Friday, October 28, 2011

John Cena Surpassed 9million fans on FaceBook!

Congrats to John Cena for surpassing 9million fans on FaceBook!

John Cena is currently No. 8 most-followed athlete in the world!

John Cena Facebook page is:

*that is his only facebook page he has NO personal facebook pages.

source: facebook

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  1. Great job John! I knew you could do it! You'll get another 9 million fans on facebook and surpass a million on twitter! Alot of it is that your consistent day in&out, authentic, genuine, maturity, sportsmanship, loyalty, respect&another million things that fans like me love and respect you for! Keep up good work champ! Much love&hugs

  2. wow awesome keep it up john break the records

  3. Millions of John Cena's fans all over the world.

    All hail the greatness of the living legend, John Cena.

  4. my granddaughter is 5yrs old she is a big fan of yours she has been having seizures for the last 4yrs we almost lost her 3 times her wish is to meet you in person @John Turner64 on Twitter

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  6. Cena now surpassed 10 million likes wow