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John Cena officially joined The Nexus

impossible. That seemed to be the most appropriate word to describe it. Less than 24 hours after losing his match to Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell, John Cena suffered the consequences. As a man of his word, Cena faced Barrett and his cohorts in The Nexus, donned one of their trademark armbands and read a statement describing himself as an official member of the group.

The gutting transformation took place after it was revealed that Cena lost in great measure thanks to season two NXT Rookies Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris, who interfered at Hell in a Cell. Naturally, Barrett denied any knowledge of their plans. Afterward, he permitted Cena to choose a partner in a tag team match against Mark Henry & Evan Bourne. The Nexus’ newest and most reluctant member chose a man who, moments earlier, had relished presenting him with his distinctive armband: Michael Tarver.

1st Match: Mark Henry & Evan Bourne VS John Cena & Michael Tarver

John Cena may have been forced to join The Nexus, but he won’t be forced to compete – not to his potential, anyway. The Nexus’ newest member paired with Michael Tarver to face Mark Henry & Evan Bourne. It appeared clear to Tarver that his partner was holding back. In fact, when Tarver attempted to tag Cena in, the Legendary star begged off, permitting Henry to prevail for his team with The World’s Strongest Slam.

After allowing his tag team opponents to win, Cena informed his partner and his new Nexus cohorts, that he plans on doing just one thing: Destroying the group from within. He began by dismantling Tarver in the middle of the ring. His actions, however, would not be tolerated.

Raw’s anonymous General Manager informed the Legendary star that he must live up to his own stipulations. Having lost to Barrett at Hell in a Cell, Cena must act in good faith. Should he choose to rebel, the Raw GM informed him that his WWE contract “will be terminated.”

The Match of the 20-Man Battle Royal Results:

Wade Barrett should play the lottery – and soon. Despite exceedingly long odds, the Englishman emerged victorious in a 20-Man Battle Royal to emerge as the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship The Nexus leader added the feat to his lengthy list of accomplishments, including defeating John Cena the night before at Hell in a Cell.

The victory did not come without assistance. Despite his reluctance, The Nexus’ newest disciple, Cena, assisted the group’s leader on several occasions throughout the match. Finally, with Barrett, Cena and Sheamus remaining, the Legendary star tossed the Irishman over the rope. Barrett then called on Cena to fall on his sword and step over the top rope, which The Nexus’ newest member reluctantly did in order to prevent being fired.

In the wake of the surprise victory, WWE Champion Randy Orton came directly to the ring to taunt his WWE Bragging Rights opponent, flashing the title in the Englishman’s face for all the WWE Universe to see.

WWE has been forever altered. One night after Hell in a Cell, John Cena arguably WWE’s brightest Superstar, was forced into a shadowy arrangement with one of the darkest forces RAW has ever known, The Nexus, and the group's petulant principal, Wade Barrett.

If John Cena doesn't do what Wade Barrett says the GM said "Cena will be FIRED!"

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