Monday, January 2, 2012


in MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The first Raw SuperShow of 2012 offered plenty of surprises for the WWE Universe and the WWE Superstars, as Kane continued to torment John Cena with his message of hate, and Chris Jericho lit up Memphis with an unexpected return.

John Cena called out Kane
After wishing the WWE Universe a happy new year and sharing his resolutions for 2012, John Cena addressed Kane’s hateful rage. The leader of the Cenation said he’ll continue to enjoy whatever response he gets from the WWE Universe, and thanked them, despite Kane’s recent actions. Ready for a fight, he called out The Big Red Monster. Rather than getting in the ring with Cena, Kane promised him he’ll embrace the hate and personally witness its true power tonight!

John Cena, Big Show & United States Champion Zack Ryder def. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
Ditched by their tag team partner, Kane, Mark Henry & Jack Swagger were forced to fight John Cena, Big Show & United States Champion Zack Ryder in the Six-Man Elimination Match.
Big Show and Mark Henry were first eliminated by a double count-out in the Handicap Match. With the numbers working against him, Swagger put the ankle lock on Ryder, but Cena tagged in and hit The All-American American with the Attitude Adjustment for the victory.
After the match, Kane surprisingly emerged up through the ring to attack Ryder, then tried to suffocate Cena.
The Big Red Monster nearly pulled the United States Champion down through the hole in the ring, but failed when Cena pulled his friend out of the abyss. Before Cena could get his hands on Kane, a monstrous burst of fire erupted from the hole in the ring, allowing The Big Red Machine to escape.

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  1. wow cena u r awesome kane scared of cena hahahaha.

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  3. Huh Kane u should have wait to receive the CENATION CANE..GO CENA GO CENATION...UR LIFETIME FAN

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