Monday, November 28, 2011



in COLUMBIA, S.C. — An incendiary confrontation between “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and John Cena on “Piper’s Pit” set the stage for an aggressive Raw SuperShow that featured another brutal assault from The Miz and the first title defense of WWE Champion CM Punk

John Cena entered “Piper’s Pit” with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper has never shied away from controversy, so WWE fans weren’t exactly surprised when Hot Rod flat-out asked John Cena if the WWE Universe’s boos were starting to get to him. Always cool under pressure, the Cenation leader refused to gripe and instead insisted that he can’t control the way the crowd reacts, but he can control what happens in the ring.
Cena’s honorable response did not convince Piper, who made it clear that if the powerful Superstar doesn’t face his critics before WrestleMania, he may suffer for it. The Scotsman then added an exclamation to his statement by handing the former WWE Champion his Hall of Fame ring before slapping him across the face.

Although he was rattled by the strike, Cena did not attack the fiery legend. Instead, he returned the ring and quietly exited the squared circle.


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  1. i hate people who bully i get bullyed online i am so sick of cyberbullying and people turning on wrestling star as you john dont let the bullys rattle you i dont and they come with the worst shit about me i am not a kid or a teen i;m a adult and i;m so sick of being called stupid for my poor spelling so i cant to well

  2. dont let bullys pick on you i get pick by jerks online on aol who dont know me they i;m stupid and a loser i know you aint one dont let the haters hate you i am a big fan i wont turn on you i think you rock

  3. I never will understand people who insult, disrespect&bully us. Those kinds of people I quickly lose respect for. You stood up to him, I love what you did&said and am extremely proud of you! You face your critics like a man&Irespect that! I'm priveleged to be in Cenation army, wear my colors proud and a true Cena-ite (loyal Cena fan!) I'm WITH you, FOR you and BESIDE you the whole million yards!
    Though I'm a few years older than you, I consider you my role model! I'm bullied at work all the time&am eager to find a place where I'm accepted as I am, where there's no bullying:that's my idea work environment,I hope there's places like that.. it'll take longer to find them! I'm a female learning how to stop bullying and how to rise above hate ... I'm learning both from you! We need more people like you on this planet! God bless you man! Love&hugs

  4. When Piper hit John Cena in his face, John Cena should of hit Piper back. Thsn left the ring