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11.8.10 in MANCHESTER, England

Wade Barrett confronted John Cena; Raw’s main event announced

Humiliation. Loathing. Disrespect. These characteristics seem to be overshadowing John Cena’s true motto as of late. Case in point, Nexus’ reluctant warrior was forced to recite a cloying introduction of the group’s leader, Wade Barrett, in his hometown of Manchester prior to what the Englishman dubbed a “Championship Celebration Preview.”

Barrett led the rest of The Nexus onto the stage while addressing his fellow Brits. After heavy boasting, he admonished fellow “Nexi” David Otunga for leading the group on a losing effort at SmackDown last Friday. He then turned his ire on Cena for allowing his tag team to lose to WWE Champion Randy Orton & R-Truth the week prior while Cena served as special guest referee. Cena was then reminded that, as special guest ref during the WWE Title Match at Survivor Series, if Barrettwins, he will be free of Nexus. If the Englishman loses, however, he will fired. Cena then offered his own newsflash: Free or fired, he plans on bashing in Barrett’s teeth regardless.

Amid the rancor, it was easy to forget one critical fact: Orton would have his say. To underscore the point, The Viper entered with title in hand. Before tensions escalated, Raw’s General Manager, via Michael Cole, interrupted. The GM announced that, not only was Barrett’s premature Championship Celebration Preview canceled, to ensure a decisive victor at Survivor Series, the WWE Title Match must be won by pinfall or submission – and Nexus members will be banned from ringside.

The GM also announced the night’s main event: A 10-Man Tag Team Match pitting Barrett & The Nexus against Orton and a team of the GM’s choosing with Cena acting as special guest referee.

Wade Barrett arranged David Otunga vs. John Cena
In light of David Otunga’s perceived attempts to assert himself within The Nexus, the group’s leader, Wade Barrett, had a bit of unwelcome news. As punishment, the Englishman arranged a match pitting Otunga against his fellow Nexus member John Cena.

The Match:

John Cena def. David Otunga

For David Otunga, the cavalry never showed. Prior to his match with John Cena, the flashy Nexus member implored his cohorts to back him up during the bout. When the group paraded in, however, they were ordered to retreat from ringside by leader Wade Barrett. The betrayal left Otunga susceptible and allowed Cena to force him to tap out
Afterward, the Englishman confronted Otunga and informed him that if he does not defeat Edge onSmackDown this Friday, he will be excommunicated from The Nexus!

Team Barrett def. Team Orton

Blimey! Two weeks before clashing with WWE Champion Randy Orton at Survivor Series, Wade Barrett savored a triumphant homecoming. Commanding Team Barrett, including WWE Tag Team ChampionsHeath Slater & Justin Gabriel, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty and himself, the Nexus leader defeated Team Orton, consisting of the WWE Champion, R-Truth,Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & The Miz.

With Nexus’ reluctant disciple, John Cena, acting as special guest referee, David Otunga slunk to the squared circle, causing a distraction. By the time Cena dispatched of Otunga, Miz had already gone rogue and leveled his team captain, The Viper. Barrett quickly pounced, covering Orton as Cena turned and slapped the canvas for the three-count.

In the wake of his momentous victory, Barrett was carried off on the shoulders of his Nexus minions. But was the Englishman’s hometown celebration a harbinger of championships to come, or the latest sign of his arrogant undoing?


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