Monday, April 30, 2012

WWE: Where is John Cena going?

WWE: Where is John Cena going?

After emerging from last night’s Extreme Rules bout against Brock Lesnar victorious, a battered, bruised and bloodied John Cena addressed the WWE Universe in Chicago. Following the war he went through, Cena said that he might be “going away for a while” – something that set off speculation about the meaning of The Cenation Commander-in-Chief’s future.

Medical technicians rushed into the ring following the brawl to tend to Cena, who was favoring his left arm. Lesnar trapped him for several minutes in the Kimura Lock, launching an attack on multiple joints as he wrenched away on his arm and wrist. Could the damage from the dangerous submission have left a lasting mark on Cena, who may have realized right then and there that it will take him out of action for some time? Was Cena alluding to this in his Windy City speech?

There could also be repercussions from the fallout. Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of Raw and SmackDown John Laurinaitis was forced to bend to all of Brock Lesnar’s demands in order to get the contract signed for Sunday’s match. That included declaring Lesnar the “new face of WWE" – a face that was surprisingly defeated at Extreme Rules. With an angry Lesnar presumably on his way to Raw SuperShow (Starring Brock Lesnar, per the Superstar mandates?), Laurinaitis may be looking to punish the Superstar who threw a wrench in his plans.

Or were John Cena’s words simply that – words? Was his post-match statement just a matter of general recovery? Both Superstars were the worse for wear after the final bell Sunday night, especially Cena. The Cenation leader may need time to recover from the incomparable beating he received at the hands of Lesnar in order to get back in the right frame of mind for competition.

Doctors are running tests on Cena today ahead of Raw SuperShow from Dayton, where both Cena and Lesnar will be in attendance. What is in store for these Superstars? Tune in tonight at 9/8 CT on USA Network to find out!


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  1. it sucks he has to leave, but im happy he is getting some time off, he deserves it (:
    - @CenaApproved

  2. O I'm going to miss cens if he leaves hopefully he back in time to cone to my town June 25

  3. John, I know you might have to take time off for recovery. It'll hurt to not see you wrestle. I want you strong and healthy like you were at Extremerules. I'm sorry for your injuries caused by Lesnar, Lesnar needs to be fired and so does Larinitis. You win fair and square and they both must accept that. If they change rules now, they'll do it all the time and I won't tolerate it. You&Randy are the reason I watch wrestling, and I'll always be your loyal fan of both you guys. NEVER GIVE UP! I know your still with wwe when you return&you love what you do and that says alot about your maturity, sportsmanship, performance, passion in your work and your drive ... its what make you stand out from other athletes! Get well, I want to see you wrestle again! I pray for you daily! Take care and God bless! Salute! Love&hugs, Angie

    1. I also wish John Cena God's speed in recovery and feel Laurinaitis needs fired.

  4. I hope your ok Cena!!!! It is UNREAL to sit and watch a brutal attack like Lauranitis did, this is not wrestling is turning into brutal attacks rather than wrestling matches. Get well John and no U R THE MAN! <3

  5. jhon make yourself strong and when you will return back come with some new moves that nobody in the universe stand in front of you.I am from india but believe me here, there are a lot of fans of will get well soon.LET'S GO CENA,CENA SUCKS.