Friday, March 4, 2011


Matt Hardy on John Cena’s promo on Raw in response to The Rock: Umm I actually caught the highlights back on YouTube. Actually thought that’s something John’s needed for a while. He just kind of needed an edge because the ‘PG thing’ is one thing that I think TNA they have an advantage over WWE it’s like I don’t think they have to go crazy as far as bleeding or swearing or sex, violence, whatever. It’s nice they don’t have a super tight parameter to be in and all these boundaries.

“For the longest time John would come on and go ‘Yeah and all this PG and all this PG.’ It’s just like I think pushing your audience, like the 18-to-34 you’re looking for out the door, it’s like I don’t want to hear that and for John to have that little edge again. I think that was important. He needed that you know. They’re not in the grand scheme of things [WWE targeting an 18-to-34 audience], but when it comes down to advertising bucks and the demographics. That’s the demographics that make money. In the big scheme of things that’s what it’s all about.”


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