Thursday, November 18, 2010


Former WWE Champion John Cena posted comments on his official Twitter page concerning Nexus following this past Monday's "Old School" edition of Monday Night RAW. Here is what Cena had to say...

"CeNation. Officially don't care anymore what wade thinks or says. Had time to reflect and if i get fired, im ok with it. Sorry to keep quiet for so long. That will never happen again. I have been able to read all of your messages. Thank u to all."



  1. Hello! My name is Amalia. I am 11 old years.John Cena I love you very much as to Jesus . I am from Romania and I see you tv and you are my favorit wrestler . I want come in America because I want see you . No on tv . I read your message and I understand you're in very difficult situation beacause you do not know who to choose on the night you will be albitru , but you know like any choice you make, I'm profund of you.I've done my twitter account so I can talk to you .Mention. By.

  2. You are very good .Berret are lost. Ok! Randy won. You were honest and it makest you be much better.

  3. dear.john cena i am 14 years old and i has allways liked you and you are my favorite wrestler and i respect you and i respect the cenation from your number one fan jaquan anderson.

  4. dear.john cena you are going to make the miz say i quit in the match i hope you win you are the champ i dont wont you to lose the championship belt from jaquan.