Friday, August 12, 2011

Pictures and Video - WWE SummerSlam kick off party (Be A STAR)

John Cena took part of the WWE be a STAR campaign! Also its SummerSlam Kick off party. I got a Video and Pictures check them out!

Video #1
Here is a Video of John Cena on the Red Carpet:

Video #2
John Cena with some of other WWE Superstars and Celebs talking to WWE


John Cena TWEETED this on his twitter about the Be A STAR Campaign:
"CeNation. On way to launch of WWE be a STAR campaign. I am surrounded by toyota priuses. Literally 1 out of every 5 cars. LA is truly a unique piece of the earth. Looking forward to tonight. As well as sunday. For all that don't know..Be A STAR is a massive anti bullying campaign. WWE along with multiple org. Are trying to put a stop to bullying Show Tolerance And Respect. Respect....ive heard that b4. :)"

source: youtube, gettyimages and twitter

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  1. wow. cena u r awesome really. best of luck 4 tomorrow.