Monday, April 9, 2012



Brock Lesnar brawled with John Cena; match set for Extreme Rules
Raw GM John Laurinaitis came out to introduce Brock Lesnar, proclaiming that he's the new face of WWE, and announced that Lesnar will face Cena at Extreme Rules on April 29.
Lesnar thanked Laurinaitis for having the wisdom to bring "legitimacy" back to WWE, but that statement didn't sit right with John Cena, who quickly charged out to the ring for a heated staredown with the very man who laid him out with a brutal F-5 the previous week on Raw.
The Cenation leader proceeded to slap Brock in the face, triggering a near-uncontrollable brawl. Pandemonium broke loose and the WWE locker room emptied as over a dozen Superstars and Officials tried to pull the two competitors off each other.
It took repeated efforts to stop Brock and Cena from pounding each other to bits as the Verizon Center erupted. Cena suffered a nasty bloodied lip as a result of the wild melee with Lesnar.

John Cena def. David Otunga; Brock Lesnar assaulted Cena afterwards
Cena didn't let a busted lip slow him down in the main event of Raw SuperShow. Still bleeding from the mouth following his brawl with Lesnar at the beginning of Raw, Cena withstood David Otunga's powerful punches and clotheslines, then mounted a big comeback while Otunga wasted too much time posing for the crowd.
The Cenation leader nailed Otunga with a Five-Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment before finishing him off with the STF.
As Cena had his hand raised in victory, though, Lesnar snuck up from behind and brought Cena down with a low blow, then sent him flying with another devastating F-5 for the second week in a row.
It's apparent that the self-proclaimed "War Machine" will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in his impactful return to WWE. And at this rate, these two rivals appear ready to tear each other to shreds before they even get to square off at Extreme Rules on April 29

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