Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 Videos: John Cena Reacts to WWEDraft

Here a couple of Videos for you to watch on what happen on Monday Night Raw 4/25/2011 WWE-DRAFT

John Cena DRAFTED to SmackDown Video:

John Cena backstage on RAW. This is what Aired on Monday Night RAW
Watch Video below:

EXCLUSIVE: John Cena Reacts to being DRAFTED to Smack Down.
Watch Video Below:

John Cena DRAFTED back to RAW Video:

Now at the end of RAW John Cena got DRAFTED again and got Drafted back to RAW
EXCLUSIVE: Watch what he says how he feels about being Drafted back to RAW.
Watch Video Below

Enjoy all the videos of John Cena!

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  1. I loved it... that was deffently history in the making...

  2. i love 4 ever jo0hn cena

  3. dear.john cena happy birthday from jaquan anderson your number one fan you rock i am so happy i am on team cenation and in the cenation club.

  4. dear.john cena i am so very very very happy that you are on smackdown i hope the miz is so dumm.

  5. dear.john cena me and my godbrother like john cena i am so glad i am on team cenation and on the in the cenation club i like you are my favorite wrestler ever fron your number one fan jaquan anderson.