Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Former WWE Writers Discuss The Cena-Miz-Rock Feud

Former WWE Writers Discuss The Cena-Miz-Rock Feud

Former WWE writers Seth Mates and Dave Lagana have shared their ideas on the current feud between John Cena and The Rock.

- Dave Lagana has updated his blog with a blog talking about John Cena’s battle rap from RAW where he responded to The Rock’s recent insults towards him. Lagana talks about:

- How John Cena needed to get his “edge” back to combat the Rock
- Why rapping every so often will keeps the haters off Cena’s back.
- How the Cena rap character was discovered andy why it worked.
- Favorite Cena raps of the 2002-2005 era
- The rap that not a lot of people saw but set the tone for Cena as

- Meanwhile, former creative team member Seth Mates did some fantasy booking of how he would book John Cena vs. The Miz and how The Rock would get involved:

“During the match, Rock comes down and accidentally knocks down Cena,” Mates writes. “The Miz smiles as if he did it on purpose as revenge.

“Rock plays along for a second, then beats the hell out of Miz. Cena gets up, hits finisher, pins Miz for the WWE Title.


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