Monday, November 1, 2010

WWE Appreciation Fan Day Results

Here are the results of the WWE Apreciation Fan Day that took place last night which John Cena made a surprising appearance when he challenge Kane for the World title:

John Cena defeated via DQ in a World Hvt. Championship match. John Cena got a very hot reaction from the crowd, mostly positive. If you would've told me that this was going to be the best match of the night with guys like Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio on the card, I would've told you to cue Vince McMahon's theme song. This was a very good match with lots of false finishes, kicking out of finishers and a great all-around match.

Unfortunately, you knew how it was going to end up, especially since John Cena had ripped off the Nexus armband about halfway through the match. Cena slapped on his second STF and the Nexus ran down for the save. Orton ran down to the ring and joined the fight for Cena against Nexus. The heel part of the roster ran down to pretty much pummel Cena and Orton. The faces then saved the day and it was a finisher bonanza on Sheamus and the Nexus to close out the show and let everyone leave happy.


Here's the video, you can watch it below:

John Cena vs Kane for World title

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