Friday, October 1, 2010


Friday Night Smack Down
Start of the Show, Cena came out and fought off the Nexus then his Match was made by WADE from Nexus to have a Match with KANE!
John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane:
Lumberjack Match ended in a No Contest
Just as they did at the start of the night, The Nexus intervened in the action by attacking before a winner could be determined in the evening's Lumberjack Match. After focusing their assault on John Cena, the house lights dimmed. Then, from out of the darkness, The Undertaker emerged. With Paul Bearer looking on, The Phenom unleashed his fury on The Big Red Monster both in and out of the ring. Kane tried to battle back, but was met with the full force of his brother’s chokeslam as "The Father of Destruction” raised his mystical urn high. Is it a sign of things to come when they meet at Hell in a Cell?


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