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John Cena to face Randy Orton in a Tables atch in the night’s main event
Who’s feeling lucky? John Cena and Randy Orton watched as the Raw Roulette Wheel spun to decide the type of match they must compete in. The Viper seemed pleased when the wheel stopped on a Tables Match. Orton’s demeanor may have had everything to do with the fact that the last time Cena competed in a Tables Match, he dropped the WWE Chamionship to Sheamus. As Cena reminded announcer Josh Mathews, however, that happened right around the time the “Legendary” star last faced and defeated Orton.

Randy Orton VS John Cena in a Tables Match:
John Cena and Randy Orton hadn’t faced one another in singles competition since December of 2009. That lapse in no way diminished the animosity that has always simmered just below the surface. During their Tables Match in the night’s main event, those callous feelings could no longer be contained.
As the battle progressed, various Superstars would power through more lumber than a Home Depot. In the end, Barrett (and his Nexus cohorts), Edge and Jericho, and The Celtic Warrior would all invade the ring.

Barrett and The Nexus attempted to upend both Cena and Orton, but together the two would dispose of the five members, mostly by sending them through tables.

Next up, The Ultimate Opportunist and the ever-conceited Canadian attempted to disrupt the proceedings. Instead, The Viper sent the two of them headlong into the same piece of splintering lumber.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, Cena seized the WWE Champion, heaved him atop his granite shoulders and sent him hurtling onto the cold, hard arena floor with an Attitude Adjustment.

Finally, Cena snatched Orton up onto his shoulders and readied him for yet another Attitude Adjustment. Just when it appeared The Apex Predator would soon crash through one of the tables, though, he turned the AA inside out, coiling his arm around Cena’s neck and administering a mid-air RKO. The lethal maneuver sent his opponent crashing through the long lumber platform for the win and a sizable helping of momentum heading into Sunday evening.


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