Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vince McMahon Praises John Cena

The article also includes the following Vince McMahon quotes about Cena:

"You have to start with the quality of the human being. John is an extraordinary human being; he's honest, he's loyal. He's full of himself, too. But he's like a throwback to the type of individual it's difficult find these days, someone with old-fashioned values. In addition to that, he's a Neanderthal when it comes to strength."

"No matter how good you are as a human being, you need talent. You could tell that John had talent - very raw talent, mind you."

According to the article, Vince held a meeting with WWE talent years ago, saying he was looking for someone who was ready to reach for the brass ring.

"Step on people on the way over if you have to. Apologize later. I'm looking for someone with courage that wants to break out and be ballsy enough to take on the responsibility of being the top guy."

"At the end of the meeting, someone came over and said, 'I'm your man,' and that was John."

Note from Ryan Clark: That's some very high praise from the man himself. It's not often you see that so it just goes to show you how much Vince McMahon likes John Cena these days. He's been called the 'poster child of WWE and 'Vince McMahon's guy' by sources in the past


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