Monday, November 29, 2010

Juan Cena difference to Other Gimmicks

What Makes "Juan Cena" Different from Gimmicks of the Past?

I'm getting a little aggravated with wrestling fans bashing the idea of John Cena's new "Juan Cena" gimmick. After he was fired by WWE, you had to understand that this was going to happen. In fact, there's enough of a track record to have seen this coming.

We have seen this so many times before. Wrestler X gets fired/suspended/prevented from another title shot. They then go through the simplest bit of logic conceivable: If I can't wrestle, then I'll wrestle as "not me!" Convinced that it is fool proof, Wrestler X begins to parade around sporting a mask.

In most situations, even the casual fan is aware of this new masked wrestler's identity. The game then continues on with a person or a group wishing to uncover Wrestler X for lying about who they are.

WWE has done this with Mr. America (Hulk Hogan), Los Conquistadors (Edge and Christian/The Hardys) and even Santina Marella (Santino, as if anyone couldn't guess on that one). Even TNA has used the gag recently with Suicide (Kazarian) and Curry Man (Christopher Daniels).

Why is it that, at the idea of John Cena becoming Juan Cena and potentially sporting a mask, wrestling fans begin to cry foul? We all enjoyed, at least for a little bit, when we saw Los Conquistadors, who were named Uno and Dos. We laughed along when Vince McMahon went to expose Hogan as Mr. America and had his claims responded by Mr. America saying, "I'm not Hulk Hogan, dude." Even though Santina didn't wear a mask, maybe she should have. Just saying...

As we prepare for a three-hour RAW tonight with The Miz's first address as WWE Champion and a new King of the Ring to be crowned, we will likely also see Juan Cena's "debut" tonight and it is only fair to look at this storyline in the same capacity that those similar gimmicks have had.

Why is it that, because it is Cena, everyone has to attack this idea? While I am not happy about this storyline either, I accept it because it is how things have gone in the past. It's ridiculous and insults our intelligence, but it is the price we pay for wanting to see Cena fired.


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  1. we didn't want 2 cena got fired . but the most exciting thing that barret lost the title and we have ceeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaa
    happy for your lost barrett.