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July 26, 2010

John Cena comes out talking about "the Nexus" saying they took over WWE, the Superstars and the Camera mans! But my Team has one common goal. We will beat Nexus and we end the Nexus at SummerSlam! "I never thought of myself of Super Man more like Aqua man" Cena said!

Then Chris Jericho came out and interrupted Cena.
Jericho, went on saying Cena i knew you were going to say it was YOUR TEAM! As in CENA TEAM. I did not get involved in to be on Team Cena. I got involved because i have my own personal problems with the Nexus! This is NOT your Team Cena its my team! Cena said "Fine its your team I don't care! I just want to beat the Nexus!" Chris Jericho gets in Cena face and says, "You do what i want, Everything i say to do you do!"

Cena slaps the mic out of Jericho's hand. "Its Not about you" Cena told him! Jericho tells Cena theNexus is 1 threat but you Cena your the second threat! Your just like the Nexus in some ways! I'll take you down Cena. John Cena Drops his mic and looks at Jericho and says "Take your best shot!" While this happen a Message from GM came in, saying John Cena and Chris Jericho will be in a match but a tag team match together to see how they work together! You both will face The Miz and Sheamus. GM says " If you aint down with that, I got 2 words for you!"

Backstage John Cena watches R-Truth and John Morrsion argue in the ring! Cena shakes his head. Looks like his team he put together is falling apart!

The Tag Team Match: Cena & Jericho VS The Miz & Sheamus

Both Tag team matches come out there standing in the ring! They argue who will start the match. But Cena and the Miz took control and start if off!
Miz tags in Sheamus. Cena puts Sheamus in the corner and Jericho tags in. They go at it for a while. Cena gets back in the match so does the Miz. Cena pins Miz, Miz kicks out in 2! Jericho tags back in to . He see Sheamus on the side knocks him out with a kick in the face! While that happen The Miz takes control of the match. Sheamus gets back in the tag team match! Jericho VS Sheamus.... Chris Jericho struggles with Sheamus he has the upper hand in the match. Cena on the sideline yelling at Jericho "Come on" Cena wants in on this match he shakes his head! He starts Jumping, getting the crowd hype they start cheering.

Finally Cena tags in. He is hype he knocks out Sheamus, pins him does "YOU CANT SEE ME" does 5 knuckle shuffles. Chris Jericho comes in the ring turns on his team mate and knocks out Cena with a code breaker. The Miz tags in and WON the match.

After the match was over Chris Jericho goes in the ring attempts to beat up Cena. John Cena notices and gets up and puts Jericho in a STF. Chris starts tapping out. The Rest of Cena team he put together came out to the ring. They all start fighting. They went after each other. Cena Team Falls apart! Then the Show Ends leaving you wondering what will happen with the SS Cena Team!

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  1. carol(cena)dickauJuly 27, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    what can you say after that?? what will happen at summer slam!!?? will they work together or fall apart, lets hope for the best and thats to see wwe win.. go wwe team!!!!