Wednesday, February 8, 2012

After RAW went off Air 2/6/2012

John Cena didn't appear on Monday Night RAW 2/6/2012 but he was there! His match didn't make it on air. It was a Dark match.

- After Monday’s RAW from Oklahoma City went off the air, John Cena wrestled Kane in the scheduled dark match main event. The crowd was very hot, with the “Lets Go Cena” chants drowning out the “Cena Sucks” chants. Cena won by DQ after Kane hit him with a chair. Kane chokeslammed Cena and started to leave, but he came back when Cena was announced as the winner. Cena countered a Tombstone attempt with the Attitude Adjustment to send the fans home happy.

After the match, John Cena tweeted the following, taking yet another swipe at The Rock:
“Just finished the advertised main event in OKC. Sorry match didn’t make RAW..but sometimes..ya just gotta be there. Dwayne u know what im.. Actually…sorry. wrong guy. See you soon movie star.”

source: sescoops

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  1. yesssssssssss lets go cena u rock

  2. sounds like it would have been better to watch then sick 6 man match