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3/7/11 in Dallas
WWE Champion The Miz attacked John Cena
In case anyone forgot who the WWE Champion is, The Miz was happy to refresh their memory. Though supposedly boycotting Raw (as cited on his Twitter account), The Cleveland Screamer surfaced from under the ring as John Cena addressed disparaging comments made by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a week earlier. The WWE Champion then attacked the Cenation Commander-in-Chief. As Miz lectured the WWE Universe and The Rock, his WrestleManiaopponent lie writhing on the canvas. Just as it appeared the WWE Champion had wrapped up his tirade, he turned back to a dazed Cena and crushed him with a People's Elbow before bidding a fed-up farewell.
Source: WWE.COM

Dark Match:

After Raw went off the air, Michael Cole came out in a referee shirt while The Miz was on the ramp and John Cena was in the ring. He said he was going to referee the main event, and if Cena and Orton don’t follow his rules, the Raw GM has given him the right to suspend both men through WrestleMania.

For the bonus main event of Miz & C.M. Punk vs. Orton & Cena, Punk came out first. Then, Miz came back out. Then, Orton came out and Punk put on Cena’s “Via Satellite” t-shirt and Cena’s hat.

Bonus Dark Match: John Cena & Randy Orton beat WWE champion The Miz & C.M. Punk with Michael Cole as special referee. Punk had funny body language the entire match. About five minutes into the match, all of the Superstars were on the mat. King then came into the ring and ripped the ref shirt off Cole, who ran to the back. King then put on the shirt. By this time, all four men were up. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Miz at the same time Orton dropped Punk with the RKO. Double three count. Cena and Orton won.

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