Thursday, September 22, 2011

If Cena Breaks Record: Chavo Guerrero will stop watching WWE

"Guerrero Vows To Stop Watching Wrestling If Cena Breaks Record"

closed in on ’s record 16 World Title reigns with his victory over Alberto Del Rio Sunday night at Night of Champions. The master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle has now won 12 World titles; the WWE Championship a record 10 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Cena’s latest World Title victory has former WWE Superstar steamed as the third-generation grappler has vowed to stop watching professional wrestling if he breaks Naitch’s legendary record.

He stated Monday night on Twitter, “If Cena brakes the great Ric Flair’s 16 time champ record, I will never watch wrestling again. I call a boycott of Cena matches if he does!”

Guerrero also asked his Twitter followers, “How many of u are tired of John Cena being champion? Don’t get all excited, it’s just a question.” He wrote moments later, “Wow…it’s an overwhelming “tired of Cena” response! It’s not me, it’s all the fans. I could literally retweet hundreds of tired responses!”

Guerrero continued, “Now, my opinion…Cena is better than me on the mike,but I could out wrestle Cena with my eyes closed and 1 hand tied behind my back! Truth!

“Some are saying that Cena is a great athlete. Really? C’mon. Are u blind? I know Cena & I could beat him in any sport except weight lifting!

“Golf, basketball, bowling, a race, tennis, horseshoes, hitting a baseball pitch, catching a football…anything!!!!

“Lol…some1 just said Cena is a better athlete than Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior! Lol are u retarded? No offense to a challenge person.”

-This isn't the first time Chavo ran his mouth about John Cena on his twitter.

source: sescoops

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  1. first: great if that loser moron won't ever watch wwe ever again-nobody likes that sorry asshole chavo anyways so it would make everyone happy for that to happen
    second: the reason chavo won't ask his so called "tweeter followers" (which i don't believe he would have very many if any) how many r for cena being our champ is because he would get THOUSANDS of responses (far passing his ?hundreds? so called "tweeter followers"
    third: now this one is truly hilarious; he says he can out wrestle cena with his eyes closed with one hand tied behind his back??? HAHAHA not even in his wildest dreams of that evr happening!
    don't honestly know about that he could beat cena at bowling, tennis, yadayadayada-etc,etc,etc-blah,blah,blah beccause unfortunetly i have not have the pleasure of meeting the champ (which it would make my dream come true)so i can't say one way or another
    lastly: that loser moron lavo should shut his damn pie hole of his and do the ENTIRE WWE universe a favor and go away!!!!