Sunday, September 19, 2010

WWE PPV Night Of Champions RESULTS


John Cena Did a Promo talking to Josh he says hes Ready for the Match!

6 Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship:
John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Chris jerhico

Sheamus comes out first.... then Cena runs out he is hype for this match. Then Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett the last one to come is Randy Orton!

The Match Begins.......
They all go after eachother Cena knocks Edge out the ring. Jericho and Randy fights in the ring Then Cena enters back in the ring goes after Jericho. Randy gets back up and RKO Jerichos and Jericho is out by Randy. They all watch Chris Jericho walk back to the locker room. 5 men left!

Everyone teams up on Wade Barrett they attack him! Barrett gets thrown from the ring. Now its Randy and Cena in the ring but Wade comes in so does Sheamus. They attack Cena and Randy.

Cena and Orton stare eachother down in the ring. Orton try getting in the RKO to Cena but didnt happen! Sheamus trys to go for the cover for Cena but Cena kicks out at 2. Sheamus tries tried out Cena. Sheamus goes after Orton, Wade, Edge who where laying outside of the ring. He goes back in the ring after Cena. Gives Cena a high knee. Sheamus gives Cena a high elbow while Cena was trying to take over with firing right hands.

Edge goes in the ring with Sheamus and Cena. They both go after Cena. Edge and Sheamus Team up and Superplex Cena off the ropes! Then they team up on Wade Barrett and throws his head into the mat outside the ring. They pick up Orton into the ring! Sheamus tries to take the Cover Orton kicks out in 2.

Randy Orton gets hype and goes after Sheamus and Edge knocks out Edge but then Sheamus knocks out Orton. Sheamus and Edge battling it out! Edge went for the spair but Sheamus moved. Sheamus puts Edge in a Back Breaker!

Cena and Edge battling it out. Cena takes the Cover of Edge with a Attitude Adjustment . Now its 4 Men. Wade Barrett is on the attack he goes after Cena. 5 knuggle snuffle to Wade. Sheamus interperts Cena puts Sheamus in STF but Sheamus grabs onto the ropes.

Part of Nexus comes out distracts Cena. Wade knocks out Cena and He eliminated Cena.
Orton RKO's Nexus Members! Cena gets up and hits some Nexus memeber with a Steel Chair! Orton ELIMINATED Wade with a RKO. ..... does the same with Sheamus and he WINS the WWE CHAMPION TITTLE!


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