Monday, March 26, 2012



The Rock and John Cena had their final face-off before WrestleMania

Keeping with his theme of history lessons, The Rock took the crowd down memory lane and reminded them of one of his most memorable matches in Atlanta. The Great One said there's only one man that the millions – and millions – wanted The Great One to face at WrestleMania, and that's John Cena.
It wouldn't take long for his WrestleMania opponent to interrupt, as Cena came out to the ring to stop The Rock before he got any further with his verbal assault
Cena noted The Rock is great at talking trash, but he definitely isn't the first to do so, and that every time someone tries to rip the leader of Cenation, he rises above the hate. Cena went on to say that he's been an active member of WWE longer than The Rock, and unlike The Great One, he's stuck with WWE in both good times and bad. Cena said the WWE Universe knows that he has to win this match, because his entire life is riding on it.
The Rock answered by explaining why he knows he needs to win, and that he's driven by the fact that he can cement his legacy as the greatest WWE Superstar of all time by defeating Cena at WrestleMania.
On a personal level, The Great One said he just doesn't like Cena and promised him the ass-kicking of a lifetime. Cena closed with some final heated words before dropping the mic as the two rivals exchanged fiery staredowns nose to nose.

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  1. you and the rock make a good tagg team.

  2. Cena won that one again because he is the best and will whoop the rocks candy ASsall over miami the headline reads John cena defeath the rocks stupid ASAP cena is going to slap the Liszt out of you and going to end your career .........rocky suck......cenation all that way.....rise above hate

  3. cena will prove again that he never gives up for any challenge in wrestlemania 28th by defeating the rock !! like he did with triple H in wrestlemania 22!! never give up!! john cena!!

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