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Rankings for Power 25: 4/14/2012

Rankings for Power 25: 4/14/2012
Last Weeks Rank: #8
This Weeks Rank: #6
"Despite a rough start, the Cenation Leader certainly rose above this week thanks to his toughness after a vicious attack by Brock Lesnar and his victory over David Otunga on Raw."


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Monday, April 9, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis proclaimed Brock Lesnar is the new "face of WWE." Not if John Cena has something to say about it!

Lesnar will enter the squared circle for his first WWE match in eight years when he goes to war with Cena at Extreme Rules.

Lesnar turned the WWE Universe upside down when he returned to WWE on the April 2 edition of Raw SuperShow and immediately targeted Cena with a devastating F-5. The Cenation leader didn't back down the following week on Raw and responded with an emphatic slap that triggered a near-uncontrollable brawl and left Cena with a busted lip. Little did Cena know he'd later be taking another ride in the whirlwind of the F-5, proving that Lesnar is not only intent on establishing himself as the most dominant WWE Superstar; he wants to dish out punishment every chance he gets, too.

Extreme Rules, one of the most ruthless WWE pay-per-views of the year, will provide the ultimate opportunity for these two to settle their differences in the most brutal of circumstances.

It will be the first WWE in-ring action for Brock since WrestleMania XX on March 14, 2004. In just two years with WWE, Brock tore through some of the biggest and baddest competitors like an oversized wrecking ball and racked up an impressive list of accomplishments, including three WWE Championships, a Royal Rumble victory, and being crowned King of the Ring.

Now, after achieving great success in the world of mixed martial arts, Brock has his wild eyes locked on the very man he tangled with nearly a decade ago. It was early in 2003 when Cena was a cocky, trash-talking performer looking to rise up the ranks of WWE by picking a fight with "The Next Big Thing." Armed with insult-laced raps that got under Brock's skin, Cena continued to antagonize Lesnar until a final showdown for his WWE Title at Backlash on April 27, 2003.

Even though the two rivals haven't squared off since, it's very clear that Brock still wants to inflict pain on the 10-Time WWE Champion after all these years. Well, there isn't a more suitable domain to unleash that hunger for pain than at Extreme Rules, which takes place live on pay-per-view April 29 from the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

Coming off a very close loss to The Rock at WrestleMania, Cena will surely be looking to make a powerful statement in what could be the most physically demanding battle of his career. And judging by Brock's recent unpredictable attacks, there's no telling what he's capable of doing on the one night of the year when the entire WWE throws out the rulebook.


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Brock Lesnar brawled with John Cena; match set for Extreme Rules
Raw GM John Laurinaitis came out to introduce Brock Lesnar, proclaiming that he's the new face of WWE, and announced that Lesnar will face Cena at Extreme Rules on April 29.
Lesnar thanked Laurinaitis for having the wisdom to bring "legitimacy" back to WWE, but that statement didn't sit right with John Cena, who quickly charged out to the ring for a heated staredown with the very man who laid him out with a brutal F-5 the previous week on Raw.
The Cenation leader proceeded to slap Brock in the face, triggering a near-uncontrollable brawl. Pandemonium broke loose and the WWE locker room emptied as over a dozen Superstars and Officials tried to pull the two competitors off each other.
It took repeated efforts to stop Brock and Cena from pounding each other to bits as the Verizon Center erupted. Cena suffered a nasty bloodied lip as a result of the wild melee with Lesnar.

John Cena def. David Otunga; Brock Lesnar assaulted Cena afterwards
Cena didn't let a busted lip slow him down in the main event of Raw SuperShow. Still bleeding from the mouth following his brawl with Lesnar at the beginning of Raw, Cena withstood David Otunga's powerful punches and clotheslines, then mounted a big comeback while Otunga wasted too much time posing for the crowd.
The Cenation leader nailed Otunga with a Five-Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment before finishing him off with the STF.
As Cena had his hand raised in victory, though, Lesnar snuck up from behind and brought Cena down with a low blow, then sent him flying with another devastating F-5 for the second week in a row.
It's apparent that the self-proclaimed "War Machine" will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in his impactful return to WWE. And at this rate, these two rivals appear ready to tear each other to shreds before they even get to square off at Extreme Rules on April 29

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WWE Magazine April Issue: 2 Different Covers

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CM Punk promotes the power of his patella!

What if John Cena and Randy Orton traded place during their rookie years?

And…Kelly Kelly is totally “Hotty Hotty” as our Diva of the Month!


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WWE: Brock and Cena: Their Turbulent History

WWE: Brock and Cena: Their Turbulent History
Before Brock Lesnar sent John Cena crashing to the mat with an F-5 on Raw SuperShow, there was a striking moment of déjà vu. The look in both of their eyes made it all seem like this wasn't a random collision between WWE Superstars. You got the sense there was something bubbling hot under the surface.

We can't begin to determine why Lesnar came back and immediately targeted Cena. Trying to do that would be futile. As evidenced on Raw, Brock is unpredictably dangerous. His vicious attack could've been about making a statement to the entire WWE Universe, or perhaps he wanted to send a lasting message to the Cenation leader – just like he did nearly a decade ago.

As it turns out, these two have a rocky history dating back to 2003 – one that includes scathing insults, the birth of Cena's finishing maneuver, and a hard-fought clash for the WWE Championship. While the WWE Universe waits to learn more about Brock's intentions coming out of that shocking assault, it's the perfect time to trace where the bad blood first boiled over between Lesnar and Cena.

Feb. 6, 2003: Cena calls out Lesnar for the first time
Cena and Lesnar were on two very different roads in 2003. Lesnar was an established title contender in hot pursuit of the second WWE Championship of his young career. Cena, on the other hand, was a cocky, trash-talking Superstar on the rise who was trying to make a name for himself at all costs.

On the Feb. 6, 2003 edition of SmackDown, a rambunctious, rappin' Cena used one of his patented freestyles to unleash words of fury on "The Next Big Thing." Taking shots at Brock's intelligence, appearance, and even the F-5, Cena challenged Lesnar to a match on the following week's SmackDown. It was a bold move for the former "Doctor of Thuganomics," but it certainly grabbed the WWE Universe's – and Brock's – attention.

Feb. 13, 2003: Lesnar shows Cena the meaning of pain
Cena wasn't done poking fun at Lesnar as they fought for the first time on the Feb. 13, 2003 edition of SmackDown. He provoked the beast with a pre-match freestyle, mocking Lesnar with lines like, "God build me strong, forget to give me brain." Brock then made Cena pay for disrespecting him with punishing blows before Cena nearly pulled off an upset by smashing Lesnar's head with a steel chain.

After Brock ultimately powered back and defeated Cena with a powerful F-5, he made an example out of him with another F-5 into the steel ring post that wrecked the Cenation leader's knee.

March 2003: Back on his feet, Cena calls out Lesnar again
Cena didn't keep quiet while recouping from the knee injury inflicted by Lesnar. In a series of insult-laced freestyles aired on SmackDown, The Cenation Commander-in-Chief warned Brock that he would seek revenge for the F-5 that put him out of action for several weeks. Claiming that Lesnar had awoken his more intense side, Cena vowed to take out all of his pent-up aggression on Brock when he returned to SmackDown.

March 27, 2003: Cena gives the F-5 a serious adjustment
Returning to SmackDown on March 27, 2003, Cena entered himself in a No. 1 Contender's Tournament for an opportunity to face Lesnar for the WWE Title at Backlash. Cena wasted no time proving his intensity against his first opponent in the tournament, Rikishi. He wore the 350-pounder down and finished him off with a new, modified version of the F-5, which later became known as the Attitude Adjustment. In essence, the very finishing move that helped carry Cena to the top of WWE was something he conceived to anger Lesnar. After the contest, Cena called Brock out to the ring, and then charged to the backstage area to brawl with Lesnar when he didn't get an answer.

The Cenation leader went on to win the No. 1 Contender's Tournament, defeating Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker along the way, to earn his sought-after rematch against Lesnar at Backlash. Throughout the tournament, Cena continued to use the modified F-5 as his finisher to conquer his challengers, fanning the flames of his growing rivalry with Brock in the process.

April 24, 2003: Battered and bruised, Lesnar stands strong
On the April 24, 2003 edition of SmackDown, Cena showed he would go to any lengths in his quest to take the WWE Championship from Brock. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief interfered in Lesnar's match just days before Backlash and brutalized Brock with the WWE Title and attempted to humiliate him with the modified F-5/Attitude Adjustment. As Cena came back to the ring to taunt Lesnar, though, he found himself caught in the whirlwind of Brock's F-5. Cena's merciless assault seemed to only feed Brock's hunger to teach him a painful lesson with the championship on the line.

Brock and Cena: Their turbulent history
With a bandage covering the wound from Cena's attack, Lesnar took the early advantage at Backlash by exerting his freakish strength to overpower his smaller opponent. A determined Cena rallied back and pinpointed the WWE Champion's injury by sending him headfirst into the steel ring steps and ring post. However, when Cena tried to worsen the damage with a steel chain, the referee stopped him in his tracks, giving Brock an opening to bring the pain with the decisive F-5.

Their rivalry ended at Backlash in 2003, but Cena's precipitous rise in WWE was only just beginning. The budding Superstar kept climbing the ranks and captured the WWE Title a whopping 10 times, while Brock departed WWE in 2004 as a three-time WWE Champion and achieved great success in the world of mixed martial arts.

It wouldn't come as a surprise to discover that Lesnar's hatred for Cena is still thriving nearly a decade later. And if Lesnar's return to WWE is driven by a grudge after all these years, Cena better watch out – because history tells us that Brock's rage cannot be ridiculed.

Did Brock purposely try to reignite his past rivalry with Cena? Or did he put the bull's eye on him for the sheer enjoyment of inflicting more pain in WWE?

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