Monday, April 18, 2011


4/18/2011 in London

John Cena & Sin Cara def. WWE Champion The Miz & Alex Riley
Even in England, The Miz continues to be the biggest of royal pains. The WWE Champion whined on and on about John Morrison replacing R-Truth in his Triple Threat Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules.

During the temper tantrum, WWE’s latest sensation, Sin Cara, approached the ring to prepare for his match with Miz’s lackey, Alex Riley. Soon after, John Cena joined the fray as Raw’s anonymous General Manager quickly interrupted and arranged a tag team match pitting Cena & Sin Cara against Miz & Riley.

The Cenation Commander-in-Chief softened up his Extreme Rules rival as well as Riley. Sin Cara then used his acrobatic antics against Riley, who succumbed to the international wonder with a three-count.


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  1. cena me and my daughter really like raw alot we really love u especially my little girl but she was in a really terrible car accident and shes disabled now and tries everyday to act just like u but she cant even run with the rest of the kids she crys everyday cause she cant run with other kids but just loves wrestling and would love to see a live event but could never afford it havent worked since i have had to take care of her. she ask to come see u guys all the time and it would be a lifetime dream to come to a real live event to see u guys in person its all she ever wants to do ever

  2. Smart move using Cena's popularity to try to help Sin Cara out.