Monday, January 23, 2012


in Phoenix, AZ 1/23/2012

One week after unloading a verbal tirade on Mr. Laurinaitis, The Voice of the Voiceless opened WWE Raw SuperShow by calling out the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, and demanding he admit that he will screw Punk at Royal Rumble. To the surprise of the WWE Universe, John Cena made his way to the ring as Mr. Laurinaitis did not. Cena took the opportunity to demand a match with Kane on Raw and to grant Zack Ryder a U.S. Title rematch.
The Interim Raw General Manager finally appeared and announced that Zack Ryder would face Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere Match tonight. He also declared that if Cena interfered, Long Island Iced-Z would never have another U.S. Title opportunity. Mr. Laurinaitis then announced that CM Punk and John Cena would battle Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler next!

Dolph Ziggler & U.S. Champion Jack Swagger def. WWE Champion CM Punk & John Cena
In an impromptu tag team match, John Cena and CM Punk immediately showed great teamwork in an effort to take out their frustrations with Mr. Laurinaitis. With momentum not in their favor, Ziggler and Swagger tried to regroup and re-strategize.

With a combination of pure athleticism and show-boating, The All-American American and No. 1 contender to the WWE Title built a fair amount of momentum against Cena. But the fighting spirit deep within the Cenation leader overpowered Swagger with an Attitude Adjustment paving the way for the WWE Champion to get inside the squared circle. However, as The Voice of the Voiceless ascended the ropes to elbow drop Ziggler, Mr. Laurinaitis distracted Punk, allowing The Show-Off to capture the victory.
In response, CM Punk challenged the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations to a match tonight and Mr. Laurinaitis accepted!


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  1. this is not right fired the raw GM......

  2. Here is what I want to know: WHY is nobody respecting Cena? Why should he bother respecting anyone&everyone else when they give him NONE? I'll tell you why: He respects because HE IS A REAL MAN! He is consistent -- inside the ring and out -- and gets bullied as a result.

    WE (CENA&ALL HIS CENATION&LOYAL FANS LIKE ME) REJECT HATE&WE RISE ABOVE HATE! WE CHOOSE TO BE A STAR! I'm blessed and privileged to be in his Cenation army and priveleged to be a loyal Cena fan who loves&respects Cena for who he is,what he is and as he is! I'm miles away yet I do my best taking care of my champ Cena! God bless you John!!!! Much love&hugs ....sent by Angie

    #RiseAboveHate #Cenation #RiseAboveHate #ILoveCena #Cenation #WeLoveCena #HustleLoyaltyRespect #BeAStar #MakeAWish

  3. Who told no body is respecting cena.Times he salute at the WWE universe,each n every members of cenation are saluting him from various parts of the universe.NOT JUST TEN OR THOUSANDS.BUT CRORES OF FANS R FOLLOWING HIM N SUPPORTING HIM.THEY ALL SPELL THE 4 LETTER WORD REPEATEDLY."CENA,CENA,CENA................."

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