Monday, November 14, 2011


11/14/2011 in BOSTON

Mick Foley presented “John Cena, This is Your Life!”
In an attempt to unite John Cena and The Rock before their big Survivor Series bout, Mick Foley presented a candid look at the Cenation’s leader’s extraordinary life. Hearkening back to a moment Foley shared with The Brahma Bull on Raw more than 12 years ago, the former WWE Champion introduced Cena’s little league coach, father and former tag partner, Bull Buchanan, to the ring.
Unfortunately, things did not go as The Hardcore Legend planned. First, the coach embarrassed Cena when he brought up a traumatizing childhood strikeout, then B-2 claimed that his former partner ruined his life and finally Cena’s dad chastised the WWE fans who boo his son.
Before things could get worse, The Rock hit the ring and delivered a devastating Rock Bottom to Mick Foley, saving his Survivor Series partner from any further embarassment.

The Rock & John Cena faced off with The Miz & R-Truth
There’s a reason he’s known as The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment. For the better part of 20 minutes, The Rock enthralled a sold-out crowd in Boston’s TD Garden with little more than a microphone.
Calling out his Survivor Series opponents, The Miz & R-Truth, The Brahma Bull was soon joined in the ring by John Cena. Although they stood together against The “Awesome Truth,” the WrestleMania opponents couldn’t help but take a few shots at each other.
But when things got physical, the Cenation leader and The People’s Champion were on the same page as they put the boots to their arrogant opponents.
It was a definite sign that on Sunday, Cena and The Rock may be able to work together.


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