Sunday, December 19, 2010


WWE PPV: Table, Ladders and Chairs (TLC)

Before the Match. Wade Barrett went to the Nexus Locker Room and all the Nexus where laid out on the floor. Like someone took them out.
Then moments before the Match started Cena hits Husky with the Chair! He said he will take out each one of the Nexus.

John Cena VS Wade Barrett in Chair match.

Wade barrett comes out first waits in the ring for Cena to enter. Cena comes out the crowd goes crazy!

Match begins.... They go head to head. Barrett backs off Cena. Barrett tried to leave the ring to grab a chair but Cena notices it and pulls Barrett back in the ring. There fighting outside the ring. Cena trying to ware down Barrett. Barrett picks up a Chair. Barrett takes a swing at Cena with the chair misses. Cena moving out of the way! Cena grabs a Chair. They both have chairs now. They both hit eachother chairs went flying. Cena corners Wade beats him up. Barret hits his head on the steel chair. Cena Barrett wrestling over the steel chair. Wade kicks Cena in the face. Barrets tries to put Cena away, Cena kicks out on 2. Barret throws Cena into the steel steps outside the ring. Cena is running away trying to Grab a chair. Wade follows and smacks Cena with the Steel chair in his back. Wade rings up the Steel steps. Smacks Cena again with the chair Cena tries to get up and fight back. Cena throws Wade onto the steel matches on the stage and He walks backstage comes out with a Chair but not a steel chair. He puts Wade in the chair that rolls and pushes him down the ramp and Wade went into the steel steps.

Wade puts Cena head threw the chair and throws him. Where it kinds choke Cena. There back in the ring Wade taking out his anger out on Cena with the chair. Wade sits on Cena with the chair smacking him in the face telling him to give up give up! Cena trying to power out of it lifting him up and throwing him off him. Cena up, get picking things up. Does flying shoulderblock trys again but the chair got in the way. Wade locks Cena into the ropes beats him with the chair. Cena screams in pain. Wade tries again Cena kicks him in the stomach. 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena almost had Wade in STF Wade counters Cena goes face first in the steel chair in the corner of the ring.

Cena goes into angry mode. He has the chair. Cena on the top rope. Cena delivers a flying leg drop with a steel-chair to the back of Wade neck! Cena puts all the steel chairs in the ring lines them up picks up Wade throws them. He takes the cover. Cena picks up the win.

Cena isn't finish tho. Wade crawls to the ramp, Cena follows him and smacks Wade with the steel chair.
Then Cena drops part of the set on Wade. Then looks up and seen a line of chairs and pulls on the rope. All the chairs came down crashing onto Wade Barrett.


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  1. O YEAH..!! Cena would have kicked that lousy Wade's A** way before. But its by time when Wade will learn some respect and know what C nation is all about.
    And C Nation lets celebrate...
    John Cena

  2. you go john cena i new you could beat wade barrett butt wade barrett was all talk and no show allways had to hide behind the nexes he sure cannot see us thats cool love you john cena you rock

  3. YES!!! way to go Cena! im happy to have you back on the raw roster again!!
    RAW is and always will be on top with the CHAMP on there side!

  4. my christmas present is tooo marryyy you...just to inform you...

    i love you so much <3