also wrestle Randy Orton in a spectacular main event later that night which he won by DQ by interference by Wade Barrett. John night turn from good to worst when he found out he will be the referee for the WWE championship match at Survivor Series with Randy Orton facing Wade Barrett. By orders of Wade Barrett John Cena must help him win the WWE title or "be fired" How will John react to his fate at Survivor Series? Found out on Raw.

The "Legendary star proved he could still go when he won the WWE Tag Team Championships at WWE Bragging Rights, but Wade Barrett made it clear that he is still in charge of Cena's fate.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Randy Orton comments on John Cena's movie

Power 25: Oct 23rd, 2010

John Cena drop 2 spots in this week's power 25 ranking after getting humiliated again by the hand of Nexus's leader Wade Barrett. Will "The Champ" obeys Barrett's orders by helping him win the WWE title Or will he found a lope hole to make sure Randy keeps his belt? Found out at Bragging Rights.

Humiliated again on Monday night, John Cena has not been looking good in his demeaning position under the thumb of The Nexus.


MVP recently announced on Twitter@The305MVP that he is working on new music and will be recording songs with none other than John Cena and R-Truth.



John Cena has not appeared at WWE live events as of late because he’s been in New Mexico filming Blood Brothers for WWE Studios.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

WWE Superstars and Divas decide the WWE family bond

WWE Superstars and Divas describe how WWE means being a part of a family.

John Cena checks out Smackdown vs Raw 2011

In celebration of the release of Smackdown vs RAW 2011, has posted 2 pics of our John Cena enjoying and playing his virtual self.


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Preview: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (with special guest referee John Cena)

At Survivor Series, Nexus leader Wade Barrett will once again clash with WWE Champion Randy Orton for sports-entertainment’s top prize in a match officiated by none other than John Cena. As stipulated by Raw’s anonymous General Manager, there will be no count-outs and no disqualifications in this high-stakes encounter.

Barrett earned the right to choose the special guest referee in this WWE Title rematch on Monday Night Raw, when his intervention in a bout between Cena and Orton led to The Viper’s disqualification. Ultimately, Barrett chose Cena to don the black-and-white stripes, decreeing that if Cena raises Barrett’s hand in victory at Survivor Series, the nine-time World Champion will be freed from The Nexus.

However, if the Nexus leader doesn’t win, then Cena will be fired. As much as Barrett’s motives run contrary to Cena’s basic virtues of hustle, loyalty and respect, being partial to Barrett in this bout will guarantee the Legendary star his freedom. Defiance will result in Cena saying farewell to the WWE Universe once and for all.

Should Cena award Barrett the WWE Title at Survivor Series, this will be the second time he has helped The Nexus capture championship gold. At WWE Bragging Rights, Cena shockingly teamed up with David Otunga to win the WWE Tag Team Titles, championships that were later turned over to fellow arm-banded rebels Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. This victory has only fueled Barrett’s thirst for the WWE Title and the power that comes with it.

Even though the odds are clearly stacked against Orton, The Viper – a six-time WWE Champion – has established himself as one of the most dominant and dangerous competitors in WWE history. As the critically injured Chris Jericho and any number of Superstars can attest, one does not tempt the animalistic aggression of WWE’s Apex Predator.

With liberation from The Nexus on the line, will Cena help Barrett win his first WWE Title? Or will a three-count for Orton signal the end of Cena’s WWE career? Find out by tuning in to Survivor Series, Nov. 21, only on pay-per-view.


WWE Superstars and Divas "Stand Up For WWE"

John Cena and his fellow Superstars Stand Up For The WWE


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Preview of John Cena's new song (''Hustle, Loyal, Respect'' ft Bumpy Knuckles)

Courtesy of, here is a preview of a new song by John Cena and rapper Bumpy Knuckles that is featured on WWE's new John Cena Experience DVD. Word is that the song will be released on iTunes in the future and their are no plans to use it as Cena's theme. You can check out the preview below:


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The following is an excerpt from a new article on the Gov Monitor website:

WWE Studios’ action-adventure stars Superstar John Cena®, Ethan Embry, Michael Rispoli, Boyd Holbrook and Amy Smart.

Governor Bill Richardson and WWE® today announced that WWE
Studios’ production of Blood Brothers has begun principal photography in

The production is expected to hire approximately 140 New Mexicans for the cast and crew.

“WWE® is a global brand that has a tremendous following and I am
excited the production is filming in New Mexico,” said Governor
Richardson. “These kinds of projects help promote the state’s film
industry and continue to provide good, high-wage jobs for New Mexicans.”

WWE Studios executive vice president Michael Pavone (That’s What I Am) will direct Blood Brothers from his original screenplay.

In the film, the Cleary brothers, Sam (JOHN CENA), Leo (ETHAN
EMBRY) and Douglas (BOYD HOLBROOK) take dysfunctional families to a new
level: Sam and Leo have grown up hating each other and neither likes
their juvenile delinquent kid brother, Douglas, to whom they’ve only
recently been introduced.

The sons share the same father, a womanizing drunk, but all have
different mothers. Their father died a rich man and when they’re brought
together by their sister Nina (AMY SMART) to learn which of them will
inherit the old man’s fortune, they are handed an unpleasant surprise.

A requirement of the will is that the three estranged siblings go
into business together. Their first job is to bring in a parole
violator, who has left Leo, a bail bondsman, with a $250,000 debt.

Their search will take them into the mountains of Mexico where
they encounter a drug lord and uncover a kidnapping plot, masterminded
by an embittered entrepreneur (MICHAEL RISPOLI) that will endanger them



The following is the list of bonus content that will be released on WWE's new "John Cena Experience" DVD later this year. The content will be available on the Blu-Ray edition only...

* WrestleMania - March 28th, 23:47
* Flip Like a Champion - 1:23
* Cenation - 1:23
* WrestleMania Entrance Rehearsal - March 27th, 2:22
* Flux Capacitor - 6:11
* Q&A - 1:49
* John Cena - 4:52
* WrestleMania Axxess - March 25th, 4:00
* Additional Material - 6:56


WWE The John Cena Experience DVD Trailer: watch it Below!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cena’s Future In Nexus

John Cena's Future in Nexus

- On Monday’s RAW, it was announced that John Cena will be the special guest referee for Randy Orton’s WWE title defense against Wade Barrett at Survivor Series. The match stipulation states that if Cena can help Barrett win the belt, he will be relieved from his duties as a member of Nexus.

To update how long John Cena will be a part of Nexus, a commercial that aired during Monday’s WWE RAW announced Randy Orton & Mark Henry are scheduled to face Sheamus & Wade Barrett in a tag team match at the Raw World Tour house show to be held in Biloxi, Mississippi on December 12. The ad stated John Cena would be in the corner of Sheamus and Barrett during the match.

While these TV ads are always subject to change, it’s worth noting that WWE is advertising Cena as a member of Nexus as far off as December.


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Undertaker & Cena at WM27??

UnderTake and Cena WM27?
There’s been a lot of discussion by WWE creative in recent months about who will wrestle the Dead Man at WrestleMania. Two names that have been rumored are John Cena and Sheamus. More recently, the fron-runner is Nexus leader Wade Barrett. At Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Barrett’s Nexus group interfered in the Undertaker’s Buried Alive match, attacking him and costing him the victory. WWE is very behind Wade Barrett right now and are confident he’s on the verge of being solidified as a new heel main evener.

What ya'll think?, Would you like to watch this match at WM27? Leave ya'll thoughts Below in a comment!


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Cena has a Message 2 CeNation!

John Cena has a Message for CeNation

Cena announces his FACEBOOK & Twitter in this FaceBook Video he did!

Click the Link and Watch it now!


John Cena Facebook:
John Cena Twitter:

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John Cena on 106&Park

John Cena on BET 106&Park


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Monday, October 25, 2010



in GREEN BAY, Wisc.


Justin Gabriel & Heath Salter def. WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga& John Cena; WWE Champion Randy Orton to face John Cena

Wade Barrett appeared as dark and moody as a winter in England. No wonder. The night before at WWE Bragging Rights, the leader of The Nexus informed John Cena that if he were to lose his match against WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cena would be fired from WWE. Well, the petulant Brit defeated The Viper by disqualification thanks to a well-timed Attitude Adjustment on him by his unwilling bodyguard, Cena. One problem: A title cannot change hands on a disqualification. All of which meant that Cena would not be fired and that Orton would retain the title.

Barrett, however, knew he possessed leverage. At WWE Bragging Rights, Cena was forced to pair with David Otunga, and the two captured the WWE Tag Team Titles. The men would soon be stripped of those honors when Barrett arranged a match and ordered Otunga to lay down for Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, who walked away new champions.


Afterward, Raw’s anonymous General Manager stated, via laptop, that Orton would defend his title against Barrett in four weeks in a match featuring no disqualifications, no count-outs and a special guest referee. To determine the referee, the WWE Champion was forced to battle a member of Nexus, with the winnerto select who’ll wear the stripes. Barrett’s choice of Nexus member to face Orton? John Cena, but of course

John Cena def. WWE Champion Randy Orton by Disqualification
Turnabout, meet fair play. One night earlier, Wade Barrett had defeated WWE Champion Randy Orton by disqualification at WWE Bragging Rights thanks to John Cena. Tonight, the Englishman made certain Cena won his match against Orton by the very same means.

No, Barrett wasn’t really helping Cena, per se – he was helping himself. You see, earlier in the evening, Raw’s anonymous GM arranged a no disqualifications, no count-outs Match, featuring a special guest referee, in four weeks at Survivor Series between Barrett and Orton for the WWE Title. Were The Viper to win, he would choose the referee. If Cena were to win, however, the fester from Manchester would choose, which is precisely what happened.

After Barrett ambushed The Nexus’ reluctant warrior, the rest of the outlaws, including Nexus' newest members, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, charged the ring to attack Orton. Cena fought them off before Barrett exercised his right to select the guest referee for his championship match against WWE’s Apex Predator. In a shrewd stroke, the Nexus leader chose Cena, but not without thickening the plot. Barrett added that if hewins the WWE Title at Survivor Series, Cena is free from The Nexus. However, if he does not win the championship, Cena will be fired!


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Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights PPV Results

(10.24.10) Results

John Cena match is .......
Cena David VS Rhodes Mcintyre

David Otunga starts its off with Rhodes Cena tags in. Does a Superplex on Rhodes.
Rhodes try taking the Cover of Cena but Cena kicks out. drew mcintyre makes Cena Face plants for into the ring. Rhodes tried to do a crossroads on Cena but Cena put him in a STF and Cody Rhodes Taps out! Cena and Daivd win the Tag Team Championships!
Otunga gets an Attitude Adjustment for his troubles as Cena celebrates with both titles and walks out of the ring!


John Cena doesnt have Match but he will be in Wade Barrett Corner while he fights Randy Orton!

Randy Orton VS Wade Barrett
John Cena just looks on... Wade gets out of the Ring and starts screaming at Cena what is he thinking!

Wade waits for Cena to help him. Wade orders Cena to get up on the ring to Help He throws Orton into him Cena flies off the ring onto the floor. Nexus comes out and Helps Orton is helpless Cena gets in the ring Helps Randy Orton fight off the Nexus. Wade yells at Cena what are you doing Cena Explains he was helping Wade to get the Nexus out the ring while the Referre was getting up. Randy gets ready he gets ready for an RKO but Cena jumps in the ring and makes contact with Wade Attitude Adjustment .... Wade didn't win the championship but he Won the match by disqualification!

John Cena isnt FIRED.. and Randy Orton is still the Champ

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