Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teachers' Corner: John Cena inspires sixth grade class

Teachers' Corner: John Cena inspires sixth grade class's Teachers' Corner is a place for educators to share their stories about how they use WWE as a tool in their classrooms. Stay tuned to Teachers' Corner for more stories about how WWE has helped students succeed. Are you an educator with a story you want to share with's Teachers' Corner? E-mail us.

Teachers' Corner recently received a letter from an educator in Canada who uses a photo of John Cena to encourage students to write creatively.

As a grade six teacher I have a lot of young WWE fans in my class. A few years ago my husband took a picture of me with John Cena at a WWE live event. In class I do a lot of story writing based on picture prompts and this photo is always a hit! The kids want to know if I'm close friends with John Cena, if he was my boyfriend and sometimes I even get some in-ring action (where, of course, they make me lose). It's a great way to build rapport and I often encourage using WWE Superstars in their stories if that interests them.

This year, I directed a student who was working on a social action project to the be a STAR program when he needed to research an organization that was helping to fight bullying.

Becky Carovillano

Alberta, Canada


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1 comment:

  1. Creative teaching! I bet they want HIM to come in person sometime and share his knowledge&experience and how to be all they can be.

    I'm a few years older than John; yet age is NO FACTOR -- I look up to him as my role model, inspiration, he even is teaching me how to rise above hate, among millions other things... and I'm gonna thank him in person someday and share how he's influenced my life and continues to do so.

    A true man he is! I wish there were more guys like John Cena around! I'm blessed to be in Cenation and extra blessed he's my team captain!

    Thank you John, for how you continue to influence me! God bless you! Love&hugs, Angie