Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ranking for Power 25: March 24, 2012

Ranking for Power 25: March 24, 2012
John Cena remains at the 2nd spot another week!
Last Weeks Rank: #2
This Weeks Rank: #2

"John Cena holds steady in the second spot this week after rising above both a car accident and The World’s Strongest Man on Monday. After a morning collision on Route 76 in Pennsylvania, Cena was shaken up but medically cleared to compete later that night. His opponent? Mark Henry, who dominated the Cenation Leader throughout much of the match."

"Undaunted, Cena fought his way back into the bout and displayed his own incredible strength as he hit the Attitude Adjustment on his enormous opponent. After the match, however, The Rock entered the ring and delivered a pointed message to Cena — with a Rock Bottom to Mark Henry, Rock may have one-upped Cena. But as the WWE Universe knows, the only one-upmanship that matters in this once-in-a-lifetime rivalry will come on April 1."


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  1. yesssssssssssssssss i knew it....

  2. I wish people would quit calling Dewain "the rock" because he isn't any rock at all. Cena has the upper advantage at Mainia and I KNOW CENA WINS! #Cenation #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp #TeamCena #WeLoveCena